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Hunter Biden laptop – again

The Twitter Files return to the Hunter Biden Laptop story, because we know more about this exercise of raw “spook power.”

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The Hunter Biden Laptop makes another appearance in the Twitter Files. Mike Shellenberger began to release “Twitter Files Part Seven” at 8:09 a.m. PST yesterday. His colleague Matt Taibbi covered the Hunter Biden Laptop story more than two weeks ago. Now we have further details – perhaps after FBI General Counsel Jim Baker is no longer with Twitter.

Hunter Biden Laptop – round two

Herewith the thread, as every other tweet beginning with the second:

At least three users understand the connection between this, and earlier evidence that the FBI treated Twitter as a subsidiary.

One user wants to know: who, or what, is the Aspen Institute, the name of which keeps popping up?

The following meta-description for the Aspen Institute appears in most search engines:


The Aspen Institute is a nonpartisan forum for values-based leadership and the exchange of ideas.

Still another user replied with a collection of highly unsavory tweets from Yoel Roth, having to do with his “alternative lifestyle” proclivities.


This thread seems to show that the FBI “worked on” Roth to bring him around to taking a willing part. Recall Matt Taibbi’s “supplemental” to Twitter Files Six, showing that precise thing. By the summer of 2020, Roth’s relationship with the FBI had begun to sour. Now Roth wasn’t so comfortable with sharing such information on users, nor did he believe the foreign-influence narrative. So Elvis Chan sent him a message with an unmistakable subtext:

Get with The Program.

If Roth really was letting his proclivities hang out, maybe Chan was blackmailing him – or Roth was afraid of that. Either way, we see him eventually saying,

Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Anything you say, sir.

The Hunter Biden Laptop means nothing. Power is their game.

Even apart from that, we see the FBI paying a bribe to Twitter – an ongoing bribe. Jim Baker handled that department. And remember: this was going on as recently as this past fall, until Elon Musk took the company over and fired its top executive echelon. But Mr. Shellenberger also reminds us that Facebook was also a State actor, at the behest of the intelligence community. And it still is. A different investigative reporter revealed that the night before last.


Sadly, we hear that Elon Musk has committed to resigning his headship of Twitter, sooner than he planned. We also hear that he is searching for a successor. Who will fight for free speech at Twitter as hard as Elon has been fighting? Time will tell.

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