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Signs of the end times



Don't trust this institution. The Federal Reserve or Fed is a sign of at least one end times fulfilment.

Prophecies regarding the age commonly referred as the “end times” have intrigued many throughout the ages. In the past, there are those that have believed that they were living in the end times – sometimes for good reasons and sometimes at the expense of torturing the Scriptures. However, at no time in the past has anyone ever seen all the prophetic Scriptures or all the prophetic signs fulfilled. And contrary to what some preachers have taught, neither have we.

While we haven’t seen the fulfilment of all of these prophecies, we have seen the fulfilment of many. We have also seen the foundations being laid for the rest. Jesus addressed this in Matthew 24:4. He warned that there would be much deception regarding these times, including false Messiahs that show great signs and wonders, wars, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes. According to Christ, these things in-and-of-themselves were not the signs of His coming, but these things would escalate as the time drew near. It is arguable that in modern times we have seen an escalation of all of these prophetic pins.

While many of specific signs in Scripture have recently been fulfilled, there are other fulfilments that seem to be lurking just around the corner.

End times fulfilment: travel

The prophet Daniel had many visions and wrote about many things, including the end times. One of Daniels prophecies has only been fulfilled in modern times. It states:

But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.

Daniel 12:4

While the first half of this verse tells us that there are things about this prophecy that are a mystery; the second half of this verse has been fulfilled in modern times. Visit any airport at any time, or try to drive on a main thoroughfare during rush hour and you will experience for yourself many running to and fro. Transportation aside, family lifestyles have also changed dramatically and parents often find themselves organizing hectic schedules to accommodate their children’s activities. A popular bumper sticker reads “Mom’s Taxi.” It’s popular because it is true for so many modern day families.

End times fulfilment: knowledge

Daniel also noted that there would be an increase in knowledge during this time frame. Once again, today we are also experiencing the fulfillment of this part of his prophecy as well. Although it is impossible to measure the rate of the increase in knowledge, there are interesting statistics that support this position. Godlike Productions took a stab at analyzing this ratei:

There are 3,000 new books published every single day. It is estimated that a week’s worth of New York Time’s contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime in the 18th century. It is estimated that 40 Exabytes (4.0 X 10 to the 19th power) of unique new information will be generated worldwide this year. That is more than in the previous 5,000 years. We’ve gone from information overload to information explosion. The technical knowledge explosion is governed by Moore’s Law, which says that computers will get twice as smart every 18-24 months. It takes four years to get a technical degree, but by the time a student graduates, his education is virtually obsolete. At this exponential rate, it’s estimated that before to (sic) long the sum total of human knowledge will double every 72 hours.

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2 Timothy 3:1-8 speaks about the increase of knowledge in different terms. Verse 7 describes one of the characteristics of mankind at this point is that they are always learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Given the propensity of college professors to fill our children’s’ heads with much knowledge while discrediting the existence of God, it would seem that this verse has also been uniquely fulfilled in our lifetimes.

End times fulfilment: falling away

On the other hand, 2 Thessalonians 2:3 presents us with a verse that is both fulfilled and unfulfilled. It states:

Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of perdition is revealed.

The “falling away” often referred to as “The Great Apostasy” has been and is in the process of being fulfilled in modern times. Today, many believers are considered to be uneducated morons, primarily due to the teachings of Evolution. This modern belief is growing exponentially and has laid the foundation for an apostate culture. However, the man of perdition (commonly referred to as the Anti-Christ) still has to be revealed. The character traits of this demonic creature are further described in verses 4 – 11.

End times fulfilment: the economic mark

The Fed is a sign of at least one end times fulfilment.

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Photo: User “Tony the Tiger”/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License

Perhaps one of the more popular end times prophecies centers on the “Mark of the Beast” that is also known as 666. It appears in Revelation 13:16-18 and 15:2. This prophecy tells us that no one may buy or sell unless they have the mark or the name of the beast. Since the nations of the world still maintain their own monetary systems, the fulfillment of this prophecy lies in the future. However, the foundation for its fulfilment has been laid by the establishment of the International Monetary Federation, the World Bank, and the Federal Stability Board. These three organizations make a monetary system that can be implemented globally now possible. Add to that our increasingly cashless society and it is feasible that no one could buy or sell anything unless they have the proper global identification number that cannot be stolen because its chip is embedded biometrically.

There are others that believe that the Federal Reserve will also play a role in creating a global monetary system. Since their main source of authority centers on setting national interest rates, their impact will most likely be limited to the destruction of the American economy, which in turn will clear the way for the global economy. Americans need to understand that we stand in the way of a global government. There is no doubt that all these prophecies will eventually be fulfilled, but as far as I’m concerned, let them be fulfilled without the capitulation of America. As for me and my family, we have always stood and will continue to stand on the side of the Lord.

The thief is surely coming. While he hasn’t quite arrived at our door, it’s time to watch and not allow our house to be broken into.

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RoseAnn Salanitri is a published author and Acquisition Editor for the New Jersey Family Policy Council. She is a community activist who has founded the Sussex County Tea Party in her home state and launched a recall movement against Senator Robert Menendez. RoseAnn is also the founder of Veritas Christian Academy, as well as co-founder of Creation Science Alive, and a national creation science speaker.

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