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Animal rights activists decry Michigan city’s decision to allow religious animal sacrifices



Animal rights groups are weighing in on a Michigan city’s decision to allow animal sacrifices for religious purposes, saying the decision violates health codes and promotes animal cruelty.

PETA spoke out after the Hamtramck City Council voted on Tuesday to allow residents to carry out animal sacrifices for religious purposes. About half the city’s residents are Muslim, according to city officials, and often sacrifice animals like lambs and sheep as part of their religion. The meat is then shared among the community.

“At PETA, we don’t believe in harming animals for any reason, and we encourage anyone who’s bothered by this to take a look at what goes on in any slaughterhouse,” said PETA spokesperson Ashley Byrne to Fox News. 

“We have to think about the fact that children are often exposed to these religious rituals,” she said. “These animals’ throats are slashed and their heads are manually torn from their bodies.”

The council’s ruling allows residents to sacrifice animals on their own residential property. 

The law reads, “No person shall slaughter any animal in the City except for properly licensed commercial facilities in the business of food preparation or police in the course of their duties or as permitted by law.” 

Mayor Pro Tem Mohammed Hassan argued the law will not result in health code violations and will protect the city from lawsuits for violating religious freedom, according to the Detroit Free Press.

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

And keep in mind “PETA” is also hypocritical. One thing people need to keep in mind is that Islam is not a religion but a theocracy – a government with a religious component. No Islam citizen has any authority to have Islam’s laws in the US. If one is an Islam citizen they have no fealty to the US and can not be US citizens.


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