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Rep. Kinzinger says Trump is becoming ‘irrelevant,’ tells Trump supporters they’re ‘being abused’



Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) has hit out at members of the Republican party, accusing them of taking advantage of, and lying to, Trump’s supporters.

“Trumpism isn’t dying, even though Trump is becoming irrelevant,” Kinzinger said during a Sunday interview on ABC News’ “This Week.” He added, “I am hearing a lot of anecdotal stuff, around the edges, of people who’ve been hardcore with Trump that now just can’t stand him.”

Kinzinger believes the January 6 committee has “proven” to the Department of Justice that Trump is responsible for the Capitol riot. “I think, taken in totality, this represents the greatest effort to overturn the will of the people, to conspire against the will of the people, and to conspire against American democracy that we’ve ever had, frankly since the Civil War,” Kinzinger said when being interviewed by CNN. “I think we’ve proven that.”

Whilst Kinzinger did acknowledge that “Trumpism isn’t dying,” he does believe that in the future, most people will turn their backs on Trump. “I think the long term…in like five years, I still believe it’s going to be hard to find someone that will ever admit they were ever a Trump supporter, and I think this is where this impact comes, in future history,” Kinzinger added.

Kinzinger also reached out to those who still believe in Trump and support him and told these people “You are being abused.”

He also said that Trump supporters were directing their anger at the wrong people. “We’re not the ones lying to you. It’s the people you think are telling you what you want to hear. They’re the liars, and [House Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy is among them,” Kinzinger said, according to Business Insider.

He continued, “Ladies and gentlemen and particularly my Republican friends, your leaders, by and large, have been lying to you. They know stuff very different than what they’ve been telling you. They know the election wasn’t stolen, but they’re going to send out fundraising requests, they’re gonna take your money from you, and they’re going to use you to stay in power.”

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