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What is President Trump trying to do?



Trump Derangement Syndrome and the reason for it. This map shows the magnitude of the force behind the counter-coup, the defeat of the progressives, and the victory of Donald Trump. He promised to Make America Great Again. He can't do it until he regains control of his own administration.


What is President Trump trying to do? More—and better—than you think.

Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government, those entrusted with power, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it to tyranny. (Thomas Jefferson.)

To all American friends in freedom

What is President Trump trying to accomplish? Let us reason together, not as members of some political party, but as Americans for just a moment. Let’s each one of us think back in time about all the terrible wars our fighting men and women have been, and are, engaged in, and ask ourselves this question, “Have I ever met, known or heard of one American Veteran who enlisted to fight for Socialism?”

Since the beginning of the United States, made possible by our own fight for freedom from the despotic King George of England, WE THE PEOPLE of America have fought wars to remain free from Socialism, Communism, Despotism, Fascism, and other forms of oppressive governments. These different types of governments are all forms which were incubated in, and born of Socialism. They are all, either steps in the progression of, or the end product of Socialism, which in the end is, as Thomas Jefferson stated, one of tyranny which Lords over, oppresses and dictates to the people of a nation.

Lenin’s socialist vision

It was Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Russian Revolution, who established the world’s first Socialist state. It was his theoretical and philosophical contributions to Marxism which produced Leninism which was the ideological basis of Soviet socialism. He declared that the essential steps which must happen to establish a Socialist government were, in his own words, “the redistribution of wealth, control of the media, gain control of student teaching and thinking, create dissension and disruption by using the system against itself.” This is a recorded and undisputed fact. Saul Alinsky championed this in America and became the leader of the modern-day Socialist movement.

Many elected and appointed leaders in the Washington D. C. “Swamp” along with a bias and agenda directed news media, are following the exact same path. With very powerful, wealthy financial backers like George Soros and other organizations, the mantel of the Lenin and Alinsky movement in America has been picked up by many thriving in this “swamp,” namely, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, Maxine Waters, Al Franken, Dianne Feinstein just to mention a few of their publicly recognized followers. And of course the management of the New York Times, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and other “news” organizations and Hollywood elites. They are traveling the path blazed by Lenin and Alinsky and doing all within their power to destroy individual freedom and to drag the American people along with them.

The unique American vision

Regardless of what one may think about the type of government that the Constitution brought into existence, it certainly must be recognized as truly the most unusual in man’s history, an experiment in man governing himself. It was established in 1787 and flew in the face of every government on earth at the time, which were governments where by the people were lorded over by kings and dictators.

The United States was established as a society of individuals who were free, by and large, to engage in any occupation or economic enterprise without the government interference of regulation. A society where people through their own efforts could accumulate wealth in amounts unlimited by government interference. They could do with that wealth as they pleased, spend, invest, save, donate it, or throw it in the river if desired. It was the founder’s belief that America could do more for the rest of the world by giving them an example of how a nation could prosper through a society of individuals free from government interference in their lives, living free and governing themselves, a way of life in which the government had very little power to tax, regulate, or take care of them except protection from foreign intervention.

Trump tries to reverse direction.

My plea to every American all over this great nation of Individual Freedom, is to educate and enlighten ourselves to what is happening to America by the direction the people of this Socialist movement is taking us. We must awaken ourselves and recognize the ominous signs of the sinister and threatening danger which these people and their backers are attempting to implement upon the people of this Free Republic. The danger of ignoring the Constitution and becoming a nation of people whose lives are regulated by them through our Federal Government.

President Trump is attempting to lead a change in that direction back to that intended by our Constitution, a nation of people living as free individuals pursuing our own happiness as we choose to pursue it. if we will stand fast with him he will return our government to us. The growing debate in this country is not Republican or Democrat, black or white. It is one which has gone full circle and returned to the same debate which drove our founders to declare freedom and Independence from England and fight a war to accomplish that freedom and independence, before Democrat or Republican was ever thought of.

“A republic, if you can keep it.” Can we?

It is the same debate which those courageous founders had, that led and maneuvered them through the Constitutional Convention that produced the document which many have called the greatest written document ever by the hands and minds of man. We are now engaged in that exact same debate. We know, through the help of God, what they left for their future generations, for WE have enjoyed it for over 200 years. We are now debating the future of America for the next 200 years. It is in our hands now. What will we leave, a nation of people with individual freedom, or Socialism, a government regulating our lives? What will we leave? Remember what Benjamin Franklin said when asked, as he emerged from the labors of the Constitutional Convention, “What have you done in there?” In which Franklin replied, “We have given you a Republic, if you can keep it.”

I submit to you, ladies and gentlemen of America, if you and I allow these people to defeat President Trump’s efforts to lower taxes, secure our national borders, get the growth of government under control, enforce laws, get the government out of our medical care, strengthen our military, overturn hundreds of regulations on individuals and our businesses, defend us from the evil of Islamic Terrorism and other warring factions, strengthen our Supreme Court, WE WILL NOT KEEP IT. IT WILL BE LOST, for I am convinced Mr. Trump is our last and best hope. If our Republic is not preserved now, it isn’t going to be.

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