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DoorDash driver refuses to give customer their food after $8 tip



In a viral video, which been viewed nearly 1 million times on Youtube, a doorbell camera shows a verbal altercation between a DoorDash driver and a customer.

The female driver refused to hand over the customer’s order after he only tipped her $8.

The woman can be heard saying that she went on a 12.5-mile (20KM) round trip and it’s clear that he “must not realize” how far she went to pick up his food.

The woman told the man that she had to drive to Commack, Long Island to collect his food and then travel to Smithtown, which she said took her 40 minutes.

The man hit back by saying that this drive should only have taken 15 to 20 minutes.


“It’s not, you need to try and drive it. I just drove it, it’s 40 minutes. It’s 12 and a half miles,” the woman said.

“What the h–l are you looking for? I gave an $8 tip,” the man said when the woman asked him to change the tip.

The woman then said she would return the food and looked to leave.

The woman did receive some criticism for her actions.

“This woman has never worked for tips before. Eight dollars is a Home Run,” said person said.


“As a door dash driver, an 8-dollar tip is good money!! I can’t believe she took the food back,” said another.

“As someone who used to do uber/uber eats, I find great joy when entitled drivers like this get fired,” a third person said.

“The fact that she felt so entitled as to stand there and argue with him is fascinating,” said a fourth person. “Honey, you do realize you can accept or decline delivery jobs right? If you didn’t realize the distance, Maybe you should be more observant while doing your job.”

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