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Health care law – does it discriminate?



The Constitution, which sets forth the principle of rule of law, defines what is unconstitutional, and guarantees freedom of speech and other liberties of a Constitutional republic, and also describes the impeachment power. (How many know of the Jewish roots of this document?) Hypocrisy threatens Constitutional government. Could Israel use a constitution like this? More to the point: would a Convention of States save it, or destroy it? (Example: civil asset forfeiture violates the Constitution.) Quick fixes like Regulation Freedom Amendments weaken it. Furthermore: the Constitution provides for removing, and punishing, a judge who commits treason in his rulings. Furthermore, opponents who engage in lawfare against an elected President risk breaking the Constitution.

The health care law has been in the news ever since Obama’s 2008 campaign. Of course this wasn’t the first attempt at government-run health care. Hillary Clinton’s attempt in the 1990s failed to gain public support, and her politically savvy husband ultimately abandoned any idea of a health care law. It is hard to say whether or not the man now occupying the White House is politically savvy. So much of what he has done is contrary to the public’s will. This behavior has left us with puzzling observations and many legitimate questions about his motives.

Incompetent or power-hungry?

The Constitution of the United States. The health care reform bill violates it.

The US Constitution. Photo: National Archives of the United States

Some speculate that he’s just not that smart. Others contend that he has been immensely successful in achieving his goal to either destroy this Republic or “change” into an unrecognizable socialistic state. Of course his power grabs and public statements leave us no doubt that he has little regard for the US Constitution and much prefers international law to our Rule of Law here in the states. Let’s not forget that he has told the world that we are not a Christian nation, nor celebrated our national day of prayer. But he has celebrated Ramadan and has stated that the sound of Muslim prayers is the most beautiful sound in the world. We should also not forget that he has not been able to find an acceptable Christian church in the entire beltway to attend.

Any man or woman living in these United States is entitled to worship as they please. That is not the point of this discussion. Bias and discrimination are.

Health care law and religion

How does all of this relate to health care? The answer is that it might more than anyone imagined.

If you compare his background and his statements to his actions, I believe it is fair to say that Barack Hussein Obama is most likely either a Muslim or at least sympathizes more with the Muslim religion than the Christian religion. Again, it is important to state loud and clear that in a country that protects our right to worship as we please, his choice of religion is not the issue. Furthermore, if you are going to ask about discrimination, you should at least ask what the person you are accusing of discrimination believes. That is why logic dictates that these anomalies between what he says he believes and what he states in various venues become part of the assessment.

Given all the above, the point I would like to draw to everyone’s attention in the health care bill is the violation of Catholic organization’s right to believe whatever they wish and their right to exercise that belief. Our Founders understood that to keep their right to worship freely, they had to protect everyone’s right to worship freely. That is a principle firmly protected in our First Amendment. The power-grabbing man who now occupies our White House apparently does not appreciate the wisdom of our Founding Fathers or of our First Amendment. He believes he has the right to dictate the limits of our freedom to worship as he sees fit. Thus the bias he has exercised has a firm base to rest upon – albeit an unconstitutional one.

I am referring to the waiver in the health care bill for Muslims based on their faith, without any request from them or any discussion by our elected officials who passed this monstrosity of a bill. This is not an administrative waiver from the HHS Secretary. (That the health care bill lets the Secretary grant such waivers, subject only to her whims, is bad enough, but beyond scope here.) found that HHS had granted no such waivers to specific Muslim groups—as of two years ago. But the Senators who wrote the health care bill baked a generalized waiver into it, by borrowing key phrases from the Social Security Act. See here for how that part of the health care law reads, and here for how that works for Muslims. Any religion, like Islam, that forbids insurance, gets a pass from buying it, so long as it existed as of December 31, 1950.

No such waiver was extended to the Catholics, whose teachings forbid contraception – even after much national protest by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. This makes the waiver discriminatory. Either Mr. Obama should rescind the religious waiver he gave to the Muslims, or he should extend one to the Catholics as well – not to do so is discriminatory. Unfortunately, that’s not all that unusual a decision from a man who seems to believe all the hype that he is god-like. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when he starts acting like a god.

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RoseAnn Salanitri is a published author and Acquisition Editor for the New Jersey Family Policy Council. She is a community activist who has founded the Sussex County Tea Party in her home state and launched a recall movement against Senator Robert Menendez. RoseAnn is also the founder of Veritas Christian Academy, as well as co-founder of Creation Science Alive, and a national creation science speaker.

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Why do you not mention that the broad exemption is not targeted at Muslims?
This post spends a lot of time talking about how Obama is “likely” Muslim or “sympathizes with” Muslims, but also tucks away a sentence and link which states that the discriminatory exemption was simply taken from older legislation and that it equally exempts Amish, American Indians, and Christian Scientists in addition to Muslims.

While the question of if a religious exemptions contained within the PPACA as well as the Social Security Act are discrimination can still be discussed, the tying of this clause to Obama and his suspected personal beliefs feels like a stretch. There is over 50 years of precedent for these kinds of clauses in “insurance” legislation and whether good or bad they are the default and standard.


And do you have any evidence, other than speculation, that it was intended specifically for Muslims?


So… this is pure speculation with absolutely no physical evidence (documents, whistleblowers, etc.) to back it up. It seems to me, Terry, that you just want to make Obama look bad. There are far better ways you could do that. For example: He signed an extension to the highly unpopular PATRIOT Act. Everyone was angry at that, even his staunchest supporters. Or maybe the drone strike that recently killed a 16-year-old U.S. citizen in Yemen (who just happened to be the son of ANOTHER U.S. citizen killed in Yemen a few months before). Don’t stick with conspiracy theories, Terry. Obama, like every President, has made very real and very blatant blunders. Pound him on the head with those.


It’s less that Anwar was suspected of a terrible crime, but more so that he was punished for that crime without due process. As an American citizen, he should be subject to a trial, and given the chance to be heard. And let’s not forget his son, who as far as we know, committed no crime whatsoever. The Pentagon won’t even explain what THAT strike was for. Perhaps the reason everyone over there hates us so much is because our power is going to our heads. As a famous comic book character once said: “With great power comes great responsibility”, and we’re not doing very well with the responsibility bit. It’s a pity that both of our Presidential candidates are shameless purveyors of the crony Capitalism that got us in this mess.


You’re looking at the results, not the cause. There has been a growing hatred for the Western nations in the Middle East for a very long time. That hatred reached its boiling point in 9/11. And they certainly had every right to hate us. We’ve been screwing them over since WWII. And now they’re trying to cause WWIII just to get back at us.


Yes, part of the problem is Israel. Look at it from the Pakistani persective: They’ve been living there for years, and suddenly, just after the most destructive war the world has ever seen, a bunch of Western countries roll they’re armies in and say this: “Hey, guys, you know this land you’ve been living in since the days of the Crusades? This is all ours now. You will be forced out of your homes and thrown into crowded and dirty slums, where your new Jewish neighbors will proceed to degrade and abuse you. Don’t fret if the new country blows up your shop or massacres a few of you every once in a while to prove who’s boss. I hope we can live in peace and prosperity.” That land did not belong to us. We took it by force, and then we make out the people who want it back as the bad guys. Are you saying that if a foreign country took your home by force and confined you to the basement, you wouldn’t be a tad bit angry?

And that’s a start. Have you even heard about the atrocities we’ve committed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Thanks to Wikileaks, we know that we’ve killed as many civilians over there as we have enemy combatants. Our presence has utterly destroyed both countries’ economies and government, with very little chance of recovery within a reasonable time frame.

And the Russians and China? They aren’t even trying to take their oil by force. The Soviets tried in the eighties, and they got their asses kicked. Besides, both countries have plenty of oil themselves. You’re just employing the tried-and-true Red Scare technique: blame the communists. Communists have no hold in the Middle East, and if they did , the natives would repel them just as vehemently as they have us.

In conclusion: Our presence in the Middle East has been nothing but a massive screw-up, and we should just leave as soon as possible. Al-Qaeda have been all but destroyed and the Taliban have been routed. Our enemies lie in ashes. We have no reason to be there. We have done nothing to help the native population, and thousands of soldiers have died. We should just leave them alone.

Fergus Mason

“As an American citizen, he should be subject to a trial, and given the chance to be heard. And let’s not forget his son, who as far as we know, committed no crime whatsoever.”

Not if he’s in an Al Qaeda training camp in Yemen. By being there he forfeited his right to the protection of the US legal system. The same goes for his son. If you don’t want a Hellfire up the bum, don’t hang around terrorist camps. It’s really not rocket science. Basically they both died of stupid.


I’m a little taken aback. Did you just say that we should NOT judge laws by what they do?
A law absolutely should be judged on its merits as a law. Do you not believe that meritocracy is a good way to evaluate things?

To say a law is bad/wrong/poor just because the author was bad/stupid/evil or was thinking bad/wrong/evil things about the general topic while writing is a gratuitous and transparent Ad Hominem fallacy.


That’s a very nice history lesson Terry, and yes, I was wrong about how long they were there. However, this does not excuse the very blatant Human Rights abuses the Israeli have committed. The Palestinians are robbed, raped, and murdered daily by the Israeli, and they can’t even leave their situation because the borders are closed. This is not fabrication. The Palestinians don’t have the funds or resources to fake anything. You are simply choosing to ignore the sleights committed by the side you support (the Israeli). Don’t get me wrong. The Palestinians have done a lot of wrong too. Terrorist attacks don’t exactly add sympathy to their cause. But as long as the Israelis keep abusing those they have power over, there will always be strife in the middle east.

And what will I say if Israel has oil? “Good for you, Israel. Now what does this have to do with the Palestinians you are abusing?”


The beauty of your response, Terry, is that you’ve made your argument bulletproof. You are now capable of dismissing all of my sources as “Anti-Israel Sources”. Conservatives are pro-Israel, so I can’t cite them, and I can’t cite the government, because as Israel’s allies, they won’t speak out against it.

In good faith, however, I will cite my best source: A documentary by Lisa Ling: link to

In this documentary, Lisa Ling investigates a growing movement of female suicide bombers among the Palestinians. By actually tracing back their reasons for the bombings, Ling is able to determine what the cause is: Israel’s abuse. And she only scratches the surface with it, too. Thanks to the Internet, you can find stories of Israel’s behavior with a few clicks of a mouse.


A helpful tip, Terry: study the source I give you before criticizing it. It really helps.

First, the reason the phenomena of female suicide bombers is so interesting is purely BECAUSE the women are acting so independent. There are currently terrorist cells in Israel and beyond made up ENTIRELY of women, from the lowest of grunts to the organizers of the entire operation. No man is forcing them to do these things.

Second, the Jews are not acting like Nazis. If they did, the Palestinians would already be gone. However, a government does not have to stoop to full-blown genocide to commit human rights abuses. Like many governments in the world, they received too much power over a single group and that power went to their heads. That’s how many oppressive regimes get started. And I should note: while the survivors of the Holocaust would take steps to avoid becoming an oppressive power, they are no longer in power. Their descendants, their sons and daughters, those who haven’t been under the thumb of tyranny have taken command. Taking that into account, it’s not all that surprising that they’ve become a tyrannical power in the world.

Third, if I’m so gullible, than give me actual, tangible proof that I’m being lied too. I base my arguments on the evidence provided, and on your side, I find it sorely lacking. Please, prove me wrong. Give me proof.


Yes, they have been brought up in a culture of death. That is what extremism does to a culture. But this is no excuse for the atrocities committed by the Israeli government. The thing you don’t seem to get, Terry, is that the blame for today’s violence does not rest with only one side. Both sides have done terrible, inexcusable things. I do not defend the Arabs that DO blow up hospitals and orphanages. I defend the people that have no plans to do so, but are punished for the crimes of their brethren.

What do you mean, Palestinian is a made up name? All names are made up! Your parents made up the name ‘Terry A. Hurlbut’ for you, didn’t they? The name wasn’t just floating up in space, waiting for you to claim it. It was created by another human being. In this case, the name ‘Palestinian’ refers to the Arab ethnic group that currently inhabits the Gaza Strip and West Bank, and none more than that.

The ‘Arab neighborhoods’ argument is a fallacious argument that I have heard before. Those aren’t actual Palestinians, the people that lived in Israel before it was taken; they are immigrants that have moved in from other countries. Like in Chinatown, New York City, the people belonging to a single ethnic group tend to come together, forming their own pseudo-society. They are exempt from the draft because they were not born in Israel, instead having moved there later in life, and the Israeli don’t want immigrants in their army.

I never once said that Israel was a conservative nation. I never once said that conservatives are oppressive. I said that Israel was oppressive, regardless of political affiliation. Please don’t put words in my mouth.

Two things wrong with your next paragraph: A. Those that oppress and belittle others tend to, over time, lose their empathy for others and become desensitized to their conscience. That’s one reason you don’t see it. B. They have been raised from birth to believe that the Palestinians are scum. Both sides of this culture war (Palestinian and Israeli) constantly demonize each other, allowing for them to do terrible things to each other. The second reason you don’t see a spark of guilt is because they view those they oppress as beasts, not deserving of the slightest bit of dignity or respect.

The article you gave me, Terry, is actually part of the problem. It glorifies one culture (the Israeli), feeding their ego and pride, while demonizing the other (the Palestinians), giving the Israeli an excuse to do all sorts of nasty things. Yes, the Palestinians have done terrible things, but that does not make every one of them terrible. The Israeli have also done terrible things, but that does not make every one of them terrible either. You need to stop looking at the world in black and white. The whole situation is very gray.


I love how you think that citing all these random things makes you somehow right. Just because they aren’t blatant about it doesn’t mean there isn’t abuse happening. The world isn’t one giant conspiracy, Terry. The terrorists aren’t smart enough to pull the wool over the eyes of so many very smart people. Villagers in the Middle East are one thing, but in the Western world, we actually get an education.

And that doesn’t even take into account the fact that the terrorists don’t care what we think. If they were trying to fool us into believing them the docile victims, they wouldn’t have killed thousands of us on 9/11, and thousands more with IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan. If makes absolutely no sense to try to fool us into thinking that after they declared war on us. They might not be the brightest, but they know how to plan things, and I’m pretty sure that even Bin Laden would have called that plan stupid.

So, following that, what’s the logical conclusion? The logical conclusion is that there is no massive conspiracy, and the Israeli are abusing the people they forced into slums in the first place. Which isn’t really all that ridiculous.

But, to be fair, let’s look at your evidence and see your line of thought. You claim that if Israel was abusive, they would have made sure no one told you about it. What you fail to realize is: they are. They don’t let those that are getting abused (the Palestinians) out of the slums. And if you did go to Gaza or West Bank, I can pretty safely assume that guards were present. After all, they’re basically warzones with the fighting going on, thus the Israeli would give you an escort for protection, and what Palestinian would try to talk with an armed guard listening to everything he’s saying? And even if guards were not present, the Palestinians wouldn’t talk to you. They’ve been raised to hate Westerners and shun them, not appeal to them for help.

The free press card is a good one to play. But just because a country is free doesn’t mean the press is. Haven’t you yourself written articles about how the ‘mainstream media’ has been corrupted by the government? All the Tzahal have to do is bribe them. An unfortunate fact of life is that most men have a price. He’aretz can certainly put on the charade that they’re against the government, but they’ll never support the Palestinians. Cultural divides and government bribes ensure that.

Once again, that’s a nice history lesson, but I fail to see what that has to do with Israeli abuse.

Really? A shoulder patch? That just signifies that Israel owns West Bank and Gaza, not that they don’t abuse the people there. Very shaky.

I never said that Palestinians were indigenous. I said they were there before modern-day Israel, which is true. And yes, the Arabs are being raised to believe exactly that. But the reason they are is because the Arabs and Jews keep killing each other. If they all sat down, negotiated, shared their respective viewpoints, there would be far less violence in the Middle East. But they don’t, and now Israel is considering a war with Iran, a war we will inevitably be dragged into should it come to happen.

As a conclusion to this wall of text (sorry about that), we should stop demonizing the other side and look at things from a neutral, unbiased point of view. The Palestinians are not blameless, but neither is Israel. The sooner we all realize that, the sooner the conflict can be resolved as a whole


You claim I had not shown you a ‘scintilla’ of evidence, but that is not true. You still haven’t watched that documentary, have you? Or even done a Google search on the matter? And if that wasn’t enough, I shall include this handy bar graph for the amount of deaths on both sides in 2008. Blue is Israelites killed by Palestinians, red is Palestinians killed by Israelites.

link to

See the difference?

Ah, not the conspiracy thing again. Do you know why people don’t pay attention to conspiracy theorists, Terry? It’s because they make an unfalsifiable claim. It is impossible to disprove a conspiracy, because any evidence I bring up on the issue can be shrugged off as having been planted as part of said conspiracy. So, as it is impossible for me to disprove it, it is up to you to do the opposite, prove it. Because, as Watergate has shown us, conspiracies do happen and can be proved. So I’m listening.

Yes, Israel pulled out of Gaza ten years ago… officially. Every time something bad happens (an extremist attack, for example), the Israeli use that as an excuse to go through there and knock some skulls together to remind them that they’re still the boss. The Israelis have still killed hundreds of people over there, despite having supposedly given up their claim on the land.

I admit, the Ha’aretz accusation is unfounded. There is no evidence to support it. However, just because there isn’t a link now does not mean a link will surface in the future, and trusting any source complacently is a very bad idea.

The ‘ancient history’ you cite, Terry, is very, very shaky. Most of what we know of the region in ancient times comes from the Bible, something I believe to be a very debatable source of information. I, and plenty of others, do not believe that Israel belongs to the Jews by divine right. Taking divine right out of the equation, and we get just that: an equation. This is land that both ethnic groups have been fighting over for a very long time, to the point that no side is on the high ground, moral or lawful. And with that, I reiterate: Nobody’s perfect and that includes both ethnic groups, no matter whose side you’re on. But the Palestinians are more than squatters, and even if they were, that’s no excuse for killing them by the dozen.


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