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America in degradation



A moral compass. Will the 2016 Presidential election show America has lost hers? Fortunately that did not happen. But moral relativism remains a threat to America and Israel.

With unrestrained freedom of expression magnified by Internet, hence with unlimited publicity concerning what candidates for public office have ever said and done, or have allegedly said and done, it is no longer possible to have even the semblance of rational discussion of the issues confronting America. And I have said nothing about America’s changing demographic character or the influx of Muslims and Hispanics, both habituated to despotic or dictatorial regimes.

America: from democracy to anarchy

This palpable state of affairs trashes the fundamental principle of democracy, government by the consent of the governed, a principle whose efficacy presupposes due respect for reason, honesty, and civility in public affairs, especially in elections.

Democracy in America has degenerated, unsurprisingly, into intellectual and moral anarchy. This is precisely what has been taught in American colleges, universities, and law schools since the end of the First World War. This war, which was won by America on the battlefield, has been lost in academia. There, British skepticism (Hume) and German historicism (Hegel and Marx) took America by storm. These European doctrines nullified the moral and political principles enshrined America’s primary foundational document, the Declaration of Independence.

The principles of the Declaration are rooted in the Book of Genesis, whose Creation Narrative, however, was undermined by the doctrine of Darwinian Evolution, a doctrine based on Historical Relativism. Hence, during the past 100 years, generation after generation of college students, in every secular institution of learning, has been influenced or corrupted by the atheism generated by academic doctrine of multicultural moral relativism. America thus lost its moral compass.

Americans no longer learn of or understand the cardinal concept of the Declaration of Independence, “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” from which we derive our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Hence, America, under the leadership of her President, Barack Obama, himself a self-professed multicultural moral relativist, is no longer a Judeo-Christian nation so much as a neo-pagan nation. If proof is needed, enough to mention the mentality of the American Supreme Court, which has made same-sex marriage lawful and Constitutional, and with no opposition from the Congress of the United States.

No antidote?

There is no non-violent antidote to this pathological state of affairs, and we can expect waves of violence in the very near future. It will require a profound revolution to make America great again, and no one in public life today has or exhibits the intellectual and spiritual capacity for such an undertaking. Indeed, the university-bred doctrine of multicultural moral relativism, a democratic phenomenon may spawn tyranny.

The primacy of force and coercion is hovering over America, leaving less and less room or hope for the primacy of reason and persuasion. That America’s 2016 election, which involves a choice between the bad and the worse, may favor Donald Trump, but with little expectation of making America great again.◙

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John Andrew Reid

Progressives – the Left – have been tolerant of Islam, particularly those who have immigrated to the USA. I am amazed that they do not understand that one of the main reasons the Muslim world thinks of the USA as the Great Satan is our perceived lack of morals resulting from progressive policies. The Democrat Party is the head of the Great Satan and those progressives who think that befriending the Muslim world will somehow exempt them from from their wrath are going to be shocked when the first heads to roll are theirs!


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