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Rep. Kevin McCarthy says Biden administration will work with GOP in ending military vaccine mandates



House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy announced on Sunday that the Biden administration has offered their support for an end to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate which is currently in place for the United States military.

McCarthy, who hopes to become Speaker of the House, said he has had several discussions with the Biden administration about ending the mandate.

“I had a meeting with the president,” McCarthy said on Fox News. “We will secure lifting that vaccine mandate on our military… what we’re finding out is they’re kicking out men and women that have been serving.”

He added that removing the vaccine requirement would be “the first victory of having the Republican majority.”

When asked if the mandate will definitely be removed, McCarthy responded: “Yes it will, otherwise the bill will not move.”

“I’ve been very clear with the president,” McCarthy added. “The president worked with me on this.”

However, as The Washington Post reported, the White House has not said if they will cooperate in removing the vaccine mandate.

“Leader McCarthy raised this with the president, and the president told him he would consider it,” White House spokeswoman Olivia Dalton said in a statement. “The secretary of defense has recommended retaining the mandate, and the president supports his position. Discussions about the NDAA are ongoing.”

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