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Information Cartel – Twitter File 20

Andrew Lowenthal of Engage Media reveals Twitter Files 20 – the Information Cartel, many members of which he knows from his earlier work.

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The Information Cartel - Twitter Files 20

Yet another journalist joined the Twitter Files ranks two days ago, and dropped a thread on what he calls the Information Cartel.

The Information Cartel file

Mr. Andrew Lowenthal, Executive Director of Engage Media, dropped the thread on Tuesday (April 25) at 4:04 p.m. EDT. He expressed concern that organizations with whom he had worked, now “promot[ed] surveillance and censorship to combat ‘disinformation.’” Furthermore, he saw civilian-military alliances he never expected to see. All this, he says, is part of the Information Cartel.

Lowenthal named many names already familiar to readers of previous installments of The Twitter Files. They include former Twitter general counsel Jim Baker, now known to be an FBI mole within Twitter. These names also include the Stanford Internet Observatory, the Virality Project, Rollling Stone, and many others. Naturally the Hunter Biden Laptop story made an appearance, since that was one of the first Twitter Files stories.

Lowenthal also singled out Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who apparently avowed gathering signatures of some fifty intelligence supervisors on a letter denouncing the Hunter Biden laptop as “Russian disinformation.”

Possibly the worst revelation of this Information Cartel release is that taxpayers have been funding their own muzzling. And they have often funded it to the tune of nearly a billion dollars a shot.


Similarly, Lowenthal mentioned the Anti-defamation League, and a group calling itself “Alethea.” Alethea means truth in Greek. Considering the allegations Lowenthal makes here, the name Alethea becomes ironic in the extreme.

One big club

Lowenthal named perhaps one more reason to call it the Information Cartel. He alleges that members of the groups repeatedly issuing removal orders, all convene for private confabs. Lowenthal mentioned NATO STRATCOM (Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence), the Center for European Policy Analysis, and the Carnegie Foundation.

The Andrew Lowenthal who bears mention here is not the same Andrew Lowenthal who runs an outfit calling itself “Out in Tech.” This Andrew Lowenthal is an Australian (actually Tasmanian) who concerns himself chiefly with the right of free speech online. His profile would indeed place him in a position to know the principals he now denounces as part of the Information Cartel.

Here is his thread:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. weighed in, and started an interesting dialog:

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