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Sound of Freedom – a pedophilia normalizer reviews it

As The Sound of Freedom continues as a top earner, a scathing critic turns out to have a history of normalizing pedophilia.

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Tim Ballard, central character in The Sound of Freedom and founder of Operation Underground Railroad. CC BY 3.0 License applies.

As The Sound of Freedom continues its Top Five ranking in theaters, a recent review drew some unwelcome attention. The reviewer, who suggested he found the content unenlightened and un-enlightening, once advocated for normalizing pedophilia.

The Sound of Freedom – what the critic said and who he is

On Saturday (July 15), Noah Berlatsky at Bloomberg scathingly wrote that The Sound of Freedom “rel[ies] on tired Hollywood tropes.” He spoke of “the Q-Anon conspiracy theory,” forgetting that the movie wrapped production five years ago and thus predates Q-Anon. If anything, the Bloomberg Business Twitter account managed to be even more scathing in its announcement:

Berlatsky’s review appeared late and so does not appear on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie earned a 73 percent critical-approval score from that outlet, based on 37 reviews by industry recognized critics. Even those critics who panned it, did so on the ground of craft, not content. (All but one. Rolling Stone’s Miles Klee called it “a vigilante fever dream.” Furthermore, he lamented that “thousands of adults” will consider themselves “better informed” and will “want to spread the word.” Which was typical.)

Read CNAV’s own review here.

Andy Ngô first noticed Berlatsky’s previous unsavory association, with this tweet in reply to the Bloomberg announcement.


The next day, he dropped this thread:

User Aristophanes left his own reply noticing the same association:

BizPacReview and Newsbusters carried screencaps of earlier tweets by Berlatsky.

A critic of The Sound of Freedom left these tweets a year before that movie wrapped.
Tweets by Noah Berlatsky from February 21, 2017

Only this image of tweets is available. Apparently Mr. Berlatsky “protects” his tweets so that only “approved followers” may view them. (He also blocked Andy Ngô.)

About the Prostasia Foundation

The Prostasia Foundation does exist. Their message is clearly self-contradictory, in that they appear actually to believe that children can consent to intimate contact. Elon Musk, head of Twitter, begs to differ, of course.

About the image

This portrait of Tim Ballard is a screenshot from this video:


The authorship is given as this YouTube Channel link. It carries a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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