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Menendez: 25 years of liberalism and lies



Robert Menendez. Poster child for liberal hypocrisy, especially on gun control.

For a while most of us who have supposed we knew the immigration history of Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) found it difficult to understand how he could have aligned himself with and become an integral part of the leftist movement here in the US, when, as we were told or led to believe, his parents fled the tyranny of Castro’s Cuba for a better life here in America.

Menendez the Collectivist

Menendez is a collectivist, an unapologetic defender of the welfare state, opponent of tax cuts and the Second Amendment, an unabashed proponent of abortion at any and all stages of pregnancy, a supporter of affirmative action and one who has never seen a tax he didn’t support. How could two immigrants fleeing their communist home land, rear a progressive such as this?

The answer is quite simple: this narrative of flight to America was a carefully worded lie. Even as reporters such as Mike Kelly of The Record, wrote of his parents fleeing Castro for freedom, Menendez never corrected nor described the true story and by using carefully worded sentences, he himself, continued the deception.

Why has this been propagated throughout New Jersey in general and Hudson County in particular? The reason is simple. Most of the Cuban-Americans here in this state have indeed experienced the confiscation of their property and have had friends and neighbors killed or imprisoned by the murdering Communist dictator, Fidel Castro. A very large segment of those communities are conservatives but would find it very easy to support another Cuban-American, even if he were a Democrat. Especially one who had the same family history of abuse back in the homeland.

So what then is the true story? Well, actually, the exact opposite of what has been manufactured. Mario Menendez, Robert’s father, may have fled capitalism and the free market, not Communism, years before the world knew or heard of Fidel Castro. While we have found no evidence that Mario was involved in leftist movement in Cuba he left during the time Batista, the anti-communist dictator, was arresting leftists. There is no intent here to condone the actions of Batista, he in fact was a criminal and was in bed with the American Mafia. However, he was far less a murderer and destroyer of the Cuban economy than Castro turned out to be. During the time prior to Castro’s revolution, Cuba’s standard of living was equal to that of Italy’s. They sure have come a long way under communism, haven’t they?

So that might explain the politics of one Robert Menendez in that his apple may not have fallen very far from the left side of the tree.

Senator Robert Menendez, D-NJ

Senator Robert Menendez, D-NJ. Photo: The United States Senate.

A Big Government, Progressive Liberal with very shady dealings.

A Christian and a Catholic who loves all God’s children?

  1. He declared he would not vote for any Supreme Court Justice, regardless of qualifications, if they did not support abortion and in fact proved that when he voted against Justice Alito.
  2. He voted against notifying parents of minors being taken to other states to get abortions and voted against restricting such abortions.
  3. Several times he voted to allow the most egregious procedures, partial birth abortion where a near or full term pregnancy is ended by inducing birth and then piercing the skull of the child just before its head leaves the womb.
  4. He voted not to make it a crime of murder or manslaughter if a woman loses her child even up to the last weeks of pregnancy as a result of physical attack or battery.
  5. He has voted over and over to allow the use of tax payer money to fund abortions through Planned Parenthood.

Defender of America’s Sovereignty and Border Security and Safety?

  1. Voted against making English the official language of the USA.
  2. Voted no on building a border fence.
  3. Voted to keep funding “sanctuary cities” where illegals are allowed to live and not be reported to the Federal government.
  4. Voted to give a path to citizenship to guest workers who stayed here illegally.
  5. Voted no on having hospitals and clinics report illegals to the government.
  6. Requested an investigation into NYC police for trying to keep track of Muslim Terrorists.

Supports Distribution of Wealth Earned by Others

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  1. He voted to increase the tax rates on small businesses and families earning over $1 million.
  2. Voted against saving Social Security by allowing individuals to use some of their income to invest in private accounts.
  3. Voted to further burden small businesses with mandatory minimum wage hikes.
  4. Voted no on repealing the “death tax” where the government can confiscate large percentages of a family estate even if every penny of it was taxed while being earned.
  5. Voted no a $46 Billion tax cut for small businesses and voted not to extend the Bush tax cuts.

Investigations, Collusion, Lies and Illegal Use of Tax Payer’s Dollars

  1. Kay LaCausi, a young staffer rose through the ranks to a very high position within the Menendez campaign. Rumors of a very close relationship between the divorced Menendez and the young woman would be of concern to no one except that hundreds of thousands of dollars in lobbying contracts and consulting fees miraculously were awarded to Ms. LaCausi. Who could have guessed, so many doors of opportunity and prosperity would be opened. How lucky!
  2. Menendez first denied then had to admit the existence of subpoenas from a Federal investigation relating to taxpayer dollars being directed to the North Hudson Community Action Corporation, a company that in return paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to Menendez for property rentals. How very fortunate that he found a company willing to pay him rental fees more than 50% higher than he had been able to get previously. What a country!
  3. Now, after denying there is an ongoing Federal investigation relating to, once again, consulting fees, Mr. Menendez has again had to admit there is such an investigation. This time its the Jersey City Medical Center for which subpoenas have been issued. Consulting fees, tax dollars and warm friendships. Just plain perfect together!

Summing up

So let us see if we can roll Mr. Menendez up into one nice neat little package.

  • Mr. Menendez has never seen an abortion he doesn’t approve of nor a tax he does not support nor a consultant he wouldn’t make deals with.
  • And he has never seen a border fence he could vote for, an immigration law which needs enforcing or an Islamic terrorist tracking program he likes.

Patriots, when you go to the polls on November 6th to vote Obama back to the cesspool of Chicago politics, be sure to send Slippery Menendez packing too by casting your vote for Republican Joe Kyrillos.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocate Tracking Hub. The views expressed above are those of TPATH, not necessarily those of the editors of CNAV.

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Wow. Equating left wing US politics to Castro’s Cuba.

You fail so hard, it’s frightening.

Terry A. Hurlbut

Do you really see a distinction?

Your fellow travelers often hold up Castro’s Cuba as an ideal. And you do not?

Fergus Mason

“Do you really see a distinction?”

Yes, of course. With the exception of a lunatic fringe, US “left-wingers” (I assume you mean the Democrats, who throughout most of the world are regarded as a centre-right party) are not advocating the nationalisation of all foreign-owned and church property, the suspension of elections, the banning of private schools, state planning of all production, officially imposed price controls or teh summary execution of its political opponents. The distinction is actually extremely clear.

“Your fellow travelers often hold up Castro’s Cuba as an ideal.”

That would be the lunatic fringe I mentioned. I’m not aware of any mainstream “left-wing” politician in the USA advocating Marxism-Leninism or asking Castro for advice.

Terry A. Hurlbut

You fail to recognize, or else forget for a moment, that the lunatic fringe got one of their own elected (putative) President. One or more of his advisers has advocated every single thing you mention. And I didn’t even mention John Holdren (Science Czar) advocating putting something in the water to stop people from having children.


Holdren never “advocated” forced / chemical sterilization. There is a difference discussing a hypothetical government response to massive overpopulation, which he did in the 1977 textbook, and actually supporting it which he most certainly did not. A widely-circulated excerpt:

“It has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws which require compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.”

Sounds more (or exactly) like a warning, not an endorsement.

Terry A. Hurlbut

From a typical person, ignorant of the Constitution and fearful of courts that have turned it into “a mere thing of wax” (thanks, Jefferson), that might be a warning.

But from a dedicated progressive like Holdren, it is an endorsement. It appears in a work that has Paul Ehrlich as primary author. That ought to tell you something about where John Holdren’s heart was, and is.

Fergus Mason

“the lunatic fringe got one of their own elected (putative) President.”

I hardly think so. Obama is not a socialist. By global standards he’s a centre-right liberal. He hasn’t exactly shown any signs of wanting to turn the USA into Cuba, has he?

Terry A. Hurlbut

New evidence belies your statement.

Fergus Mason

“New evidence belies your statement.”

Oh good! I love surprises. What evidence?

Terry A. Hurlbut

Patience, patience…


“From a typical person, ignorant of the Constitution … that might be a warning.”

Again he was stating his opinion on what might happen in a hypothetical situation, using his interpretation of the Constitution. Whether he was wrong or not doesn’t even begin to change the intention of his words. How in God’s name do you get from “In this imagined scenario the State could draw reasonable argument to create forced sterilization” to “I, John Holdren, would personally advocate the application of forced sterilization.”

Terry A. Hurlbut

I place his words in the larger context of the work in which it appeared, and the proved mind-sets of the authors with whom he associated and shared a by-line.

Those words appear in a work that lists him as the third author. The first author was Paul Ehrlich. Paul Ehrlich, who said that he wished a virus would come along and kill large numbers of people so that the earth could sustain itself.


“I place his words in the larger context of the work in which it appeared, and the proved mind-sets of the authors with whom he associated and shared a by-line.”

That is a convenience you’re affording yourself. That doesn’t change the fact that you claim he advocated something he did not personally advocate.

Terry A. Hurlbut

No. I said accurately that he did in fact advocate putting “sterilants” in the water. He not only put that in Paul Ehrlich’s book, he also said that his only objection was technical. That is, he said, “This would pass Constitutional muster, but how do you find a sterilant that wouldn’t kill the patient?”


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