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Report: Fox News has effectively banned Trump from their network



According to a Friday report by The New York Times, former President Donald Trump has not made a single appearance on Fox News in over 100 days, allegedly in an attempt to phase Trump out of the Republican Party.

Trump’s appeared on “Hannity,” on April 13th, but has not returned since then. The Times noted that Trump said Fox News “doesn’t seem to be paying him much attention anymore.”

The Times believe that Fox News is “effectively displacing him” from their different shows and are attempting to remove him as the established leader of the Republican Party.

The Times believe that the call to deny Trump airtime was made at “the highest levels” of Fox’s parent company and is supported by its chairman Rupert Murdoch along with company CEO Lachlan Murdoch, who is Rupert’s son. While both of the Murdoch’s are registered Republicans, insider sources recently told The Washington Post that they have a strong dislike for Trump.

The New York Post and the Wall Street Journal, both of which are owned by the Murdoch’s, have heavily criticized Trump’s actions on January 6th and opposed him becoming the Republican nominee in 2024.

The Times said Trump’s inability to accept the result of the 2020 election and continue to say it was stolen lies at the heart of the Murdoch’s frustration towards him.

Trump was equally critical of Fox after the 2020 election and also hit out at them this week. Trump blasted “Fox & Friends” Truth Social by saying they were “terrible” and have “gone to the dark side.”

A recent Fox News report spoke to Trump “supporters” on the street and several of those did not want him to run again and “unanimously” backed DeSantis for 2024.

“I spent 11 years at Fox, and I know nothing pretaped hits a Fox screen that hasn’t been signed off on and sanctioned at the very top levels of management — especially when it has to do with a presidential election,” Newsmax host Eric Bolling said recently.

Dick Morris, a former Fox News Analyst who now works for Newsmax, said The Times’ report should come as a surprise to anyone who tunes into Fox. “Lachlan Murdoch and the network’s leadership wants Fox to be more like CNN,” Morris said

“The Fox ban of Trump is a politically motivated decision, not based on news value, because Trump completely dominates the Republican Party and is still the biggest newsmaker in politics,” Morris went onto say.

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