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How the Current State of News Media Allows So Many Lies to Pass



Wrap fish withal! (Does the CIA run this show?) That's what The Washington Post, CNN, and most other Mainstream Media are good for. An empire of lies. And they dare call the rest of us fake news. They can't even cover disasters, like tornadoes, without discriminating among their victims. Worse, the news media are attempting a coup against the rest of us with their lies.

Among conservatives, the national news media is now one of the nation’s most distrusted institutions. The left constantly seems like it is spewing propaganda through the media, and the information conservatives need to hear materializes outside of strong and reliable conservative publications. Progressive interests control entertainment all-around, leaving reality as the last bastion of strong and critical thought.

Yet why is this the case? Why does the truth get ignored by the media? Why does misinformation rule the masses whom that very media indoctrinated starting at an early age? Who is pulling the strings, if anyone, and is there anything people can do to stay informed?

For the news media, it’s All About Ratings                    

People don’t want to hear about conflicts started by liberals taking the lives of innocent people. They want sensationalism and bright lights. That’s how lackluster outlets who produce fake news, such as CNN, survive. They cling to the ratings false urgency and “human interest” pieces provide, not realizing (or ignoring) that what they cover won’t matter in a week. Something new comes up, they overanalyze it, and then no one remembers. Can you remember what was on the news last week for the majority of the time?

The 24-hour news cycle the media provides is just a living, breathing example of desperation for ratings and ad revenue. Liberal values and liberal viewpoints spread because it’s become more “acceptable” to the public to do so. The news media spread them because that’s what the advertisers demand. Do you think they will run a story that conflicts with an advertiser on a major news network? No, and the omission of the truth and fake news are the prices.

The Facts Are Now Political

The truth has a political bias and science is for sale. You can now find multiple ideas about global warming, gun control facts that are tailor made or misrepresented, and more. The news media takes advantage of this and puts up a false “debate” on the issue which shouldn’t need an argument. The Middle East and its various conflicts are unclear to the public mind because of this. The danger isn’t readily apparent to the average citizens, and the dangers of political movements in the region aren’t known either.

If we let the news media continue to get away with this instead of sticking to the facts, we’ll soon find the liberal agenda taken as a fact of life similar to air and (increased) taxes.

A Willingness to Self-Delude

Liberals and communists are extraordinarily prone to confirmation bias, and they will believe what makes them feel good. In the ever-strong quest for ratings and sponsors, why wouldn’t the news media tell the lies liberals want to hear? A positive response from this only encourages the practice. Therefore, we can only expect this trend to continue, and the news to get an even worse skew in the future.

It is important to have your reality challenged, both for the sake of growth and for coming to terms against the dreams and promises liberals offer. The national debt is a constant source of self-delusion, and yet the media doesn’t pay much attention to it. Some regulations damage industry, and the news media sweep those concerns under the rug, even if environmental conservation might be a noble goal. The current media doesn’t allow for an open and honest public debate.

Keeping the Resistance Strong

People need to fight back against this slow form of mind control. After a generation or two, the conservative way of life will consist of memories and whispers. Share the truth whenever you can. While you’ll receive some pushback, prepare counterarguments to standard news media talking points used by liberals and the uneducated. When someone advocates a source known for lies and fake news, share your own.

Additionally, whatever you do, don’t let the media or any government organization censor you or your news sources. If you find yourself blocked, use a proxy or VPN. If a conservative paper is struggling, step up if you can and support it. Liberal journalism and news media has a lot of backing behind it. It will take an equally strong force to oppose it.

Where do you see the news media heading in a few years? What will it take for the lies about conservative figures to stop? What will you do today to change how you get your information? Please leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts on fake news and the news media.

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Carla is a blogger and activist who has been studying technology and media for several years now. She hopes to bring a reasonable and conservative voice back into politics and makes it her goal to cut through the fake news and informational garbage so common in American life today.

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