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The WEF’s annual assault on humanity

The WEF held its annual meeting and teed up their next threat: Disease X, set for release with the approval of the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

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The WEF’s annual assault on humanity

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 26th day of January in the year of our Lord 2024. I will be talking about the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum for the second consecutive week. Because it is just that important. The WEF and its agenda towers over other news because it is the driver and controller of what passes for news today. As a result its meeting is the most important story in the world. This time that story is a new disease about to be unleashed on humanity.

WEF goes from coronavirus to Disease X

Yes, indeed folks, all the grand poohbahs and doodahs of the world’s most elite club met in Davos Switzerland last week to continue their assault on humanity and on the sovereignty of nations. Rebuilding trust is their theme for this year’s meeting as was explained by many speakers. They included founder and chief executive Klaus Schwab. The very Teutonic Mr. Schwab is now 85 years old. Bbut he continues his efforts to destroy humanity as his Nazi ancestors did before him. On second thought that statement is a little unfair to Nazis, even Herr Schwab’s Nazi father. Because they sought to conquer Europe and the WEF apparently seeks the destruction of humanity itself.

This is the same group that brought the world Covid -19 and the response to it. The WEF along with the World Health Organization now bring us what they call Disease X. A name will be assigned to disease X at the time that it is unleashed, or at least when it makes its first appearance in the world. Notice, if you will, that WHO is predicting in advance of its appearance that a supposedly not yet in existence virus will be 20 times more lethal than Covid. None of the things the WEF and WHO are saying about this new virus and new pandemic can possibly be known in advance unless they are planned and deliberate.

The WHO Treaty

In conjunction with the announcement that Disease X is coming, is an effort now fully underway to take health decisions out of the hands of doctors and patients and even national governments. The WHO treaty is likely designed to deny treatment for whatever deadly pathogen they unleash on us. Every treatment, that is, except their Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and Big Pharma designed vaccine. Which will likely be far more deadly than the virus. In other words, the virus or whatever type pathogen they decide to unleash on humanity is not the bioweapon. The weapon is the vaccine.

In keeping with WHO’s prediction, there can be little doubt that another deadly pathogen will soon be unleashed on the world. I suspect it will appear right after the WHO treaty is approved and finalized. The predictions and projections are coming from Bill Gates and his WEF group of save the earth messiahs. These are the same ones who have announced many times that their goal is to reduce the earth’s population by 7.5 billion people. The politicians of the world and their controlled media seem intent on doing nothing to inform the people of what is coming. To the contrary, they will likely deny life saving treatment to their people until, for most of them, it is too late.


How the WHO Treaty could cost lives

This WHO treaty, which I believe the U.S. Senate is to give final approval in May of this year, is very concerning to me because it cedes control over medical decisions to an international group of people that have not been elected or voted on but who people in the United States are supposed to trust to have their best interests at heart. I don’t trust them at all folks. Further, I remind you that Americans fought a war against Great Britain to become free and independent people. I, for one, don’t trust the WEF or the WHO, or Bill Gates and his pharmaceutical Frankenstein concoctions. Its bad enough that health care decisions are left in the hands of Joe Biden, and the controlled Democrat media. Let alone transferring it offshore to non-Americans.

An example

Let me give you a scenario that could possibly happen. This is a nightmare; I will admit. But I also submit that in light of this coming WHO treaty it is entirely possible. During Covid when I saw a doctor for an annual checkup I was normally asked if I had been vaccinated. Once it became undeniably obvious that the vaccine did nothing to prevent the virus or prevent transmission of the virus they stopped asking. Suppose the decision was made in advance by an international bureaucracy over which your doctor has no control.

Just before Thanksgiving I suffered a detached retina in my left eye and I had immediate surgery to repair it. I had very fine doctors and they saved my sight. But if I had not had the surgery available on an immediate basis, I would have been blind. So, the question is this, have you been vaccinated for Disease X? If your answer is no and you are unwilling to have the vaccine then you will not be treated. So you will be blind. Project that forwards onto many diseases which would be curable with surgery, but fatal without it. You can see the problem. Is that how people are supposed to be treated in America or is that a controlled slave state? If what I just presented comes to pass then you will know that once and for all we are no longer free and independent people.

WEF calls for lockdowns – brazenly

Please keep in mind: you, the one refusing the vaccine, would be the bad guy, not the ones requiring it. The media would universally spew out its propaganda: all Americans must have the vaccines or become enemies of the state. The people would be terrified of this killer disease and would line up to accept the killer shots. Few people would sympathize with anyone so dangerous and so disregarding of public health as to not believe the propaganda. The scenario I just laid out is tyranny on an international scale. I’m afraid it might be coming to America as soon as they can arrange it. The open talk of the dangers of Disease X is the beginning of the propaganda campaign which will crank up in earnest as soon as doctor evil finishes his deadly cocktail.

Lockdowns, quarantine camps, mandatory safe and effective vaccines all are possible. All were used in various countries of the West during Covid. Never mind what citizens of this country or that country might decide for themselves under the now obsolete system of what used to be known as national sovereignty. If any of those dissident types endeavor to think for themselves their thoughts are deemed disinformation. For example, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, gave the keynote speech at this year’s forum. She Warned the assembled Davos Men, the good and the great, that disinformation and misinformation are all over the place on the internet just waiting to dash the plans of the kind and benevolent Davos Men.


WEF calls for censorship

She explained that all this disagreeable information cannot be allowed to thwart their plans. So the European Commission has made ready the Digital Services Act. She explained that the reason for all this top-down control of what used to be called free speech is: if uncontrolled it can morph into hate speech which is the most dangerous kind of speech. Misinformation and disinformation are what exactly? Well, that’s an easy one folks; it’s whatever the WEF says it is. But Ms. Von der Leyen did not specify exactly what she thinks it is.

One can surmise that what I am saying right now is misinformation. Because I am saying in print and out loud that the WEF and its junior partner the WHO are evil. They should be abolished before they are able to continue their regime of mass murder. Ursula told them that the reason all the billionaires of the world and all their functionaries meet in Davos each year is

because all their democracies and their businesses have interests that align: creating prosperity, wealth and security for people, creating a stable environment to unlock innovation and investment, and creating equal opportunity and freedom.

So, we must all live in fear because the next round is just around the corner. The next pandemic is on its way. But the WEF and the WHO acting through their captive governments with the aid of pharmaceutical companies will be there to save us. We all should endeavor to follow their dictates and take their killer vaccines. Bill Gates has been announcing the coming of a new pandemic ice age for many years. By a strange coincidence he controls about a trillion dollars’ worth of pharmaceuticals.

Defying logic

Logic tells me that the risk of a global pandemic should be decreasing, not increasing. Why? Well, because of improved sanitation worldwide, improved response to localized hotspots of outbreaks like Ebola in Africa, along with improved immune systems with better nutrition, etc. The truth about immune systems might just not be that rosy, however. Many scientists and doctors led by the work of Belgian virologist Geert Vanden Bossche are warning of a severe danger lurking in the WEF and WHO plans to involve the Disease X.

The Belgian doctor warns of the dangers of vaccinating into the teeth of a pandemic. He says the world can expect an extremely high mortality rate in highly vaccinated countries where that is done. He is concerned that a new Covid variant will not be stopped by immune systems already damaged by vaccines. Indeed he warns of potential catastrophe, this doctor, and scientist, if we allow the plans of the enemies of humanity to go forward. He fears a frightening number of deaths even to the point that complex systems in complex societies would fail because there would be no one left to run them.


Start planning to fight the WEF

We, as still somewhat free people, had better start listening to these people and what they are planning to do. Perhaps the WEF, the WHO and the EU could fail before our medical system collapses. Perhaps Herr Schwab, Ms. Von der Leyen, Bill Gates, and the rest of the great and good global government enthusiasts could be discredited before they are able to kill off humanity. To prevent any uppity humans from trying to resist the evil plans of these people Herr Schwab showed his total disdain for ordinary people by saying out loud the part of his plan that heretofore has remained secret.

He openly dismissed the need for elections saying that such choice should not be left to the people but rather to the elites and their artificial intelligence. “You do not even need to have elections anymore, because you already know the results.” Could that be a pronouncement from on high, from the heights of the Swiss Alps to justify the cancellation of the U.S. 2024 elections, because of a worldwide pandemic of course? Maybe, I suppose, but time will tell. I wonder if it bothers anyone besides me that the people elected to government offices appear to be owned by a group of unelected billionaires in other countries.


In conclusion folks, I bring this second Castle Report on the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum because it is of the most vital urgency that people know and understand what is coming their way. It is also important to know that governments are rapidly moving toward a global system controlled by an unelected technocracy. The people in control of the new global system are insane, satanic lunatics. But they are also completely invested in what they are doing and they intend to follow through. They will intimidate and buy the politicians of the world to come on board their train to global tyranny. I pray that people of all political persuasions will wake up before it’s too late.

Watch as the lies unravel

Finally, folks, I leave you with some good news so that you know that not everything is bad and there is plenty of room for hope. People are starting to understand that something is wrong. So more and more people refuse to believe their lies any longer. Many of the stories upon which foundation the lies rest are crumbling. The January 6 lie is now front and center. That lie is unraveling and with it could come the unraveling of other prominent lies. The new president of Argentina is a bright spot and seems to understand what is happening. Javier Milei of Argentina is good for his word. He stood by his principles when he spoke to the Davos Men. He also flew commercial to Davos and that alone is enough to recommend him. Perhaps others will join him and help expose these fake messiahs to the light of day.

At least that’s the way I see it,


Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

From; appears by permission – Ed.

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