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CDC tortures its own logic



CDC, one of two suspect federal agencies in the COVID affair

Lately, CDC Dir. Walensky has been tripping over her mutating COVID positions in a struggle to justify the government’s crumbling doomsday narrative.

The CDC director admits to a key discrepancy

Days ago she admitted she had no idea how many people died “with” versus “from” COVID, but the CDC is finally, after 2 years, getting those records together.

(See also here – Ed.)

(Hopefully the agency will display more integrity in this effort than in their November “study” claiming those with natural immunity were 5.4X more likely to be hospitalized with COVID than the vaccinated. You can read how the agency tortured the scientific process to end up with the misleading conclusion.)

Recently, the Director referenced a January 7, 2022 study showing that


78% of the people who die from COVID-19 after receiving the vaccine had at least four other underlying health conditions.

This she claimed was proof more vaccines are needed.

Walensky seems to forget that from its inception most of the pandemic deaths were among the elderly with multiple comorbidities. Nearly 70% of the deaths in 2020 were with those having 6 comorbidities or more and 97% had 2 or more.

So, if the numbers are now up to 78% isn’t that an indication the vaccines may be more dangerous than the disease? That did not stop the CDC from blaming the deaths on COVID in spite of questionable PCR results.

Director Walensky might consider this statistic. Despite their underlying health conditions, 100% of these people were all alive and only died after taking the vaccine.


Enough cons CDC. The American people deserve a serious investigation.

For God, Family, and Country,

John Anthony

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