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Manmade global warming hoax



The Hubert Lamb CRU headquarters, center for worldwide global warming and climate change alarmism. The Paris Agreement would have gone a long way toward furthering their Luddite agenda.

TPATH has completed a months long research program concerning Manmade Global Warming. We have decided to share that information with our readers and have produced this video.

Pajama Boy is the sort of person who would perpetrate the global warming hoax even knowing it's false.

Ethan Krupp, alias Pajama Boy. He is (or was at the time of this photograph) an employee of Organizing for America, the permanent campaign of Barack H. Obama. This photograph might not be in the public domain. But its use here, in an article that refers to the meme of which it was and is a part, constitutes fair use under U.S. law.

There is no doubt this will bring the headbanging, pajama boy leftists out of the basement. They will dispute numbers, counts, amounts and everything they can twiddle about, to keep from admitting that this money grabbing hoax has been debunked.

The bottom line is we stand by our research, our math and our conclusions. The vastness of the earth’s atmosphere, in relationship to the so very minor CO2 contribution by man could not possibly have any impact.

Supporting charts show why manmade global warming does not occur

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To find the charts, follow this link. All charts save as PDF documents.

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