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Empire of lies

The media have built an empire of lies, and so have politicians, from defamation to mischaracterization of public policy.

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Wrap fish withal! (Does the CIA run this show?) That's what The Washington Post, CNN, and most other Mainstream Media are good for. An empire of lies. And they dare call the rest of us fake news. They can't even cover disasters, like tornadoes, without discriminating among their victims. Worse, the news media are attempting a coup against the rest of us with their lies.

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today I will be talking about some of the lies and distortions that have so far made this a bad year for the mass media. The media may be having a bad year because it publishes lies and distortions, but this society often rewards liars and punishes truth tellers.

Lies amounting to misprision of a felony

Let’s start with the story of a 7 year old black girl from Houston Texas who was murdered earlier this year. Initially the reports were that she was murdered by two white racists in a red pickup truck. The usual stereotypes of what a white racist is supposed to look like and be like were all there and the media just bought it hook, line, and sinker probably because it fit and advanced their own pre-conceived political narrative.

The media, whether TV or print, often reports a story as presented, just as if it were true all before any investigation is completed. They want us to assume it to be true because, I suppose, they want it to be true so badly. This little girl’s murder was front page news around the world and presented as evidence of the terrible race problems we have here in America, but when the murderers turned out to be two black gangbangers, it suddenly disappeared as a story. The prevailing sensationalist political agenda often is not advanced by the truth, therefore the truth is of little value to them.

Civil tort lies – libel and defamation of character

Then along came the story that I have talked about for a few weeks. That story is the Covington kids and Native American Nathan Phillips. The media will not report these stories after their initial version is proven to be false. But I don’t want the real version to die, so I keep talking about them as long as possible. The Covington kids’ story should not die for a long time because of Nick Sandmann’s defamation suit against various publications, including The Washington Post.

We would be well served to remember the masthead of The Washington Post, which it has adopted as its official slogan, “Democracy Dies in Darkness”. That seems appropriate now that we the people can no longer believe anything the paper prints and all stories must be investigated by real journalists, such as simple bloggers and others in the alternative media. The New York Times, the Post, and others should pay attention to their own advertising.


Trump misses some opportunities

The opportunity for the President to call attention to false stories of hate and hoaxes staged as hate crimes was there with the Covington kids but he passed on the opportunity. He originally said he might have them to the White House but changed his mind. I suppose he did because of advice that it would not be a wise political move. That seems to be the standard for right and wrong now—is it a right or wrong political move.

The immigration tangle

For example, when he was about to sign his emergency declaration for the wall, the Angel Moms, which is a group of mothers who have had children killed by illegal aliens, were in town to oppose the new spending bill. The President said he would like to invite them to the White House but reportedly his Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, and advisor Kelly Ann Conway, vetoed it because of political considerations. Ms. Conway then lectured the Angel Moms to stop their protest because it might endanger the spending bill, which she said the President desperately needed.

So if this story is true, and it apparently is, the President was very much in favor of the spending bill and didn’t just sign it because he wanted to get on with his declaration of emergency. The spending bill effectively ends resistance to illegal immigration in America. It is worse than blanket amnesty because it invites those who would have come illegally to come legally. When Neville Chamberlain went to Munich to make a deal with Hitler, Winston Churchill said that Hitler no longer had to snatch his victuals from the table because he now had them handed to him by the British Government. President Trump’s signing of the spending bill is a Chamberlain moment for those who believed his promise about building the wall and making Mexico pay for it.

A permanent Democratic majority?

Nancy Pelosi is far smarter and a much better leader than I gave her credit for. She maneuvered President Trump into signing a bill that, more than likely, assures a permanent Democrat majority in the future. This majority will not only be unsympathetic to the destruction of Western Civilization but will welcome it. I’m starting to think that I was right about Mr. Trump in 2016 in that he really doesn’t care about anything and is unwilling to defend his core values because he has none. To use an unfortunate pun, there is nothing he is willing to go to the wall for.

The Declaration of Emergency will not solve the illegal immigration problem and won’t even solve the wall problem. The spending bill, signed by the President, opens the flood gates to the third world and denies him the ability to complete the wall. It allows a few pennies for building a few miles in five Democrat counties in Texas but permission has to be received from the Democrat politicians in those counties before construction can begin. The rhetoric coming from the White House about immigration is just that, empty rhetoric. The horses have fled the barn while he left the door wide open. I wonder if he really understands what he represents to the 63 million who voted for him?


Lies from the media—and the alleged victim

Let’s go back and visit with our friend Jussie Smollett for a few moments, for the latest news from America’s mass media concerning what a horrible racist country America is. While we discuss Jussie please keep in mind that literally millions of people who live in countries that really are bad places are lining up to come here and our politicians are lining up to invite them.

Fortunately for those of us who value the truth and think that it’s important, Jussie turned out to be one of the least intelligent people to come from Hollywood in a long time, and that is really saying something. Maybe that’s why Hollywood celebrities are so easily co-opted by Democrat politicians; they just can’t understand what’s happening. Jussie set up two men to help with his staged attack and paid them with a $3500 check. He gave them a check to buy the materials they would need and the entire purchase was recorded on video.

Inventing hate

He had been planning this thing apparently for months because he first sent himself a hate letter, which looked like something from a 1930’s movie complete with letters cut from a magazine. The letter didn’t generate enough interest but when you can’t find any hate you have to invent some, thus the two Nigerian men. He did a softball interview with a TV reporter and used the expression, hate mongrels, and I assume he doesn’t know that the term mongrel means dog. Perhaps he and AOC should get together. I know, they can’t because of obvious reasons, but what a couple they would make.

The Cook County police superintendent said that Jussie insulted Chicago and somehow inflicted injury on Chicago, but I wonder how that could be possible in a city with the highest murder rate and worst close rate in America. What will happen to Jussie now? The world waits on the edge of its seat. Will he go to jail? He could go to jail because he is facing charges that carry three years confinement, but there is talk that he will be allowed to say he is sorry and pay a relatively small fine. What Jussie doesn’t seem to understand is that what he did, and the result, proves that America is really the opposite of how he tried to portray it, no matter how hard the media works to convince us that all except Hollywood coastal types are racist.

A society that admires victims, not heroes

We live in a society where it is now more admirable and desirable to be a victim than a hero. Jussie needed victim status for career success on the level he wanted it, in his chosen profession, and for his chosen audience. Most of the Hollywood types I’ve seen are supporting him in his legal case. They take the position that in this case the story isn’t true, but the narrative is still realistic and is therefore a true picture of America. How can you find common ground with people who have attitudes like that? I can’t and that is why I don’t go to movies or watch television anymore.


People ask me from time to time if I think America is headed for civil war. I would say that this period in history is more akin to the prelude to the French Revolution than the Civil War. The Jacobins in France were distinguished for their radical left-wing revolutionary politics. The Jacobins eventually enacted a brief dictatorship known as the Reign of Terror, and many heads fell from the guillotine into the basket. Let’s hope we are not that far along but I will admit that we are a ways down that road.

More lies about the true nature of America’s economy

The same liars are leading an advance toward a socialist economy, and that is viewed as a great triumph by many because they blame capitalism for the ills of our society, but there are no real capitalist countries anywhere on earth. America is no exception to that condition because it is the departure from free market capitalism that has led to our economic troubles. True capitalism is privately owned means of production without regulation. There is not a country on earth that does not have complete regulation and control of the economy by the state. What is being fought over is the right to be the one who controls and regulates.

Today’s group of socialists doesn’t know or care who or what owns the means of production. What they want is free stuff and the more the better. Socialism is a buzzword for free stuff. Free housing, free medical care, free schooling, free food—those are the intellectual extent of the socialist argument. This free stuff and the capital that provides it, they assume, just somehow appear by magic. What it really means is a fascist welfare state, of course, ignoring the fact that such philosophies have destroyed entire economies one after another. This trend toward socialism, fueled by increasing levels of third world immigration, will result eventually, in the collapse of the economy unless it is reversed.

Republican inaction

What are the Republicans doing about it? In a word, nothing, because they are completely worthless in the defense of our civilization. Republican ranks are filled with gutless hypocrites and that’s a compliment compared to what they really are. Their efforts to defend the free market, when made at all, are weak and ineffective. People, especially the young, think that socialism is a superior moral view and there is no one in leadership who will intellectually defend free markets and free market capitalism as the most moral and just system.

Finally folks:

This is going to have painful ramifications and very soon. There are going to be political ramifications when people start losing their houses. I’m afraid the battle is lost and I see no movement to change course. It’s almost as if a lot of people want this civilization to fail. My pessimism flag is flying at full mast today.


At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

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Darrell Castle is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, a former USMC Combat Officer, 2008 Vice Presidential nominee, and 2016 Presidential nominee. Darrell gives his unique analysis of current national and international events from a historical and constitutional perspective. You can subscribe to Darrell's weekly podcast at

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