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Roger Stone claims he is being ‘censored’ on Trump’s Truth Social site



Roger Stone complained about censoring content on Trump’s Truth Social app after he received a warning on one of his posts.

Stone is a long-time ally of former President Donald Trump.

According to Business Insider, Stone posted a picture of a Trump campaign buton along with a caption discussing the threat of “radical Islam.” The app’s algorithm flagged the post with a warning to users that the post included sensitive content. Stone posted the picture a second time, captioning it “Why would this be censored content on Truth Social?”

Trump’s app has been advertised as a “free-speech” app for conservatives who have faced censorship on other social media networks. The platform has experienced a number of technical issues upon launch.

The Washington Post reported that the app’s downloads have tanked, falling off App Store charts. Additionally, the company has lost investors, executives and attention. Trump privately funded the app’s rollout.

David Nunes, former member of Congress, said the app would be fully operational by the end of March. However, the deadline has appeared a bit too ambitious, as more and more issues have come to light since launch.

Truth Social was supposed to be a part of the Trump Media Technology Group, which was lined up to be a “media powerhouse.” Both have fallen short of their intended goals.

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