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Ted Cruz for President



Ted Cruz, Tea Party candidate for Senate from Texas

The present writer, an American-born citizen and former officer in the United States Air Force, hereby offers an unsolicited endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz for the office of President of the United States.

Allow me to add the following.

Ted Cruz understands the Constitution

Ted Cruz, Tea Party candidate for Senate from Texas

Ted Cruz, speaking to a Tea Party express rally in Austin, TX. Photo: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License.

Having written several books on the U.S. Constitution and on the Declaration of Independence, as well as on American sTatesmaNShip and foreign policy, and having also examined parts of the judicial record of Senator Ted Cruz, when he was Attorney General of Texas – a record discussed in his book, A Time for Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America – it is clear to me that Mr. Cruz is far and away America’s most qualified presidential candidate.

I say this as a person who has taught American Constitutional Law, the Federalist Papers of Hamilton and Madison, and has also written many policy papers on American foreign policy.

I can therefore say with complete confidence that Senator Cruz is exceptionally well-qualified to add credit and luster to the office of President of the United States.

Furthermore, having written books on Jewish as well as on American statesmanship, allow me to confess that I wish Israel had a person of Mr. Cruz’s capacity at the head of Israel’s Government. The latter is an inherently inept and fragmented Government. Its Cabinet (or Executive) consists of at five rival parties!

Unfortunately, as the most creative and important ally of the United States, Israel is entrapped in unending periodic wars with the Palestinian Authority (PA), a consortium of Muslim terrorist organizations. The PA is largely armed by America’s most lethal enemy, Iran, a Mullocracy aiming to deploy nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles. Iran has vowed “to wipe Israel off the map.”

Iran’s client, the Palestinian Authority, is subsidized by annual grants of hundreds of millions of dollars from the United States. These grants, to the ever-lasting disgrace of America, have resulted in the murder of almost a thousand Jews and the maiming and traumatizing of many thousands of Jewish women and children.

I believe that Senator Ted Cruz, if elected President of the United States, will restore American honor, and put an end to the treacherous policy threatening Israel’s as well as America’s existence by the Iranian nuclear policy of  President Barack Obama.

Paul Eidelberg

Professor of Political Science (retired) and

Former Officer, United States Air Force

Editor’s Note: The views our contributors express, including candidate endorsements, are their own. They do not necessarily represent those of CNAV or its senior editors.

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