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Florida has reportedly spent close to $3.5 million on migrant flights



According to The Miami Herald, who cited state records, Florida has spent $3.46 million flying migrants out of the state.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis relocated the migrants to self-described sanctuary cities as Florida officials are currently investigating the impact that illegal immigration has had on the state.

According to the Herald, data collected by the Florida Accountability Contract Tracking System showed that Florida made several payments to a company called Vertol Systems Company for arranging the migrant flights. 

The expenditure was reportedly signed off after the Florida Department of Transportation was able to waive a department mandate.

The report found that the latest payments, worth $950,000 apiece, were made on October 11th and October 17th. A further payment of $950,000 was made on September 21st, and a total of $615,000 was paid on September 8th, as per a tracking record, which showed that all the payments were directed toward “relocation services.”

The Herald cited an invoice from UltimateJet Charters which showed that the company was paid $153,000 to transfer 49 migrants on two planes from San Antonio, Texas, to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

In September, DeSantis stated his intentions to transport migrants by using “every penny” in a $12 million budget allocated by the state relocate them. 

DeSantis is joined by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who have both bused migrants out of state in the past year.

A spokesperson for DeSantis previously told Newsweek in September that the migrants were flown out of Florida as part of their “relocation program,” which is intended to discourage “illegal aliens” from coming into the state.

“Florida continues to litigate against Biden’s catch and release policy and has initiated a statewide grand jury to examine the harmful impacts of illegal immigration across the state,” the statement said.

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