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Over the Hillary and Burnt out Bernie



Then-Representative (and Senator-elect) Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) speaks to the press. Would he really be a good fit as "the first Jewish President"?

It is easily noticeable how out of touch the Democratic Party is when the only contenders they can muster for the nomination are two candidates who are well past their sell-by date. It is obvious to all and sundry, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have both left their best days behind them—that is, if they ever had any “best days”. If they have done nothing, up to now, to make this country a better place, there is very little hope there will be motivation to do so any time in their waning years.

Hillary and Bernie lose their savor

The elephant in the room: is Hillary Clinton paving the way for Bill? Or his her own ideology bad enough?

Hillary Clinton. Photo: US Department of State

Contentious and grumpy, Over-the Hillary and Burned-Out Bernie have nothing to offer a pro-active and modern population who they look down upon as being weak and vulnerable due to a lack of financial stability. It is about time Clinton and Sanders took their heads out of the clouds and began treating people respectfully instead of assuming we are all beneath them and in need of coddling.  At the end of the day, the only thing the two of them have to offer is a repeat of the same failed experiments we have been experiencing over the past 7+ years which leaves very little hope for the upcoming generation.

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As the time quickly draws near for us to stand up and chose our next leader in the Presidential election, the choice is clear. We can select a nominee who shows innovative determination and who desires to seek the future or we can pick a doddering old man or woman who have crested the hill of life a few decades ago and who are currently on a downward slide. It is up to us to decide between a candidate who is quick on the up take and interested in the direction of the country or one who is has far too many miles on the clock to be pertinent in the near future.

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