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Planned Parenthood kills more than guns. An anti-abortion and anti-gun control message from the 2013 March for Life. This represents one of the two Americas.

In light of the horrific shootings in schools and other places advertised as “Gun Free Zones” some hard questions need to be asked. These questions, as usual, need to be presented of the hand wringers, the caring and the oh so concerned.  We all know who these people are.  The ones who lament the deaths of innocents killed by “gun violence” while caring not a whit for the thousands of babies, on a daily basis, who are being ripped apart by powerful vacuums, pliers and scalpels,  wielded not by terrorists, but by so called doctors.

Those bleeding hearts refuse to face two realities.

  • The first is that no one can prevent mass killings at the hands of crazies.
  • The second is that much can be done to inhibit many of those events and to minimize the mayhem of any that do occur.

Defending our children means carrying the best tools for that defense: guns.That Communist usurper, defiling our White House, has proven that he has but one concern when it comes to mass shootings.  That being, how soon he can use the fresh kill in the furtherance of his world order agenda of disarming law abiding American citizens.  These dead children are his best weapon to brainwash the uninformed and undereducated into believing all guns are bad, except those in the hands of the government.

This type of schema is responsible for many of the lives lost in these shootings and in fact are the reason so many of them occur and more importantly, where they occur.  These horrific events are the things this leftist criminal and his progressive cohorts most desire and most need.  There could be no talk of disarming America if it were not for these mass killings.  All the better if the victims are children.  Cold and inhuman? You bet. If you doubt this, all you need to do is review what Communist governments have wrought upon their own citizens in the last century.

Getting back now to the several questions which need to be answered and answered truthfully.  These questions are only intended for left leaning citizens who have allowed themselves to tremble in the dark shadow of fear created by the existence of guns.  It is quite easy to be a liberal and to sit back and believe that a big government is the answer to all your needs, desires and security.  It is much more difficult to listen to all the facts and then figure out for yourself, if you are being lied to, manipulated and transformed into nice pliable citizens who will never give tyranny the tiniest amount of confrontation.

First we present to you THE QUIZ.  Seven questions which require a YES or NO response.

  1. Is there any way to keep all firearms out of the hands of every psychopath?
  2. Is there any law which could be passed that would prevent criminals from acquiring and using firearms?
  3. Will there ever be a time when people will not have the resources to build a firearm or have the ability to get one if they so desire?
  4. If every weapon in the country were confiscated today would criminals be unarmed tomorrow?
  5. Will posting a “Gun Free Zone” sign deter a mass murderer or a holdup man?
  6. If you lived in a gang infested neighborhood would you post a sign in your front yard that said, “Gun Free Home”?
  7. If your child were caught in a room where a suicidal nut case was about to kill everyone, would you like to be there with a Glock 17 and the ability to effectively use it?

There are of course many more questions which could be asked on this subject.  If you have answered yes to any of the first six, you are excused from reading the following preventive steps. You are clearly a hopeless case.  And if you answered NO to number 7, congratulations, your big government indoctrination is complete.

The following is only for those who scored 100% on the 7 Question quiz above. All others will have zero chance of comprehending any of what follows.  But fear not, we will take care of your children for you, while you continue your delusion that disarming your neighbors and yourself will make them safe.

Use common sense – in defense of our children

It is important to understand, even if you are one who believes that the Second Amendment should be abolished, that that will never happen.  And if Americans ever did become fully brainwashed and it became possible, that time is many years or even decades away.  And as we clearly pointed out above, that extreme move would make the workplace environment of criminals less stressful and more productive to mass murderers.

With that cleared up, are you ready to do what is needed to prevent many of the mass killings and for those that may occur, diminish as much of the intended slaughter as possible?  It is important to know that the steps below will actually deter many mass killings before they get started or even planned.

And here’s why. These people who do these things do them for two basic reasons depending upon whether they are terrorists or psychos.  One is to kill as many people as possible for the sick infamous glory they seek.  The other is for the impact of their terrorist agenda when large numbers of innocent deaths occur.  Both of these types expect to go out in a blaze of gunfire, but only after they have dealt a devastating blow worthy of their own death.  If they know they will not achieve that body count before their body is pulverized, well no glory in that.

A nostalgic trip back in time

Here now, a small diversion, but it will help make a very important point.  Many of us who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s remember all too well how every school child in the country was subjected to the dire warnings of a nuclear attack.  They paraded us into hallways, sat us down in long rows and demonstrated how we should put our heads between our knees as we prepared for the arrival of a huge atomic explosion.  No one ever thought to explain to us how having our heads between our knees would prevent the school building from being reduced to rubble by winds of 500 miles an hour and temperatures of 10 thousand degrees.   But, nevertheless, practice we did.

The trauma associated with that ridiculous exercise probably caused more psychological damage than will ever be known.  But someone, over educated and under endowed with common sense, thought it up.

Now, if you relate by percentage the number of schools that were actually annihilated by an atomic warhead and the number of schools that have suffered mass killings at the hands of sickos, you will understand that there is really, no comparison in relationship with probability.

Our children, in some cases us, were traumatized under the fear of nuclear Armageddon which had pretty much zero chance of happening and we had even less chance of surviving, if it did. And now, in this time and age, nothing has been done to prepare our children for an event that could very well occur.  Especially if they go to schools in “gun free zones”?  Well, almost nothing, they did manage to suspend several 7 year olds for drawing a gun or pointing their fingers.

With that in mind, as you read the Common Sense Plan to Defend Our Children, understand that some of it may be traumatizing but in the long run, it is a fact, a little training and instructional trauma will be ultimately better than being dead.  And no worse than sticking a child on the floor and forcing him to put his head between his knees in preparation of bidding his butt ado.

The common sense plan to defend our children

  1. Remove all signs and references to “GUN FREE ZONES”
  3. Provide a firearms training program for all institution employees. This includes teachers, teacher’s aides, principles and custodians, nurses, guidance counselors and cafeteria workers.  This will not be mandatory, but strongly encouraged.
  4. Install bolted down bio-metric gun safes in every classroom or area where groups of children or people congregate.  All personnel who have cause to be in each specific room shall have access to that safe.
  5. The safes will have a semi-automatic handgun with fully loaded magazines but no cartridge in the chamber.
  6. Every school shall prepare presentations for the employees with instructions on what to do if they come under attack by an assailant. The following are steps which could be modified relating to the age of the children present.

If assailant is in another room.

  • Immediately lock the door and quickly put as much furniture against it as possible.
  • Teacher should then retrieve the weapon from the safe and be sure to seat the magazine.
  • Have children squat low on the floor and away from the view of the door’s window and spread out, do not to huddle together.
  • Pull the shade on door window or shield it with a prepared cover in order to obscure the view from outside.
  • Depending on the age and size of the children, have each of them grab something they can throw.  If students are a bit older have them prepare to throw chairs or desks.
  • If any attempt to get into the room is made, the firearm holder should chamber a round.
  • The children should be told, if anyone comes into the room carrying a weapon, whatever it is they have chosen to throw should be thrown at the assailant.  In unison and immediately. This will create a temporary defensive move on the part of the assailant and open up a short period of time for a unified attack.
  • The holder of the firearm should immediately fire the weapon at the assailant until he is down and motionless. Keeping in mind he may require shots to the head area as he may be waring body armor.
  • If the room which is being attacked is one that does not have a person comfortable with using firearms or has refused the have a weapon at his/her disposal, there should be something substantial within reach that can be thrown or used as club.
  • If the adult does not have a firearm, immediately as the students are throwing their objects at the assailant, the teacher will need to charge the assailant and the students should follow and help hold down and subdue him.

If an armed assailant comes into the room without warning.

  • The firearm should be retrieved as quickly as possible.
  • Immediately the order should be given for the students to disperse and begin throwing things at the assailant.
  • The adult should then chamber a round and begin firing at the assailant keeping in mind that the assailant may be wearing body armor.
  • If the adult in the room does not have access to the firearm, or has chosen not have one in his room a heavy object should be within reach.
  • The adult should give the command to the students to begin throwing objects at the assailant and the adult must charge the him and the students should follow and subdue the assailant.


As many finish reading those survival steps I can only imagine the wrinkled brows and indignant suppositions by those who would have no one do anything except hope that the perpetrator runs out of ammunition before everyone is dead.

Understand that these steps we have laid out will not guarantee that no innocent person will be harmed.  But what we do promise is if these things are taught, trained and tested there will be many who survive who would otherwise have perished.

It will take great courage for a teacher to do what he/she needs to do to prevent a massacre and even more courage if he/she chooses to do it without a firearm.  Let us pray that most will not take the unarmed path.

Out of the hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of classrooms and gathering places in this country the chances that any specific room will be chosen for an attack is of such a small percentage one would be more likely to pick winning numbers in the lottery several times in a row.  But the reality of life is that there will be more of these attempts to kill our children and one of those attempts could very well be at the place where your child is.

If school systems chose to hope that something of this nature will never happen on their property, the odds are, they will be correct.  But if they are the one targeted, there will be no excuse for not taking the time to train and prepare for the event.   The training and instructions will be no worse on the students than having them sit on the floor with their heads stuck between their knees.

Will liberals continue to refute the face of reality, linger on doing nothing except relishing in pipe dreams of utopian peace or will they choose to do something that may prevent or lessen these tragedies?  Unfortunately, for too many future victims, most of us  know the answer to that question.

Reprinted from TPATH