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Neuropsychological warfare – the Alphabet Soup offensive



Fifteen months ago, a little-known conference took place as part of an annual event called the World Science Festival. That conference (March 9, 2023) ran for about an hour and a half, and had a most provocative title: Rewiring the Brain: the Promise and Peril of Neuroplasticity. Few beyond the community of neurophysicists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons gave that conference a moment’s thought. Then this morning, Joseph R. Mercola, D.O., published an analysis on his site, taking note of the praises for this new technique of “rewiring the brain,” and the ethical objections many conferees raised to it. What Dr. Mercola might not appreciate is that he has just articulated the real object of the Alphabet Soup movement. It is nothing less than neuropsychological warfare, with the object of recruiting people of all ages – and forcing “stubborn” non-recruits to hang our heads in shame.

Can neurologists rewire the brain?

In fact, neurologists have always known that a newborn does not present into the world with a fixed brain. Development of mobility, language – even appreciation of musical pitch – continues after birth. Oscar Hammerstein II famously said, “You’ve got to be taught to hate.” South Pacific, 1949 (Broadway), 1958 (MGM Pictures). In fact “you’ve got to be taught” to do many more things: walk, talk, read, write, even to appreciate music. (“Perfect pitch,” as everyone knows, doesn’t come to everyone, even to every musician. But it comes more easily to those who start their musical training sooner.) Maria Montessori built a reputation from developing methods to stimulate children’s brains to make them learn even faster. (See here for more details – and how some are perverting her work. More on that below.) Neurologist Glenn Doman developed a method to teach reading to neurologically impaired children – that works wonders for neurotypical children.

Contrary to popular belief, anyone’s brain can become as “plastic” as in infancy and early childhood, given the right stimulus. When someone suffers a stroke, the sooner the patient starts retraining in speech, walking, etc., the better. (Indeed they should start to retrain at once!) And why shouldn’t the brain regenerate, given that skin or bone can repair itself?

Happily, making the brain plastic again (from the Greek plasso I shape and mold) does not absolutely require so drastic an intervention as a stroke. Magnetic fields can do the same – and one participant recounted good results in treating clinical depression.

Warning! It can destroy your identity!

Conferees waxed almost poetic at times, about not only restoring lost brain function after stroke (or concussion?), but enhancing it. They talked about drug therapies to induce brain plasticity – with a view to teaching an adult, who might never have been able to carry a tune, to learn to play or sing beautifully and even have perfect pitch! Furthermore, some of these drugs might already be available – like methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), which goes by the street name Ecstasy.


But this carries risks, and the conferees recognized some of them. Make one wrong move, and your patient might develop an Alzheimer-like dementia. Even without that, one participant warned that such intervention could destroy one’s identity.

[W]e’ve all gone through critical periods shaping who we are. Our identities are formed in childhood and our experiences, our cultural background, the languages we speak, the skills we have — if we were to actually be able to reverse all of that, wouldn’t we lose our self?

Others warned of charlatans selling a false promise of turning someone into a cyborg – with enhancements he might actually desire – or giving someone abilities no one could ever have in real life. Like, for instance, the ability to treat the world as a simulation, as the Matrix franchise depicts.

If this were all there was to “neuroplasticity” as an area of clinical inquiry, then existing laws regarding informed consent and truth-in-advertising would apply, perhaps with some refinement. But that’s not all. From the remarks at this conference, scientists have known about neuroplasticity for decades. This discussion will treat the obvious grand-scale misuse of neuroplasticity – as neuropsychological warfare.

Neuropsychological warfare – what could that be?

Actress Leslie Stephanson (The General’s Daughter, 1999) famously said, when John Travolta asked her to define psychological warfare,

Mostly we f*ck with people’s minds.

Anyone who has “pranked” someone to scare them – say on Halloween – has engaged in psychological warfare, on a tiny scale. “Fearmongering” is psychological warfare on a grand scale. Neuropsychological warfare combines the usual emotional manipulation with a deliberate attempt to reshape the brain.


Now we see the purpose of “Drag Queen Story Hour,” to take only one particularly execrable example. Now we know why, according to Alphabet Soup movement leaders, sexual education – and sexuality education – begins in kindergarten. At such ages, the human brain is naturally plastic, without such interventions as a conk on the head. (Or slipping someone a Mickey Finn consisting of Ecstasy.)

Concerning adults, the enemies of America now know they cannot content themselves with waiting for “the old ones” to die. The visceral reaction to the recent verdict in New York v. Trump has told them that. So wouldn’t they just love to use the techniques on display at that World Science Festival conference fifteen months ago? Use them, that is, to erase an adult’s identity and turn him into a slave? Or failing that, simply order him to kill himself?

In fact, the medieval order of the Assassins practiced neuropsychological warfare, though in a crude manner. They drugged men with hashish, had prostitutes service them, then told them they had just tasted a jihadi’s version of heaven. Now they were willing to go and kill!

Neuropsychological warfare, real and potential

Again, thus far the current neuropsychological warfare program is crude. The Alphabet Soup movement urgently desires to start subjecting children to surgical mutilation and hormonal poisoning. Recently a general surgery resident, part of Baylor College of Medicine’s surgical program, exposed a secret “transgender service” at Texas Children’s Hospital, the world’s largest exclusively pediatric hospital (where your editor “rotated” in pediatrics and pediatric surgery). Then, in a scene out of The Trial (with Anthony Perkins and Orson Welles, based on the novel by Franz Kafka), three heavily armed “federal agents” accosted him at home and informed him he already had four indictments against him – for HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) violations.

Lacking experience with conditioning an adult’s mind with drugs like hashish or Ecstasy, cultural Marxists do the next best thing. They subject adults to continued stress, especially in college. To members of “protected” groups they feed lurid visions of a return of Torquemada’s Inquisition, Jim Crow, or some such. And to straight white cis-gendered males they feed a steady diet of negative propaganda. “Shame on you!” “Check your privilege!” “You maltreated these people, as surely as your ancestors maltreated theirs!” And other such pleasantries. Eventually other pleasantries succeed to these: “Give your place to the victims of your oppression!” Or: “Stop crucifying your inner [Alphabet Soup] soul! Such feelings are only normal and natural – and only latents object so violently to us!” (As science-fiction author Larry Niven specifically said in his short story, “How the Heroes Die.”)


Twisting of popular culture

Indeed we see a twisting of the popular culture that even the harshest Elizabethan-era critic of popular drama couldn’t imagine.

The cause of plagues is sin, if you look to it well, and the causes of sin are plays; therefore the causes of plagues are plays.

The recent premiere of the streaming series The Acolyte, which features parthenogenesis and the violent overthrow of a male-dominated chivalric order (and the summary execution of its male members) is bad enough. But at least its creators do not pretend other than to be encouraging Alphabet Soup-ism. Moreover, viewers are free to view it or not, as they wish, and by all accounts, they aren’t. (Instead they’re accessing the explicitly Christian biographical series, The Chosen, among other uplifting works.)

But worse yet, dressed-up characters in theme parks belonging to the grandest theme-park chain in the world, are molesting children. “Drag Queen Story Hour” is exactly what it sounds like: explicitly sexual performance art in front of captive child audiences.

And when people do object to any of these spectacles, including The Acolyte, their organizers and creators snarl that the normals are the problem. They are repeating exactly the same shame-on-you message one hears at college or university.

Now imagine a new set of experiments on prisoners – like, for example, the January 6 suspects and convicts. Imagine “treatments” with Ecstasy, and a steady diet of Alphabet Soup and anti-American propaganda. Khigh Dhiegh, whether as Yen Lo (The Manchurian Candidate, 1962) or Wo Fat (Hawaii Five-O) had nothing on these people!


Not a flight of fancy

If that last sounds like a flight of fancy, be assured, it is not. Democrat Paula Collins, running against Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), actually suggested putting Donald Trump’s supporters into re-education camps. That she would say a thing like that, bespeaks a deluded conception of her chances for re-election, and her Party’s chances of recapturing the House. But we can only hope this does represent delusion, and not an accurate assessment of her, and her Party’s chances.

More to the point, such re-education camps would be the perfect place to put all those theories about rewiring adult brains to a practical test. In short, they would become laboratories for neuropsychological warfare.

Again the enemies of America and civilization have “said the quiet part out loud,” as they did a month ago. They have declared war, and those who love liberty must wage it. A boycott of current popular culture, and the creation of a parallel alternative, becomes not only an operational doctrine but also necessary to psychic and cultural salvation. Such a culture is both shelter against the neuropsychological warfare of the enemy, and staging area for a counterattack. The country has endured another Pearl Harbor. Now comes the time for the Doolittle Raid.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.


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