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Donald Trump: Obama eligibility news?



Donald Trump, pragmatist

During the long and contentious Republican Primary season of 2012, Donald Trump inserted himself repeatedly into many aspects of it. He provoked much concern that he had something other than getting Obama out of office on his agenda.

Every ounce of that speculation has been put to rest and convincingly so.  Donald Trump is equal parts celebrity, businessman and politician. But he has proved that he is all Patriot.

Donald Trump: example of courage

Donald Trump has been the only high-profile politician with both the courage and common sense to speak out and speak up about the overwhelming problems that surround Obama, his past and his personal documents.

It was in fact, in the view of many, Donald Trump’s questions about Obama’s birth place, that most likely created the need for Obama’s minions to produce a birth certificate. Yes, that same birth certificate that Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ, and many others, have proved a forgery.

As everyone knows, the GOP and the whole establishment have blacklisted any talk or speculation on this subject.  This includes the most respected conservative talk show hosts and commentators.



Could a change be in the air?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump. From Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub.

Could even the venerable Rush Limbaugh be finally getting on board? Could Mitt Romney be testing the waters?

Rush has always said this issue was not only unimportant but, he felt, would only serve as a distraction. Different from many talk show hosts however, Rush always treated those that called his show on this with respect. Unlike hosts Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity.

Back to Donald Trump.  He has not gotten where he is, he has not attained the success he has, by being told no, and accepting it. It is clear he knew that Obama was in the process of pulling one of the biggest hoaxes in American political history. When he suggested this be looked into, as others have been, he was maligned and belittled.’

Those others quickly fell into line and silence. Not so, The Donald.

Even as Sheriff Arpaio authorized his cold case posse to run an investigation into Obama’s forgeries, and it became very clear that not only would every possible door be closed to his investigation, but also, not one main stream news outlet ever intended to report seriously on his findings.


Donald Trump worries some people

So what has happened to inspire thought that something may be coming? Something that a White House insider has said Obama is in an absolute frenzy over?

It just may well be Donald Trump.

‘There is no evidence and no one, including me, is suggesting that Mr. Trump’s billions of dollars may have supplied the grease to help pry open one or two of the very tightly closed information vaults the left has been standing sentinel over.

While hordes of leftist Judges, Federal, state and local officials have very successfully blocked information flow, based on no doubt, pure ideology, one factor had not been added to the contest: money. Big money.

Even just the thought of big money could very well have loosened up some liberal lips.


Direct quote from the Donald:


Reprinted and edited from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub.

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Nathan Bickel

Dwight – Nice article!

I like the last line – and, it very well might be true!

“Even just the thought of big money could very well have loosened up some liberal lips.” [Your well chosen words!]

I thought that it was the beginning of Obama’s political end when the news came out about the two Obama books and the publicist’s summary of Obama’s foreign birth background; also, the clear cut investigation of Sheriff Arpaio.

Those two “biggies” should have been enough to start moving political leaders to force Obama from the White House. The reason why they remain silent, is that these same leaders have been complicit in Obama’s deception and identity scandals. They will go down with him. And, so, they are hoping he gets voted out of office and all will go silently go away.

Perhaps, whatever Donald Trump will pull out of his hat will be next week after Obama is [illegally] again nominated. Then, Obama will be the subject for more legal cases:

“Birther Headlines – All Obama Eligibility News Blogs In One Place:”

You may have noticed a distinct lull in news from actual Obama Ballot Challenges since mid-July. Well, the reason is that the ‘challengers’ have mostly exhausted their attempts to remove President Obama from the Democratic Party Primary Ballot.

On September 4th to the 6th the Democratic Party will hold their convention in North Carolina and officially nominate the President as the Democratic Party candidate. Challengers have been waiting for this, because they cannot challenge his place on the national ballot until he is actually on the national ballot. The conditions have to be ‘ripe’ in order for a challenge to be heard and the window will open the moment President Obama is re-nominated.

Who will file the first general election challenge to President Obama’s candidacy? ……. <<<<<<<<<

link to

Also: Here's some news that the media won't touch. Here's information of a Democrat candidate for the US presidency who presently has a legal case before the Supreme Court concerning Obama's illegitimate qualifications:

link to


Who cares what Donald Trump says about anything? He’s a terrible businessman (his companies have gone bankrupt four times) in a business that is not particularly difficult to run.

He made money in real estate during a housing boom. He didnt even build his own company, he just inherited from his father and drove it into the ground FOUR TIMES. That does not make someone a good businessman. Why do Tea Partiers take this guy so seriously?

The fact that so many people think so highly of Trump is very telling as to the general level of intelligence in this country.


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