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Invitations for King Charles’ coronation issued to 2,000 honored guests



The official invitations to King Charles’ coronation were issued this week to 2,000 distinguished guests who have been asked to witness the historic event on May 6.

The invitations, printed on recycled cards, were released on Tuesday by Buckingham Palace. The invites feature a colorful, floral border and formally invites the two thousand attendees to congregate at Westminster Abbey on the 6th of May. The long-awaited invites also feature the Royal Coat of Arms.

Notably, the invites also refer to Camila, who has previously been called Queen Consort since Charles ascended the throne last year after his mother’s death, as Queen Camila. According to an anonymous source who spoke to CNN, “The coronation is an appropriate time to start using ‘Queen Camilla’ in an official capacity. All former Queen Consorts have been known as ‘Queen’ plus their first name.” She had previously used Queen Consort to show a distinction between herself and the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Guests invited to the occasion include the US President, Joe Biden, and his wife. While Biden cannot attend, the First Lady will attend as a representative of the United States. It is unclear whether Prince Harry and his wife, Megan, Duchess of Sussex, will be attending the event. The couple has separated from the royal family and is currently living in Canada.

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