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New Jobs Prestidigitation



Barack Obama in a happier, more brazen, time for him.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, government information that is available to all citizens who are willing to do the investigative work and not just listen to the television talking heads who only tell a partial story, the following scary information is available:

Jobs gained, jobs lost

The unemployment line. The real symbol of the Obama economy, with lower-paying jobs.

Hundreds of people who lost jobs when the freeze hit California Jan. 12-14, 2007, lined up at state Unemployment Development Department offices, including the office in the border city of Calexico, to register for the Disaster Unemployment Assistance program funded by FEMA. FEMA Photo by Michael Raphael

Thanks to the Obama Administration, ObamaCare and a bunch of other restrictive regulations, we lost more than 200,000 jobs in computer/electronics with an average pay exceeding $71,300 a year, but added 265,000 jobs in temporary help paying $29,800 a year.

A loss of $6,363,000,000 dollars to that group of workers. (That’s ‘billion,’ with a “B’)

We lost 1,400,000 manufacturing jobs paying more than $53,000 a year, but added 1,400,000 jobs in food services and drinking places that pay $17,000 a year.

A loss of $50,400,000,000 to those workers.

We lost 949,000 jobs in durable goods paying more that $56,700, but added more than 950,000 jobs in social assistance paying $28,340.

A loss of $26,885,300,000 to those workers.

We lost a combined 343,000 jobs in telecom and publishing paying between $63,000 and nearly $77,000 annually, but added 322,000 in home health care services that pay $27,000.

A loss of $15,316,000,000 to those workers.

These jobs pay far less

So, while the administration brags about the jobs they created, what they are not telling you, nor is the media, is that those new jobs average $22,919 less in spendable income, per person.

That means less disposable income. Less TVs purchased, less cars, no vacations, fewer clothes, (insert your own discretionary purchase here). Want to really stimulate the economy? The next time the administration wants to bail out a “too big to fail” company, just give the money to the taxpayers and watch the economy take off like a rocket. They’ll gladly spend the extra income. They don’t have any now.

So, to reiterate, because repetition tends to make you remember things, in just these four categories, the Obama administration added only 45,000 more jobs to the work force during his tenure. But more importantly, $166,278,300,300 of income was replaced with $67,314,000,000 in income. A loss of $98.964 billion dollars in purchasing power.

Personally, there is nothing for this administration to brag about.

This sounds very socialist to me. Socialism didn’t work for Russia during their 67-year experiment and China is more capitalist then ever. Capitalism is the only way to grow business while boosting the economy and the middle class income. The left just can’t see that.

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Retired art director, military veteran, retired restaurateur, retired real estate broker, grandparent, active essayist and budding author.

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Steven Templer Bailey

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Surly Curmudgen

A goose that lays golden eggs would be butchered by the left in an attempt to get all the golden eggs right now. In effect That is what they are doing when they raise taxes.

Hannelore Morton

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