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What executive order?



Barack Obama applauds his bill, and other Democrats applaud him. But today he practices racism while accusing others of it. (And lying and spying and propagandizing.) He also practices community organizing as the ultimate humanitarian hoax.

Did not de facto President Barack Obama tell the country last Thursday (20 November) he was taking executive action to let five million illegal aliens stay in-country? Executive action usually means executive order. So where can we find the executive order to let those people stay? And to issue them green cards and work permits?

Executive order: nowhere to be seen!

The Presidential Seal. Executive orders are a Presidential prerogative, though how far they may go is another question.

Seal of the President of the United States.

Dr. Orly Taitz has troubled Obama’s peace like a gadfly since he came into office. Last night (22 November) she released the result of some obvious research. She looked for the executive order to let those illegal aliens stay. And found no such executive order!

She describes her research:

On 11.20.2014 Barack Obama announced an executive order to grant 28 month reprieve from deportation for tech graduates and a bigger executive order to stop deportation of some 5 million illegals with anchor babies (children of illegal aliens born in the US). However, extensive research by Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ showed that there is no such executive order in Federal register, on White or anywhere else for that matter.

She speaks correctly! One can find executive orders at and at the Federal Register. Either place lists no executive order since 17 October 2014. On that date Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13681: “Improving the security of consumer financial transactions.”

Dr. Taitz goes on:

Some Obama supporters pointed to a memo, sent to DHS on 11.21.2014 by Obama, however the  memo is absolutely empty, it contains nothing but general diatribe and gibberish, no specifics and just general recommendations, which, of course, fall far short from a specific  executive order upon which these millions of illegals should be getting work permits.

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The Washington Post described a policy by the Department of Homeland Security, that the border-control agencies cannot deport drunk drivers and other low-level criminals because it lacks the resources. Newsmax carried the link to that memo. But the memo did not go out from The White House. It went out from SecHomeSec Jeh Johnson (sic). Johnson spoke of “prosecutorial discretion.” He said that discretion should extend to every stage of a case, from deciding to pursue it to seeking to deport someone.

Dr. Taitz obviously had a different memo in mind. Sadly, she gave no link to it. But The Christian Science Monitor mentioned a memo from the Justice Department. That memo says Barack Obama has no authority to do what he said he would do.


Did Obama issue an executive order or didn’t he?

No. Barack Obama issued no executive order. Jeh Johnson wrote in generalities about “prosecutorial discretion.” That is all.

So why did Obama make that speech? For one of two reasons:

  1. Obama sought to placate his base and somehow goad the Republican caucus into drawing up Articles of Impeachment. (When the Senate couldn’t possibly muster two-thirds to convict.)
  2. Obama said what he would do, but cagily avoided putting it in writing.

In doing No. 2 above, Obama behaves like a con artist. Litigating against him will be difficult. Why? No evidence. At least, none in writing. That speech he made? Hearsay. And not a legal foundation.

Dr. Taitz flatly said Obama was pulling “another hoax.” The only question is, whom on.

<a href="" title="What executive order?">What executive order?</a>

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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[…] What executive order? […]

Nathan Bickel

A dictator does not need pen and paper. The White House criminal ID (forgery) fraud, perhaps has figured that he’s arrived at the point of where documentation for his illegal actions is unnecessary.

It’s a crying shame that most Americans (including those who intensely dislike aka Obama) still reinforce / enable his usurpation / occupation of the American Presidency. The man should be called out for who he truly is:


“Ridding America of Obama and corrupt government: Deliberate, practical and prayerful ways:”


“A ‘leader’ cannot maintain control of a nation’s population if a majority of that (same) population wholeheartedly (and actively) denies his leadership”…………

…………2 – Quit reinforcing aka Obama’s right to occupy The Office of United States President. Change your speech about him. In your everyday speech refuse to personally enable the White House ID fraud. Train yourself to stay “on key” correctly naming him, “aka Obama,” “usurper Obama,” “the White House Impostor,” the criminal ID fraud,” “the White House occupier.”………….

Finally, it is everyday Americans who allow themselves to be memorized and duped by propaganda mainstream media. We have no one but to blame but our sorry selves for the deplorable state of affairs in our country:

Americans Lustful Media Fascination With the Propaganda Whore

[…] What executive […]


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