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Claudine Gay resigns

Claudine Gay, Ph.D. (?), resigned as President of Harvard University, becoming the shortest-serving President in the university’s history.

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Claudine Gay resigns

Claudine Gay, the 33rd President of Harvard University, is resigning effective today, The Harvard Crimson reported this morning. She has served only six months and two days, the shortest Presidential tenure in the institution’s three-hundred-eighty-six-year history. The Crimson based its reporting on an anonymous tip from inside Harvard’s administration.

Claudine Gay – not quite a Ph.D.?

The Crimson declined comment on the reasons for Claudine Gay resigning the Presidency. They did say that Provost Alan M. Garber (Class of 1976) will take over as Acting President. This is routine in any university presidential succession, as boards of trustees (or, as in this case, Fellows) commonly seat search committees to conduct diligent searches. Gay herself became President after such a search. (Derek Bok, President of Harvard from 1971-91, returned as Acting President after Lawrence Summers resigned in some disgrace.)

Harvard Corporation Spokesman Jonathan L. Swain declined comment on the resignation. Indeed, at time of writing, neither the Corporation nor Gay has officially announced it.

Christine Laila at The Gateway Pundit listed one possible reason. Claudine Gay, quite simply, has the phoniest academic record of anyone in her position. TGP received allegations of fifty instances of plagiarism – including on her doctoral dissertation. The Washington Free Beacon reported that the allegations cover half her body of published work. This calls her entire academic career into question. Six more allegations surfaced only yesterday.

But perhaps she might even have gotten away with that – had she not “blown the gaffe” during a Congressional hearing into antisemitism in American universities. She actually told the House Education and Workforce Committee that antisemitism was actionable “depending on the context.” She has a history of anti-white policies at Harvard – and perhaps she regards “Jew” as a subset of “white.” In any case, she became a target, and now the shots have struck home.



Herewith Claudine Gay’s letter of resignation, which Laura Loomer captured and posted.

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

When are her, apparently, fraudulent degrees going to be revoked and is she going to be fired for her apparent fraud?

Last edited 3 months ago by Donald R. Laster, Jr


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