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Aristocracy and the virus

A hypocritical aristocracy governs our societies today and usually relies on supposed disaster. But with SARS-CoV-2, they have some real problems.

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Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is the 11th day of December in the year 2020. On this report, I will be talking about how the Aristocracy in various societies over the centuries have adapted to changing conditions but very little has changed. They like to control things. And things always seem fouled up under their control, but they tell us it’s not their fault. Right now, the aristocracy, the ruling elite, the powers that be, or whatever you call them are facing a very difficult set of problems.

First, this week has been a happy one for the Castle family as we celebrate the 68th birthday of Joan, the family mama, so happy birthday Joan. The family daughter honored her mother as best one can via video conference.

History of aristocracy

Throughout history advanced societies have always had their aristocracies. And the aristocrats have always had their methods of controlling the people and retaining power. Kingdoms and empires are born, and they die just like we do. When the aristocrats can keep the people foolishly unaware of the scam that keeps them in power, the system works fine. When the people start to become aware that the aristocrats are in power based on a giant deception or scam then the people lose interest and the whole thing falls apart. That pattern has been repeated for centuries.

Many people can see that the hard times they are experiencing because of the virus are not being felt by their leaders. The hypocrisy so evident from the mostly Democrat leaders of our cities and states are alarming even to the woke people. The aristocracy that rules us reacts to the virus by grabbing more and more centralized control over the masses. The concept of individual freedom and individual rights disappear in a torrent of words about the common good.

Aristocracy controlling by religion

For centuries, the aristocracy controlled the masses by using religion. They had the only route to God and God wanted it that way. The people could not read, and their holy books were in other languages, so they accepted their misery for centuries. The printing press changed much of that because with reading came a greater understanding of their condition.


In 1789 it all came to a head in France as that nation exploded in revolution. Roughly 17000 members of the religious and royal aristocracy lost their heads to the guillotine and thousands died in other ways. Revolutions often bring changes that are worse than before and this one brought the reign of Napoleon and a secular nation that is still secular today.

The modern aristocracy controlling by science

In our modern age the ruling elite, whether elected or bureaucratic, use science instead of religion to control us. We are often told to follow the science and to listen to the experts. Many groups of power seekers compete for control over us and each has its own group of science experts. They all want power, and they want to control us in their way rather than in some other way. The cold, unfeeling nature of the aristocracy has not changed much since revolutionary France.

The religious aristocracy in 1789 France blamed the starving condition of the people on the royal system and the royals blamed it on the religious order. Finally, the people had enough, and they cut the heads off all of them. Today, the Democrat order has Donald Trump to blame for every wrong turn concerning the virus, but just as in 1789, problems are starting to emerge that may not be solvable without very long-lasting results.

Science makes its first mistake: global cooling

We, in the modern world, are far too cynical to allow the elites to control us with religion. Those in the Islamic world, at least to a certain degree, are exceptions. But for the rest of us we are controlled through science. Trust the science, listen to the science, let the experts explain the science is the mantra of today’s world. One group of power mad aristocrats has their science experts, and the other group has their science experts. Belief changes from one group to the other from time to time but science’s hold on us never wavers.

In the 1970’s the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson was all the rage and the science at college. The book addressed various environmental disasters which Ms. Carson told us were upon us or just around the corner. The result of all these disasters coupled with overpopulation and global cooling would be worldwide starvation and poverty. I read the book and was alarmed by her conclusions, so I took it to a professor I respected in the science department of my old college.


He said, “yeah I read it, and it’s nonsense don’t worry about it.” His statement changed my life because I was able to overcome the strong desire to accept the science at face value. It also taught me not to believe the adage, all smart people feel that way, which has been a help in my legal career. Those were the naïve days of global cooling.

From global cooling to global warming – and Trump the Anti-aristocrat

The science had to change to keep its hold on people because global cooling failed miserably so global warming became the new threat. The planet was heating up and the polar ice caps were melting, and the bears had no habitat in which to live. When much of that was proven to be just faked photos and lying propaganda the science again had to change or the ignorant masses might go off the reservation.

The result was what came to be known as climate change. The climate was changing you see, and therefore everything could be blamed on climate change. Whether the temperature was hot, cold, or temperate the change was man made and the cause of every disaster. Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami that destroyed Fukushima, Japan, all storms, and all earthquakes were the result of climate change.

Since Donald Trump refused to destroy American industry and loot the people to transfer the fruits of their labor to a consortium of global aristocrats, it could be said that climate change was his fault. Joe Biden has appointed John Kerry as climate Czar so we can all rest easy now because the world’s climate is now in good hands.

Today’s disaster: SARS-CoV-2

The disaster of today is obviously COVID-Virus and once again we are told that we should “trust the science.” Each of our leaders has different science and different orders for us. Dr. Fauci tells us that science requires that we refrain from giving thanks and celebrating the birth of Christ, but political protests are essential and just fine. We should all wear masks wherever we go, and we would be better if we did not go at all. Keep you distance and most of all do not relate face to face with other members of the controlled masses.


The masks are compulsory in most areas, having been ordered by the government because of the science. The COVID Tracking Project tells us, however, that there is no difference in caseloads between places where face masks are required by law and places where they are not required. None of us know whether they help prevent the Virus or not, but apparently neither do the scientists. It really doesn’t matter to our aristocrat class because what matters is that we willingly comply.

The scientists exist in every society and they have all the intelligence, talent, ambition, and lust for power they need but they must turn to government to have those desires fulfilled because the government has a license to use force and they don’t. The power they obtain over us from the government can quickly be converted into money while they rest of us remain locked in our homes as their victims.

Aristocracy then and now – no change

These are the same people that claimed a special dispensation from God to control people prior to the French Revolution. They are the same people who went to the guillotine by the thousands because centuries elapse, but human nature stays the same, and sleeping people sometimes wake up.

Even the woke generation finds it hard not to recognize the gross hypocrisy that we see every day from our ruling elite. Let me give you just a few examples. The mayor of Austin makes a video from his condo in Cabo telling the people in Austin to stay in and not celebrate the holidays. That was just after hosting his daughter’s wedding party at an Austin hotel and then boarding a private jet for Cabo in Mexico.

The governor of California issues an almost total lockdown for the state, but that night has dinner at a restaurant called The French Laundry at $400 per plate. The next evening the mayor of San Francisco had dinner at the same restaurant. The governor of California flies with a group of friends and supporters to Hawaii for an impromptu vacation. The woke generation is seeing all this but still they keep electing the same people.


The rent (and mortgage) arrears problem

The virus, however, does rage on and it is causing real not imaginary problems. The temporary suspension on evictions ends December 31st. The government has no choice but to do something because it is now an addict of free money and unlimited borrowing. They will have to print and give away more money because if they do not those controlled masses will be in the streets as in 1789 France.

Eleven million renters and 4 to 5 million mortgages are now in arrears and in forebearance. They will be evicted starting January 1st unless there is a huge bailout so what do you think will happen? Where will all those people go without free money?

The more the government prints and gives away the bigger the pile of manure that makes up this nasty house of cards. The bigger the pile, the bigger the catastrophe that awaits us down the road. Millions of small businesses are on the verge of failure or have already failed. Airlines, restaurants, hotels, and many others may never recover. As Doug Casey points out, if you burn yourself you will heal and be fine, but if you suffer 3rd degree burns over 50% of your body you are probably dead.

Government debt continues to rise

That is happening with small business across America right now. Fifteen percent failure happens all the time, but now 50% are failing at the same time. No aristocrat wants to have this pile of excrement come unglued on his watch so the desire to print and give away money will be overpowering for them. Banks, landlords, utility companies, and local and municipal governments will all have to be subsidized as well. Mass bankruptcies and millions as wards of the state will result unless they are made wards by the state first.

How can a broke government help people in need? This one is 27 trillion in debt and is already projected to spend 2 trillion more in this fiscal year than it takes in and that is before any more bailouts. Economics used to be a simple matter of common sense such as don’t spend more than you earn. Then economists all went to Harvard or Wharton and got PhD’s and presto its now a pseudo-science. The result is that common sense no longer makes sense.


The real aristocracy – a protected class

There is, of course, a group of people exempt from all this bad news. They could best be referred to as the protected class. They are the financial aristocrats who have accumulated so much money and property that no matter what happens they are protected from harm. They have no fear of the great reset because they assume, they will be on the winning side. These people are the ones who normally pontificate on TV and the internet that the masses are not practicing social distancing.

The World Economic Forum has all this figured out for us so don’t worry about it. In the new utopia everything will be provided for you by a benevolent society of aristocrats. You will have no privacy and will be watched every minute and you will own nothing because they own everything. You will, if you are good little children, be provided for. Where is 1789 when you really need it?

The truth is folks that this is going to work out one way or the other so don’t say I never bring you good news. Right now, the ruling elite have their elves hard at work trying to figure how to use your money to buy their votes. When they distribute the free loot they will, hopefully, distribute it to most of us rather than just their chosen ones. You never know for sure, but I have a feeling the plates will stay in the air for a few more years.


Finally, folks, it is not a pretty picture is it? It is, however, a realistic one and one that is probably certain, but not imminent. I hope and pray that I am wrong, but my guess is at least an educated one. We are riding the relative calm at the eye of the hurricane right now, but we are close to passing through the eye to the strong winds on the other side. I pray for my family, for all of you, and for the leaders of this nation.

At least that’s the way I see it.


Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

Shared here by permission.

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Darrell Castle is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, a former USMC Combat Officer, 2008 Vice Presidential nominee, and 2016 Presidential nominee. Darrell gives his unique analysis of current national and international events from a historical and constitutional perspective. You can subscribe to Darrell's weekly podcast at

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