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UK BLM organizer who led toppling of statue, now facing charges of fraud



Xahra Saleem, a Black Lives Matter coordinator who was instrumental in toppling of a UK statue in June 2020 is now facing charges of fraud.

The state in question was of Edward Colston and located in Bristol, UK. At the time, protestors said that their previous attempts to have the statue removed fell on deaf ears and they were doing this due to Colston’s links to slave trading.

Saleem led the toppling of this statue being pulled down, as well as the vandalism of others.

On Friday, Bristol World reported that Saleem is facing two counts of fraud by abuse of position. Saleem is scheduled to appear before a court in January.

The charges were filed after money raised by the organization via crowdfunding pages went missing and hasn’t reached its supposed beneficiaries, the London-based group BristBLM for Changing Your Mindset.

According to Bristol Live, Avon and Somerset police said in a statement, “A woman is due in court at the start of next year after the Crown Prosecution Service authorized charges following a fraud investigation.”

“Xahra Saleem, 22 and from East London, has been charged with two counts of fraud by abuse of position. She is due before Bristol Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 3 January 2023.”

As reported by The Western Journal, other figures linked to Black Lives Matter have also come under scrutiny for misuse of donations.

In March of this year, BLM’s charity, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, had its charity status put at risk after it violated IRS rules by using the charity as a means to acquire political donations for Black Lives Matter PAC.

In September, the charity’s leader, Shalomyah Bowers, was accused of stealing $10 million from the organization.

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

When people, especially Black individuals, go on rants about slavery I wonder how much they have been indoctrinated and lied to about the real history of slavery. Slavery was normal in much of Africa, especially Western Africa where most slaves came from, and is still practiced in many areas of Africa. The “An Empire”, which fell around 1100 or so, was located in West Africa and was a slave based empire the Islam empire/countries left alone. In the US we ended up with slavery because a Black man went to court to keep another Black man as slave. People need to learn real history and not use it as an excuse for doing bad things.


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