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Pennsylvania DOE updates list on gender-neutral pronouns for students, says binary gender is a ‘faulty concept’



The Pennsylvania Department of Education has added “ne, ve, ze/zie and xe” to their list of gender-neutral pronouns for students. The department has also pressed teachers to avoid making assumptions about the gender of any student.

A page on the Department of Education’s website, “Creating Gender-Inclusive Schools and Classrooms,” includes a section with “preferred personal pronouns.”

The webpage reads: “In addition to the traditional pronouns (he/him, she/her, they), some people prefer to use gender-neutral pronouns, such as ne, ve, ze/zie, and xe. If you don’t know a student’s preferred personal pronoun, it’s always best to ask.” The webpage has also dubbed “binary gender” as the “faulty concept that there are only two genders: male and female.”

The updates on the website are based on “The Gender Spectrum,” an article written in 2013 by Carrie Kilmann. The article states that “some kids know their gender identities and birth sexes don’t match almost as soon as they begin to talk” and that kids can identify as gender-fluid as young as 3.

The Department of Education website went on to directly reference the article, “This article shares research and insights on how gender identity differs from biological sex, and how educators can help support students who are gender non-conforming or gender expansive.”

The website also provides schools with a lesson guide they can use for a “gender neutral day.” The objective of this lesson is for the school teacher to highlight specific ways of challenging gender norms and ask the students to highlight two or three ways that they would challenge gender norms.

Erika Sanzi, director of outreach for Parents Defending Education, spoke to Fox News and provided a scathing assessment of the new curriculum.

“This is part of a national effort in schools to ‘break the binary’ by confusing young children about biological sex and indoctrinating them into believing that gender is a spectrum,” Sanzi said. “The Department of Education should delete these ideology-based resources from their website and anyone teaching gender fluidity to 3-year-olds does not belong in a classroom.”

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

Humans come in two genders – male and female. For a person to think otherwise is a mental illness. This is about destroying reality, the family, and society, and promoting deviant behaviors.


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