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Justice Clarence Thomas will no longer teach at George Washington University



Justice Clarence Thomas is no longer showing up an instructor for any law courses at the George Washington University’s law school. Thomas has worked at this school since 2011.

Thomas’s removal from the website has happened amidst his decision to vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion nationwide. A petition was started 2 days after the ruling, demanding that Thomas be removed from this position.

“With the recent Supreme Court decision that has stripped the right to bodily autonomy of people with wombs, and with his explicit intention to further strip the rights of queer people and remove the ability for people to practice safe sex without fear of pregnancy, it is evident that the employment of Clarence Thomas at George Washington University is completely unacceptable,” the petition stated.

The university initially supported Thomas when responding to the petition. “Debate is an essential part of our university’s academic and educational mission,” GW said in a statement obtained by Politico. The University noted that some faculty members also requested Thomas be fired. 

“Just as we affirm our commitment to academic freedom, we affirm the right of all members of our communities to voice their opinions,” the statement added. 

“Justice Thomas has informed me that he is unavailable to co-teach the seminar this fall,” his co-lecturer, Gregory Maggs, wrote in an email to addressed to Thomas’s students. The email was obtained by GW’s student newspaper, The Hatchet. “I know that this is disappointing. I am very sorry.” 

Maggs and Thomas co-taught the course, which is titled “Leading Cases in Context,” since 2011. Thomas was still listed as an instructor on July 1st, according to a screenshot of the list of courses, which was viewed by The New York Post.

“Justice Thomas informed GW Law that he is unavailable to co-teach a Constitutional Law Seminar this fall,” a university spokesperson informed The Post on Wednesday afternoon. “The students were promptly informed of Justice Thomas’ decision by his co-instructor who will continue to offer the seminar this fall.”

Timothy Pierce, who is a spokesperson for George Washington University, confirmed that Thomas would no longer be involved in the course and that students had all been notified. Pierce declined to give any further details.

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

The “Left” hates when their lies are exposed and undone. Allowing a women to kill her unborn child is a State issue. And morally there are only two justifications for an abortion – Ectopic pregnancy or the child is dead. Remember, real rape rarely results in pregnancy due to the stress put on the body that makes the conditions in the uterus unable to result in a pregnancy. We need to restore real morals to this country.

Linda Goudsmit

Any law school that does not respect the Supreme Court and its decisions should not get a penny of federal funding. Students should apply elsewhere, and parents should refuse to finance the politicized leftist indoctrination their kids would receive there. Enough is enough!

Terry A. Hurlbut

Agreed. That’s why the only way to win is by attack and counterattack.


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