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When Trump wins, what next?



State primaries and conventions are still ongoing – and of course even the Republican National Convention has not yet taken place. But no one doubts that Donald J. Trump already has assured himself of the nomination. Now more and more legacy media organs and commentators believe that Trump has also assured himself of reelection. They are also weeping and gnashing their teeth, in a display of childish indignity that recalls the infamous Lyon-Griswold donnybrook in the House of Representatives in 1798. And now even some State officials have resigned themselves to a Trump victory – and are planning fresh attacks against him. Other officials, perhaps of better heart, would do well to plan for post-election violence – against Trump and his supporters.

Oh, no! Trump is going to win!

No one doubts any longer that the dizzying spate of lawsuits, indictments, and prosecutions of and against Donald Trump were no coincidence. Indeed, in the Florida “Documents Case,” unsealed documents demonstrate collusion between Jack Smith’s Special Counsel’s Office and the White House. Judge Aileen M. Cannon has vacated an earlier scheduled trial date and declined to set another one. She cited multiple pre-trial motions presenting classified information handling issues still not resolved. In essence she has postponed the trial indefinitely, and given solid grounds for doing so. Tellingly, she did not find Jack Smith or his team guilty of prosecutorial misconduct – which they almost certainly committed. So Mr. Smith has no grounds to appeal this indefinite postponement of a trial. United States v. Trump, 9:23-cr-80101-AMC, Order Setting Second Set of Pre-trial Deadlines/Hearings.

In the one trial now ongoing (New York v. Trump), prosecution witnesses have only embarrassed themselves and the prosecution. The legacy media know this. They knew it last month, when the first weeping and tooth-gnashing began. The appearances of Stephanie Clifford (“Stormy Daniels”) and Hope Hicks in a New York courtroom at first brought excuse-making. Then the legacy media admitted the truth. Never mind what a likely biased jury decides. Trump will not lose a single vote over this case, and will likely gain votes. James Carville made this anguished statement, which Eric Abbenante captured:

Tim Haines at RealClearPolitics provided a transcript, which Mike LaChance at The Gateway Pundit quoted:

Trump’s more ahead than he’s ever been, more – fewer people think January 6 was any kind of what it was, an assault on the temple of democracy, our Constitution, whatever you want to say.

It’s going the wrong way. It’s not working. Everything that we’re throwing is spaghetti at a wall, and none of it is sticking, me included. It’s hard starting your 80th year, and like everyone else I have an opinion of myself. And the opinion I’ve come to is I don’t matter.

It doesn’t matter. You can prepare and you can be on TV, you can write pieces, you can have a YouTube channel, you can have a podcast and nothing, nothing!

We’ve got to try to think of something different because what we’re doing in really really not working. James Carville

But of course…

Carville is correct, beyond even admitting that he has no moral authority left, but he doesn’t understand why. Everyone knows by now that the January 6 Event was a false-flag pseudo-operation. Nancy Pelosi declined to ask for National Guard protection – and the Joint Chiefs of Staff were ready to disobey orders to make sure no National Guardsmen could possibly deploy if Trump gave the order anyway. To say nothing of Ray Epps, agent provocateur extraordinaire, and his antics (and preferential treatment). The Supreme Court has two cases before it that could make Trump’s January 6 problems go away.


Beyond that, everyone recognizes the selective application of the law. In trying Trump in multiple courts of law, the Democrats also brought an action in the court of public opinion. But the trouble with public-opinion court action is that it can cut both ways and become extremely difficult to manage. Democrat management of this public-opinion court case has been a disaster.

As a result, according to Dr. Stephen Turley, Democrats will fall back on the election fraud that put Biden into office in 2020. But, Dr. Turley also says, they haven’t the apparatus they once had. Eric Coomer, the chief suspect in arranging to alter tabulated vote counts in real time, is no longer in the employ of Dominion Voting Services. Dominion Voting has suffered tremendous embarrassmentin court. And thanks to Dan Schultz’ Precinct Strategy, Republicans have their apparatus – poll watchers and poll workers in position to stop such fraud.

Making plans for a second Trump administration

So now the planning begins. The best positive planners are the Heritage Foundation, who last year started a project – Project 2025 – to that end. Project 2025 – or the 2025 Presidential Transition Project – sets four vital goals for itself, Trump, and the country:

  1. Prepare a comprehensive agenda affecting every agency of the government, with ideas for conservative reform. This includes rebuilding American military forces and doing away with “diversity, equity and inclusion.” It also includes “Schedule F,” to make tens of thousands of “civil service” jobs at the pleasure of the President.
  2. Create and populate a database of qualified applicants for senior management positions. This “Conservative LinkedIn” will have names and resumes (or curricula vitarum) ready for Transition Team executives to review.
  3. Create training courses and materials to turn idealistic applicants into effective administrators.
  4. Write a “playbook” listing immediate actions over the first 180 days of a second Trump administration.

Legacy media organs have already wept and gnashed their teeth over the very idea of Project 2025. The Los(t) Angeles Times actually called it a plan to replace the federal government with Trump’s vision of it. They chiefly object to a reinstatement of Schedule F. Prof. Mary Guy at the University of Colorado at Denver explicitly uttered the phrase spoils system to describe it. Then she said this silly thing:

We have a democracy that is at risk of suicide. Schedule F is just one more bullet in the gun.

Never mind that removing unelected bureaucrats is an essentially democratic reform. Leaving those bureaucrats in place is the real undemocratic gesture.

The attack plans

Which brings us to the negative side of planning for a second Trump administration: the attack plan. Rob Bonta, Attorney General of California, announced two days ago his own plan to sue the federal government, seeking all kinds of declaratory and injunctive relief to stop those plans. While conservatives read Project 2025 as a positive agenda, General Bonta is studying it to prepare federal court challenges against it. The Los(t) Angeles Times made the initial report, which Breitbart and The Gateway Pundit excerpted and quoted.


California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta said he and his staff have been reviewing former President Trump’s second-term agenda in detail to prepare a potential onslaught of environmental, immigration and civil rights lawsuits in the event Trump defeats President Biden.

Bonta, a Democrat who is mulling a run for governor, said he has been reviewing the work of his predecessor, Xavier Becerra, who filed more than 100 suits against Trump policies before leaving the office to become Biden’s secretary of Health and Human Services. Bonta and his deputies are also looking closely at a document drafted by the Heritage Foundation, a Trump-aligned think tank, known as “Project 2025,” that offers a blueprint for Trump’s second-term policy goals.

Asked for comment on Bonta’s plans, Anna Kelly, a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, said, “California liberals will try anything to spread their failed, fringe-left agenda far and wide, but they won’t stop President Trump from making America great again.”

This kind of “lawsuit abuse” is nothing new with Democrats. But whether General Bonta would even have standing to seek injunctions against half of Project 2025 is far from clear. Standing or no, his chances of success are not promising, after Trump:

  • Made three Supreme Court appointments,
  • Brought balance to the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Judicial Circuit, and
  • Made the greatest number of District Court appointments in history.

But Eric Cortellessa of Time Magazine dropped a hint at some darker planning, in his interview with Trump. He tried to goad Trump into suggesting that violence would break out if he lost. Trump didn’t take that bait. But Cortellessa’s lines of questioning look like classic projection – accusing the other person of that which you yourself did, are doing, plan to do, or would like to do.

More concrete projection

More seriously, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) actually suggested that Trump had the support of several

right-wing organizations … training up in the hills somewhere and targeting what communities they’re going to attack.

Almost six years ago, this same Maxine Waters called on mobs to harass members of the first Trump administration.

That’s demonstrable projection, this time with concrete evidence against the projector. If Rep. Waters is willing to “project” again, as she did three years ago (in accusing Republicans of threatening her life), what might she know of left-wing organizations training in the hills (or more likely in back alleys), targeting residential neighborhoods, churches, and (nowadays) synagogues that they are going to attack? This is not to say that any such plans have progressed beyond the fantasy stage. But:

… [A]s [a man] thinks within himself, so he is. Proverbs 23:7

and so, even to utter such remarks, necessarily become suspect. Especially since some rioting took place in the nights following the Election of 2016.


Once again, officials of better heart than General Bonta, should prepare for this or any other eventuality.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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