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Creation ex nihilo – waters



How old is this planet? Michael Gungor uncritically accepts the conventional answer. That lies at the heart of his public-relations problems.


…and darkness was on the face of the deep…

Verse 2 goes on to say, “and darkness was on the face of the deep.” This was the primordial state either before God intervened or immediately after He intervened. It is possible that His presence alone created the physical conditions we are about to describe and it is also possible that this was the environment that existed prior to His presence on the scene. The assumption being made in this writing is that verse 2 is telling us about the environment that existed when God intervened. If you are an Evolutionist, this is the state that would have existed prior to the Big Bang. It should be noted that the Big Bang, which really is a misnomer since the theory is about expansion and not explosion, occurs on Day Two and will be discussed subsequently in another work – God willing.

Before time, space or light, there was creation

At this point, time and space did not exist – and neither did light. The word “face” is used to refer to the edge of the void. It should also be noted that in this instance, the verse is saying that darkness surrounded the void, which means that the quantum fluctuations that exist within a Zero Point Energy system – or a vacuum – did not extend beyond the vacuum or the void. It also tells us that the void had an edge or was a confined environment. Once again, there is total harmony with the Creation account and the Big Bang Theory that stipulates that the entire universe once existed in an extremely compact state before expansion occurred.

How old is this planet? Creation gives one answer, evolution another.

Earth from space. Photo: NASA

This prediction about the pre-creation universe is also significant from a physics standpoint when we consider light. We can easily understand that light requires a wave in order for it to be a wave/particle. At this point, water didn’t exist yet, God hadn’t spoken, and acoustical (sound) and radiation waves (light) had not been created. In this sense, the biblical account goes beyond the Big Bang Theory and actually contradicts it a bit in that it is describing a time prior to the existence of matter and what existed outside of the vacuum. Remember, the Big Bang assumes a small dense piece of matter – although it has no explanation about the form of the matter, how it came into being, or what caused it to expand. This makes the Creation account scientifically more advanced and complete.

Furthermore, the meaning of the word “deep” supports the science we have come to recently understand. In Hebrew it means something that is in a continuous state of movement. The importance of this being in a continuous state of movement will be developed further as we proceed. It also implies that this void contained potential energy in the form of quantum fluctuations. Again, it is worth repeating: had Moses not been obedient to the Word of God and written as he was inspired by the Holy Spirit, it is highly unlikely that he would have written these words that seemed to be counterintuitive. He wrote that before there was time and space, there was a dark vacuum that contained nothing, but this nothing contained a region of chaos that was constantly moving. Today it makes sense. There couldn’t have been any light because there weren’t any waves, only quantum fluctuations that were chaotic bursts of continually moving energy – just as Moses wrote! Coincidence?

And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

Here’s where things really get interesting. Scripture tells us: “And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” God provides the mechanism through his Spirit that acts as a catalyst, providing more movement than previously existed and which changes the vacuum. Theories in quantum electrodynamics postulate that elementary particles interact with ZPEs, resulting in polarizationi. This can be easy to miss if one relies solely on a simple reading of the Scripture without researching the Hebrew meaning. The Hebrew word implies much more than a gentle vibrating motion. It implies that God shook the waters very energetically and caused them to tremble. This is also the first reference to “waters.” The scientific connection between the shaking and subsequent creation of heat within a vacuum resulting in the presence of plasma (waters) has only recently been established through experiments at CERN. These experiments led to the announcement of the discovery of the long sought after Higgs Boson, commonly referred to as the “God particle” because it was acknowledged that this enabled energy and matter to be turned into massii. (It should be noted here that the term “God particle” was edited. The original term was “God damn particle”.)

The introduction of this shaking of the vacuum containing quantum fluctuations, created an intense amount of kinetic energy. Here we have a classic example as to how God provides the mechanism that brings something out of nothing. Evolutionists do not have an explanation or any idea of what that mechanism was or where it came from. Traditionally, they refer to the transition from nothing into something as a Big Bang, based on the expansion of the universe that can be observed. Their theory requires that a dense piece of matter existed primordially and then something happened to cause it to expand. In the not too distant past, they believed that this matter existed with monopoles, but since the search for monopoles led science to believe that monopoles do not exist, plasma physics then provided the explanation. Their explanation was that the original primordial matter was plasma – or a form of pure water.

It is necessary to state clearly at this point that there are many things about the Big Bang theory that are correct and scientifically supportable – such as the expansion of the universe. However, the areas that are supportable scientifically also just happen to be supportable Scripturally. Another coincidence?

The waters

The word “waters” has been overlooked by Creationists who seem a bit puzzled by its existence, but it is another astounding coincidence. The popular point of view regarding “the waters” is that they were there at the time of creation, since we are not told that God created the waters. Or are we? In a sense, this point of view is nearly as troubling for Creationists as the unexplained matter is for Big Bang theorists. Genesis clearly states that “at the beginning” God created, meaning that before anything existed, God created, and “anything” would include water. As it turns out, plasma physics may hold the explanation regarding the water being referred to in this verseiii.

In physics, plasma is acknowledged as a liquid and it is often thought of as the fourth state of water. Its distinguishing feature is that its properties are the result of interactions between charged particles – or virtual particles, which can be the result of the transfer of energy from waves to particles. It should be noted here that if the ZPE is in equilibrium, the transfer of energy will not occur. Of course the first condition for system self-organization requires that the nucleus ZPE be driven off thermodynamic equilibrium by abrupt motion. Once again, this is explained by God’s hovering. Some have even gone as far as suggesting in their theories that some type of energy flux needs to intersect from a higher dimensional superspaceiv in order to drive the nucleus-ZPE off equilibrium.

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Experiments in plasma physics have yielded more than interesting results. Heating water through thermal motion well beyond the boiling point where it turns to gas creates a state where the atomic bonds are broken and result in negatively and positively charged electrons forming a fully ionized gas. At high enough temperatures the gas that was once water becomes completely ionized plasma. Plasma behaves as a formless fluid that is electrically activev. There are many types of plasmas, which will be discussed in another series that will discuss God separating the waters from the waters. Suffice it to say at this point, that physics now believes that the entire cosmos (space) exists as a form of plasma – translation: water. Once again, this is another situation where modern science is catching up with Genesis.

If you reverse the process and think of the state of the pre-creation universe, the state of the vacuum would have been the same as the state in a ZPE prior to the existence of plasma. This is not a stretch, since in deterministic physics, all processes can proceed backward as well as forward through time. This approach was utilized in formulating the Big Bang Theory, in which the expansion of the universe was observed and then run backward in time to the point where the expansion began.

In the primeval state there were chaotic bursts of energy. In plasma/ZPE experiments, this state can be created in reverse as done at CERN, by forcing elements to collide within a vacuum. (It should be noted that this work proposes that the collision within the primordial void was achieved through the shaking – or as described in Genesis – the “hovering” over the void by the Spirit of God).

The objective of the collisions at CERN was to break the gluons that keep the quarks together – in other words, blasting the element apart right down to its building blocks.

When this happens, the elements no longer exist but the quarks and gluons emerge and form a liquid state, known as quark/gluon plasma. In this high temperature state the plasma behaves as a fluid and not a gas, as one might expect.

The primeval vacuum poses a problem for thermodynamics that states that systems go from an organized state and evolve toward random behaviorvi. However, at the time of the creation, things went the opposite way: from a chaotic or random state to an organized state. This is not natural and requires interference of some kind, which is unexplainable for the Evolutionist who now are faced with not only finding an explanation for the matter and the mechanism that caused the expansion, but now they need to find a mechanism that brought order out of chaos.

In 1977, Ilya Prigogine won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for defining how systems can go from randomness to coherence – or from chaos to organization.vii He discovered that the importation and dissipation of energy into a chemical system could violate the second law of thermodynamics and result in organization. This led to research into something referred to as self-organizing systems. It tries to get around the issue of organization by arguing that real energy was already present and therefore conservation would not be an issue. While conservation of energy is not an issue, either in the Big Bang or Creation model, the organization of energy from chaos to coherence lingers on for the Evolutionist but not for the Creationist, who should believe that the importation of energy into a system could violate the second law of thermodynamics – as Prigogine predicted. In this case, the importation of energy would have occurred when God hovered over the vacuum. And if the Big Bang is relevant, than it must be conceded that at one point organization replaced chaos – not only at the time of the initial expansion but also at the time when Evolutionists believe that gravity pulled matter into clumping (accretion) and formed celestial bodies.

The clumping of matter into celestial bodies is also in defiance of the Second Law of Thermodynamics; however, Evolutionists employ the force of gravity at this point. But once again, the sudden existence of the force of gravity remains an enigma – even though it was thought to have been understood. Although Newton’s and Einstein’s theories about gravity are considered to be the standards, evolving physics realizes that there must be a problem with our current understanding, since it is widely believed that gravity seems to be the force that presents an obstacle for unification. This is a bit of a conundrum for those who defend Uniformity – especially since gravity resulting from clumps of dust accreting into a body of any kind has not been observed. No matter how you slice it, attributing gravity as the mechanism that formed celestial bodies out of cosmic dust is somewhat of a stretch and cannot be proven by observable science.

At the time God was hovering over the vacuum, He also added an immense amount of heat and pressure into the void. Again, He did as Prigogine had argued. He added energy into the system. It is also important to note that verse 2 specifically states that God was hovering over the face of the waters. The word “face” makes it clear that God was on the outside of the void. This is important when considering that He added pressure. Had He not been outside of the void, He could not have applied pressure. The addition of pressure is important because physics has discovered that the application of pressure can absorb kinetic energy and convert it into density and pressure waves – both of which are critical for the soundwaves God created when He spoke and subsequently used to create light and matter.

Pressure waves also provide an environment within a ZPE that can further develop into a show of strong oscillatory patterns called baryonic acoustic oscillations, in other words – sound waves. The development of an environment that accommodates the existence of pressure waves is essential for the eventual production of sound waves and radiation waves (light) – a development that is acknowledged in the next verse. Without the existence of plasma, the propagation and transmittal of sound waves would not have been possible, since sound cannot travel through vacuums but it can travel through plasma.

It is truly astounding that every word in verse 2 has significant scientific meaning. Even an advanced physicist, proficient in all the branches of physics, would have a hard time constructing one sentence to describe the entirety of the pre-creation universe along with the applied physics that would eventually bring something out of nothing.

To recap: aside from the topic sentence, the Genesis account tells us what existed primevally regarding the void (vacuum). Then we are also told about the initial actions (perturbations) that God employed when He hovered, which resulted in water (plasma), and then He spoke (acoustical waves) and created light, the cosmos, and eventually matter.

(Note: If you have not been following this series from the beginning, it is strongly suggested that you go back and read part 1 and part 2. It will be extremely difficult to follow the progression of physical laws that are working in harmony if you try to understand parts of this work independently.)

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