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The Geneva Bible. Do you dwell on the earth?

PC, tolerance and diversity is rapidly approaching critical mass as seen in the headlines this week. In Libya, Cairo and throughout the Muslim nations, protests have taken lives and destroyed property, but in America’s largest city, a victory against obesity has been declared. Nonsense and madness both prevail.

New York bans oversized soft drinks…

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg signed into law the most important bit of nonsense to come down the pike in Big Apple history. It is the intrusive, liberty squashing law that bans the sale or purchase of any soft drink over 16 ounces and will be in full force within six months.

Just when the shock of one invasion of personal freedom is wearing off another news item splashes across the headlines, “Texas City student banned from wearing cross necklace.” Yes, the cross on the rosary could bring fear to the PC indoctrinated. Lawsuits would be unleashed and counseling and psychological help would be offered in government paid programs to save our citizens from PC-trauma caused by an iconic symbol of the church – not.

Should we stop this nonsense before we are forced to pull the older, howbeit, distinguished gentleman now representing a reverse mortgage firm, back into the forefront, slap a leather jacket on him and let him declare all PC plop as – goofus da-mundus?  Help us Fonz.

…while Cairo and Libya explode in madness.

Levity aside, there is nothing funny about the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others brutally murdered by Muslims in Libya. Also not funny is the floodgate of lies and PC nonsense offered by Obama, Clinton and the State Department. Talk of Al Qaeda and “Muslim radicals” or extremists being the sole cause of both the uprisings and the murders of embassy personnel is grossly dishonest. Nothing explains that dishonesty better than a single graffiti message scribbled across the walls of the Cairo embassy in Egypt this week.


Take care America, we have 1.5 billion “Bin Ladens.”

Every time a crowd of Muslims gathers to show their hatred for Israel or America, the news reports that they were all a part of some radical Muslim splinter group. We swallow that pill until the next uprising where the same medicine is administered. Not once, not ever, do those rioting declare they are adherents to any specific group or faction. They declare only that they are Muslims.

How long will we endure the lie that anytime American or western interests are attacked throughout the world that it is the work of a hardline Muslim extremist group like Al Qaeda? Are the millions of Muslims who today are rioting and calling for the death of Israel and America, all members of the radical Al Qaeda? They are not, and it takes no great intelligence to conclude that it is Muslims in general who hate the West, not just the radical or extremist factions.

How long will we agree with Hillary and a lot of others who have no clue about what the Quran really teaches, (as in – death to all infidels) and continue to call Islam a great religion? Does she mean great because of the 1.5 billion adherents or because of some enduring blessing of peace, harmony and life affirming tenets it may offer to a troubled world?

Call it crazy or bigoted or closed minded or anything else that comes to mind. But most of us will never call any religion that calls for the death of those who don’t believe in it – ‘great.’

The Bible foretells…

The Geneva Bible. The Bible predicted the madness of our modern era.

A Geneva Bible, translated 1560, printed 1612. Photo: Mike Quinn, CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic License

We don’t expect our President or the Secretary of State to rely upon biblical prophecy to guide their policy, but that takes nothing from it. It is pre-written history and it is safer in breadth and scope than anything in the daily papers today.

The Bible clearly warns (Ezekiel Ch. 36-39) that the Arab nations will rise, they will attack Israel and they will be stopped cold in their tracks. Neither I nor any other messengers need to prove this claim. We are told only to proclaim it. It will prove itself.


From this year and forward a lot of the previous messages of prophecy will be fulfilled at a frequency that will alarm the world, but as Jesus said after describing the events leading up to the reign of antichrist,

But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by. Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. (Lk 29: 9, 10)

…that madness will prevail

The prophecy of the Bible predicts a worldwide sort of madness that prevails just before Christ re-enters the history of man. It is a fearsome time and it will be very hard to deal with, but there is another kind of madness that prevails in America today, while not predicted it is already bounding beyond all credulity. What is that madness?

Stated simply, that president Obama’s fiscal and economic failures are leading us into collapse and ruin, that he is the leader of the most corrupt administration in our history are only the tip of this McKinley sized iceberg. His foreign policy, including his praise of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is now backfiring and leading the world to the brink of the third world war, or as some say, Armageddon itself. Yet of itself, not even these facts are what produce the greatest madness.

The greatest madness is here at home. It is a madness revealed by recent polls. It is the question of why are there still voters who claim that, they would once again vote for Barack Obama.

Jesus said,


But wisdom is justified of all her children. (Lk 7: 35)

But in America, it would would seem, she has visited a Planned Parenthood clinic to have them all aborted.

There is nothing in all of wisdom’s treasures or in principle, prudence or practice that can account for the enormous gap between perception and reality that has come to grip the American people, except one. The apostle Paul addressing the way people will think in the last days of time said…

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient. (Romans 1: 28)

Reprobation is far more than a state in which we fail to do what is right – it is that final stage in which, we don’t even know what is right – this is madness.

It is a Salvador Dali type portrait where our President rides happily down the campaign trail while Muslims threaten the entire world. Should he take a minute to address the matter he is quick to blame a video on the backwaters of the internet, Mitt Romney and if all else fails, will resort to blaming his favorite whipping boy – George Bush.

In one corner of this painting is seen America and much of the west tip-toeing around terrorism and murder done in the name of a “great religion.” While speaking softly to the head of this ugly serpent, the tail comes up from behind to sting us in the posterior. It is absurdity wrapped in a thin veneer of PC and diplomacy, passing itself off as an impervious shining shield of protective armor.


Not to worry, in the other corner of the great canvas of incongruity, is a depiction of Prince Bloomy leading the Grand Municipal Knights of the Big Apple in a successful charge against the great dragon known as the 32oz soft drink.

The art appreciation of the conservatives is not Dalian, but far more Rockwellian. But obviously the conservatives are not the people who were referred to in this admonition of writ.

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