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A new realignment?



George Soros, Puppet Master and human dragon extraordinaire, member of the hate-America death squad, and collaborator with the Nazis. His motive is obvious, though he tries to hide it. He's also forcing a new realignment in America and worldwide.

The old adage, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” takes on a new meaning with President Trump. Enough to see a new political realignment.

The old alignment and the new realignment

It used to be Communist regimes versus Capitalist/Democratic/Nationalist regimes until Ronald Reagan. Then, under George Bush the older and the arrival of George Soros and his billions on the scene the issue became “nationalism versus globalism.” The European Community leadership also became globalist and marched with us toward the same goal in the same alliance.

In the meantime, the Soviet Union broke up to parts that included nationalist/autocratic Russia that refused to fall in the globalist Soros line and Ukraine that through a coup by anti-Russian force, has a pro EU government that has entered into an Association Agreement between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community and their member states, of the one part, and Ukraine, of the other part. Thus, Ukraine also become part of the Soros plan.

Other than Putin, Hungary’s valiant Prime Minister, Mr. Orban, is willing to stand up to the Soros plan and stops the Arab “refugees” at Hungary’s border. His stance has provoked the ire of the EU leadership, but is growing in popularity in the other EU countries. (see

Under Trump’s “Make America Great Again”  (MAGA) slogan the US also turned to the nationalist albeit democratic side. Soros, along with some old allies have become the new common enemy, and Putin the new potential ally.


Which side will they be on?

Western Europe and the G7 leaders will have to decide on which side they are. They were our old allies under the old Soros/globalist arrangement. But the people of Europe, election after election, following the 2016 election results in the US that gave us the Trump presidency, seem to opt for the populist/nationalist line. So, the EU leaders seem to be out of sync not only with their own people but with the US under Trump. Likewise, Putin seems to be more in sync with Trump under his pro-Russian nationalism. It is only the pro globalist “witch hunt” in the US that creates the conflict between Putin and Trump.

So, it should not be surprising if Trump was unhappy with the old Soros alliances at the G7 or the current G-20 summit meeting that served globalist versus US interests and wants to bring in Putin and create a new alliance with nationalist Russia against the globalist Soros, the common enemy.

Detailed realignment in the USA

This goes much deeper than the charge of Russian interference in our election. In the US the Democrats and the Liberal Establishment are still following the Soros/globalist line. This is the basis of the Russian “witch hunt” and reflects the need for a realignment in our domestic politics too. The 2018 midterm elections accomplished this only partly. They gave Trump Republican majority in the Senate, but gave the House to the Democrats.

This is the problem of the media too. Instead of helping to fit into this new international arrangement they refuse to acknowledge the need for a new alliance system that is increasingly popular worldwide. Furthermore, they seem to be in a time warp, out of sync with the new, developing realities. They support the Russia probe hoping that it will succeed and confuse the new realities with Trump’s real or imagined imperfections and idiosyncrasies.

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