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Oprah: cult of personality v. Donald Trump



Oprah Winfrey

The phenomenon of college professors inciting students to vehemently protest Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States should be understood as a manifestation of juvenile delinquency. But from this delinquency there is emerging a cult of personality to obliterate any semblance of rationality in politics. It is in this light that we should understand the emergence of Oprah as a presidential candidate for 2020.


She is the brainless creation of half-educated academics stupefied by nihilism via the university-bred doctrine of moral relativism. This nihilism denies the power of human reason to distinguish what is noble from what is base.

Nihilism has corrupted the minds of one generation after another of American college students since the end of the First World War. Although the United States won that European inspired war on the battlefield, European philosophy defeated America on the campus. The skepticism of England’s philosopher David Hume, and the historical relativism of Germany’s philosophers Hegel and Marx, took American colleges and universities by storm.

European philosophy undermined America’s primary intellectual and moral foundations, whose bedrock was the Declaration of Independence. This foundational document embodied, and preserved for the American people, a concept known as “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” a concept rooted in the Creation Narrative of the Book of Genesis. This biblical narrative was trashed by Darwin’s doctrine of biological Evolution.

Darwin’s doctrine reinforced the academic doctrine of historical relativism. Historical relativism embraces moral relativism, which is magnified by present-day Liberalism. This degraded Liberalism has utterly corrupted college youth.

Liberals take decency for granted

For this corruption we may thank half-educated American professors. These academics have taken civilization for granted. They are oblivious of how many centuries were required for thoughtful and virtuous men to overcome centuries of pagan polytheism.

Countless Liberals of the academic elite have taken civilization for granted, which means they have taken decency for granted.

While the elites of Liberal Democracy exalt freedom and equality, they are oblivious of the demonstrable truth that freedom and equality, without rational and moral constraints, cannot but lead to the barbarism of neo-paganism. These constraints (as was known by America’s Founding Fathers) are nothing other than the Noahide Laws of morality embodied in the Book of Genesis.

Neo-paganism is manifested today not only by Muslim terrorists who behead “infidels” or burn them alive. Neo-paganism lurks in the hostile passions and prejudices of half-educated college youth who believe that by protesting against the presidential election of Donald Trump they are upholding democracy, when in fact they are displaying contempt for the rule of law without which democracy degenerates into anarchy.

Unfortunately, not a single 2016 presidential candidate, not even the erudite professor Newt Gingrich, possessed the wherewithal to denounce the corrosive impact of moral relativism, a doctrine propagated by America’s academic elite throughout the twentieth century.

Flourishing of relativism

Relativism has flourished in America despite Christianity. Indeed, the hundred denominations of Protestant Christianity cannot but encourage relativism. So, too, does the Catholic Church, which, apart from its logically untenable and sinister doctrine of “Replacement Theology,” has sullied itself by supporting independent statehood for the pagan Palestinian Authority, a cynical means of undermining Jewish possession of Jerusalem. Even the Vatican fosters atheism via the moral equivalency implied in its cynical attitude toward the Israel-Palestinian conflict!

The evangelical atheism current in America will not be overcome by the churches of Protestant and Catholic Christianity. They are more concerned about the rebirth of Israel, that is, about the intellectual threat Judaism poses to Christian theology. A convergence of Judaism and scientific cosmology was confirmed recently by a team of astrophysicists, which found the evidence it was seeking to support the theory that the universe did indeed have a beginning. Of course, this finding is only a beginning; but it’s the beginning of a worldwide intellectual revolution anticipated by the Sages of Israel.

Oprah: the last gasp of the academy

That said, can it be that the presidential victory of Donald Trump, has so rattled the liberal-leftists of America’s academic establishment as to prompt them to abandon reason and serious political issues, and instead promote a cult of personality by launching the presidential candidacy of TV star Oprah, the same Oprah that supported the presidential election of Barack Obama?☼


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