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2000 Mules strikes cords with voters

The film 2000 Mules strikes a cord with those who see it. Now those of us who have seen it, must spread the word.

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The Dinesh D’Souza movie 2000 Mules has definitely struck cords – and nerves – with those who’ve seen it. And it could have an even greater impact if more people were to see it.

Who has seen 2000 Mules and what do they think?

Regular readers will recall CNAV’s review of 2000 Mules

and of the J. Alex Halderman report of the hackability of Dominion Voting Services’ voting machines. About that second part: CNAV does not believe for one atomic-clock cycle that this hackability limits itself to Dominion machines. Why Halderman limited his study to Dominion machines, CNAV will not speculate. But if it’s electronic and cybernetic, it’s hackable. Your editor says this as a sworn Officer of Election.

Last week, the Rasmussen organization asked people:

  1. Have you heard of the Dinesh D’Souza documentary, 2000 Mules?
  2. Have you seen it?
  3. If you have seen it, has it made you more or less likely to believe that “systematic and widespread fraud” marred the Election of 2020?
  4. If you have seen it, would you recommend it to a friend?
  5. And if you haven’t seen it, do you at least know about the claims that some bad actors stole the Election of 2020 by “widespread, coordinated fraud”?
  6. Last: if you haven’t seen it, how important is it for people to know about the fraud claims?

The results should electrify you. Forty-one percent of all respondents say they’ve heard about it – and fifteen percent (146 out of 1000) have seen it. Of that fifteen percent, seventy-seven percent say they are more likely to believe the fraud claims. And a slightly higher number say they would recommend the film to others, whether those others are politically simpatico with them, or not.

Further breakdown of results

Of those who haven’t seen 2000 Mules, clear majorities are at least somewhat familiar with the fraud claims. A somewhat slimmer majority say it’s important for the people to know what the film talks about.


The demographic breakdown tells an even more striking tale. The have-you-heard and have-you-seen questions show stronger responses among Republicans than Democrats. But among those who have seen the film, clear majorities of Democrats are more likely to believe the fraud claims. Republicans are more likely to believe the fraud claims than Democrats. But you would expect Democrats to reject the fraud claims out-of-hand. That’s not happening. Instead, the film is making believers even of them.

And some legislators are now willing to do something about it. Arizona State Rep. Walter Blackman (R-6th) announced on May 31 his support of a very strict election integrity bill. One wag summed it up this way: “one-day, one-vote, paper ballots, and drop box restrictions.” Mr. Blackman opposed the bill before, but not after seeing the film.

Younger voters seem more likely to have seen the film than older, and black more than white. Men and women break down evenly. But the film is more likely to make believers out of women than men.

What this all means

These results show that if people would merely watch the film 2000 Mules, they’ll understand the fraud claims. And more than three quarters of them, including clear majorities of Democrat voters, will believe them.

Yet at the same time only fifteen percent of the voting public has seen this film. That’s not enough. So if you haven’t seen it, go see it. It’s in theaters, and you can also watch it online or else find a theater easily. At twenty bucks a showing, it’s worth it.


And when you have seen it, CNAV hopes you’ll join the chorus to do something about it. This film makes abundantly clear that the current regime is illegitimate. Worse, those who cheated before, will cheat again. They blew the gaffe by undervoting the ballots they illegally trafficked. They will not make that mistake again. But the Virginia Pre-Midterm showed how well-trained poll watchers can stop it. More than that, this requires patriots to become Officers of Election. In 2020, we left it up to:

  1. The usual Little Old Ladies In Tennis Shoes, and to
  2. Left-wing activists disguised as Officers of Election.

We dare not make that mistake again, for if we do, we lose our country.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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