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Colorado House race goes to recount as Democratic candidate concedes to Lauren Boebert



Democratic House candidate Adam Frisch announced on Friday that he had called his opponent, incumbent and Trump ally Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) to concede the race that has been too close to call since the November 8 midterm elections.

Frisch, who currently trails Boebert by only 500 votes as of Friday, is only behind Boebert by 0.2 percentage points, and the vote will head to a recount. Frisch said he had called Boebert to concede, saying he looked forward to moving on from the race.

Frisch pointed out that the close race is indicative of the fatigue Americans are experiencing as he claims voters grow weary of the Trumpian era. 

“America is tired of the circus, tired of the lack of respect for our institutions and democracy, and tired of the lack of civility in our discourse,” Frisch said. He also added that he may seek the same House seat in 2024 and attempt once again to unseat the embattled Republican congresswoman.

Boebert responded to Frisch’s concession, saying on Friday “Come January, you can be certain of two things,” said Boebert before thanking her supporters, “I will be sworn in for my second term as your congresswoman and Republicans can finally turn Pelosi’s house back into the People’s House.” 

Frisch told his supporters his campaign was a sign of the future of American politics, saying, “We have shown the country that extremist politicians can be defeated, loud voices are not invincible, and shouting will not solve problems.”

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