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COVID vaccine – great harm, little good



COVID Vaccine administration and vaccine mandate. Fully vaccinated - never

Editor’s note: Mr. John Anthony of Sustainable Freedom Lab released this preliminary report as a newsletter issue yesterday (2 December). A federal judge ordered the Food and Drug Administration to release data on Pfizer, Inc.’s vaccine trials. This came in response to a Freedom of Information Act demand by Public Health Professionals for Transparency. The FDA moved to seal these data for fifty-five years, but the judge denied that motion. Herewith an analysis of the first release of vaccine data pursuant to the court’s order.

Vaccine data analysis, part 1

You may know the court ordered the FDA to release the Pfizer vaccine data documents, but the agency attempted to slow walk the information by releasing them over a 55 year period. (Why do this if you have nothing to hide?)

Well, the first release of documents is out and it is shocking.

The Cumulative Analysis of Post Authorization Adverse Events Reports shows that 1223 deaths and more than 42,000 adverse reports were voluntarily reported.

The FDA and Pfizer knew these vaccines were not as safe as claimed but promoted them anyway.


The reports came from multiple nations but the data does not reveal the total number of jabs. Even more stunning, women reported having 3X the number of adverse effects as men!

You can read more about the preliminary report here on Natural News. (And also here.)

And part 2

Like the commercial says “there is more.”

As you know, Dr. Fauci is bent on vaccinating 5 to 11 year olds and Pres. Biden is mulling making this mandatory.

A recent large scale report from Germany shows that of 5,267,000 healthy children age 5 to 11 not one died from COVID-19. (See table on pdf page 16)


Further, of the 13,484,000 children under age 18 some with and some without comorbidites, a total of 14 died. (Table on page 16)

This coincides with a UK study showing 6 out of 14,000,000 healthy children died from the SARS-Cov-2 virus. You can read more here.

Bottom line is children have no need of this risky vaccination because their immune systems are more effective at fighting the virus and produce zero side effects.

Adults should also think twice about getting the vaccines. During the trials, more people died in the vaccine group than in the placebo group. When the vaccine was administered to the placebo group, 2 of those vaccinated also died. Learn more here.


These vaccines must be stopped and we have mountains of data to prove it.

Editor’s note: more damaging information

View the Health Ranger Report detailing this information at this link.

And see this most recent analysis by CNAV itself.

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