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Obama rainbow flag and personality cult



The Obama rainbow flag. Democrats now run from this flag and the man.

Barack Obama has a new flag: the Obama Rainbow Flag. Like the earlier Obama face flag, it is a travesty of the American flag. But this time, Obama cannot and does not disavow it. Furthermore, the Obama rainbow flag has three symbols that should give anyone pause.

Obama rainbow flag design

The Obama rainbow flag has nine stripes instead of the original thirteen. The five red stripes are streaks, like red paint. Or maybe blood. Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit said early this morning that the five red stripes look a lot like bloodstains. In fact Hoft compared them to the blood streaks that at least one American left on the wall of the US Consulate in Benghazi before he died there.

The four white stripes are not so much stripes as spaces between stripes. Again that evokes the streaks that a wounded man might make on a wall with his spread-out fingers.

The flag’s union (upper left-hand corner) has the worst change. The fifty stars on a blue field are missing. In their place is a light cyan capital O with a rainbow running along the bottom—the official logo of the Obama campaign.

Barack Obama does not even try to disavow the Obama rainbow flag. Three years ago, someone designed the Obama face flag, having seven red and six white stripes, with Obama’s face for a union. It sold on eBay until eBay administration de-listed it. But on March 14, 2012, the Democratic Party office in Leesburg, Florida, flew an Obama face flag beneath a proper US flag. A local veteran reminded the party leader sharply that the Obama face flag breaks the US Flag Code. The office took the flag down.

In contrast, Barack Obama, until recently, offered the Obama rainbow flag for sale from the campaign’s online store. Price: $35. (UPDATE: The Obama campaign on-line store has since taken the Obama rainbow flag off the market. The original link that The Blaze published leads to a custom HTTP-404, or “File Not Found,” page. Obama for America offers not one word to explain the change.) Todd Starnes, at Fox Radio, describes a second print, showing the Obama rainbow flag inside the outline of the continental USA.

The official title of the Obama rainbow flag: “Our stripes.” That is yet another mistake. (UPDATE: Make that was. See above.) Stripes are a symbol of struggle, and often of political punishment. So “Our stripes” could mean “Our struggle.” Or in German, Unser Kampf. Think how close that is to Mein Kampf.

Obama rainbow flag symbols

The Obama rainbow flag

The Obama rainbow flag. Source: online store.

The Obama rainbow flag has a third symbol, in addition to bloodstains and Nazi-like “struggle,” that should alarm anyone. Revelation 4:3 describes Jesus sitting on His throne in heaven. Around his head: a rainbow. Could Obama have sought to imitate Jesus Christ all this time, and everyone missed the symbol of his campaign logo? But they did not miss it completely. Many supporters called him Messiah. Even at the most charitable, they meant a God-substitute. admitted, if snidely, that the Obama rainbow flag provoked anger and loathing. One commenter offered this:

I thought EACH red stripe was representing $1 TRILLION in national debt the incompetent HUSSEIN OBAMA (who does not believe in budgets) is spending. He has 4 stripes to his credit already, and is working on the fifth stripe. Man, how anyone can support this guy is beyond me!

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David Harsanyi at Human Events included the Obama rainbow flag in his pictorial history of Obama cult symbols. Compared to some of the pictures, the Obama rainbow flag seems a trifle, only the latest outrage of American sensibilities. No President has ever built such an obvious personality cult while in office. (Arguably, Abraham Lincoln has a cult. But at least that cult, if cult it be, waited until after he was dead to spring up.)

CNAV said six months ago that the Obama face flag would not be the first defaced US flag that Obama, or his supporters, would create. With the Obama rainbow flag, CNAV claims vindication. Sometimes vindication is not so pleasant to claim. This is a prize example.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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Fergus Mason

“Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit said early this morning that the five red stripes look a lot like bloodstains”

Nope. Bloodstains start off a much more vivid red then go a sort of rusty colour. They’re not orange.

“Again that evokes the streaks that a wounded man might make on a wall with his spread-out fingers.”

Oh please.

“Stripes are a symbol of struggle”

Or military rank. Or motor racing. Or diversity. Or zebras.

“So “Our stripes” could mean “Our struggle.” Or in German, Unser Kampf. Think how close that is to Mein Kampf.”

Can you stretch that any farther, do you think?

Fergus Mason

“How does it feel, by the way, to have the truth come out about a liberal icon?”

What truth? That the flag represents a Nazi plot to be the next messiah while gloating over dead ambassadors? Terry, this is complete bonk.


What do you mean Romney’s *alleged* to have a tin ear? He demonstrably has a tin ear, and a noted ability to stick his foot so far into his mouth he can tie his shoes with his sphincter.
And “truth” only really applies if there’s any evidence, any at all, to back up your claims. Without anything other than “it sure looks like” or “it’s obvious that”, it’s just a conspiratard guessing-game, and not absolute fact (a concept I would think an avowed Conservative would have at least passing familiarity with, given how much Conservatives love their concepts of absolute right and wrong/black and white).
I don’t really care for Obama, but I can tell you this- I’d rather have a president who gives any consideration to the parasites of the 47% rather than trying to hide behind his ridiculous amounts of money while pretending to care about regular people (or even remotely understanding their concerns).


You don’t feel that maybe you’re reading too much into this?

Fergus Mason

“I read no more than you read into Mitt Romney ruefully observing that some people will always vote for a socialist wealth transferer like Barack Obama.”

Nonsense. You have taken a fairly unexceptional logo and somehow interpreted it to give bloodstains, god and Mein Kampf.


so…I read the article and…

who cares? this is a weird non news item that really wouldnt bother anyone if people like you didnt try to stir the pot with it.

Obama face flags are creepy, but this is benign. Its a marketing and fundraising tool, Obama probably had little to do with it, because he is busy trying to win reelection and run a country. Someone in his office likely thought it would sell and had it made for that purpose.

MEANWHILE real news occurs. The media (including you) refuses to report on Gary Johnson. And all you want to do is write about this. I dont wanna rag on you with this comment, but this isnt news. This is pointless, has nothing to do with issues. Its filler. Just like the articles about how Romney wore darker makeup to give him the appearance of being tanned while speaking to latinos (the result being him looking like he was in brownface). Thats funny, and embarrassing, but not real news, since i doubt even romney would do something that insensitive/stupid.
Point being, this fake news is made to detract the voters from what actually is happening


“Obama is the admiral of his fleet. The officer in tactical command … likewise for the other cogs in the undiscplined political machine that works to promote his God-substitutionary image.”

Colorful language that doesn’t say much. Certainly the ego required to even consider running for President and the inflation of worth required to earn enough votes must excuse the kind of “God complex” you seem to be picking up on.

Fergus Mason

“No President, or candidate for President, in the history of our republic has ever, ever, produced such a travesty of the American flag”

It’s a striped flag with a logo in the hoist. Big effin’ deal.


“No President, or candidate for President, in the history of our republic has ever, ever, produced such a travesty of the American flag as a campaign advertising prop for himself.”

Hmm. Not sure if these will all parse nicely as links, but here goes:

Reagan/Bush ’84 – wrong number of stripes, field replaced just as in the Obama image:

Breckenridge/Lane 1860:*DRpyHvlVtOEq6nWOoBHz367L2pgW*oOGlDRFHj/1860BreckinridgeCampaignFlag.jpg?width=650&height=404

Grant/Colfax 1868:

WH Harrison 1840; a whole bunch of things wrong with this flag:×292.png

Blain/Logan 1884:

Lincoln/Johnson: Or, better yet: or

Teddy Roosevelt:

Clay/Frelinchuysen 1844:

Nixon 1960:

Bush/Cheney – eight stripes, twenty stars:


I find it odd that you downplay Gary Johnson while at times support Ron Paul. The point being made was that Gary Johnson is unlikely to carry any state so long as the media refuse to give him attention. Its a negative feedback cycle.

As an Eagle Scout I personally disagree with any changes to the American Flag, especially by our President. I also find it terrible to see people at protests (Tea Partiers come to mind) wearing the flag as a cape or some sort of article of clothing. But to say that this is all part of President Obama’s plot to turn America into a national socialist caliphate (or whatever you claim his agenda is) is just absurd. Are you really suggesting that the addition of these Nazi-esque personality cult symbols were some sort of Freudian slip, and people like you are just clever enough to have figured it out?

With regard to your claims on hpow much Obama is spending, that is factually incorrect. Obama has is one of the (if not the, depending on who you talk to) lowest spending records of any president in recent history. Here is something that is generally unheard of at CNAV, references: MarketWatch, Forbes, Cato Institute (that super liberal interest group…, oh wait its a conservative libertarian think tank founded by the Kochs)

Fergus Mason

“Fewer people than you imagine, want to live in a system in which same-sex roommates sharing bed have the same legal status as husband and wife.”

I don’t want to live in a system like that. I simply don’t care, because if gays get married what harm does it do me or anyone else? And given that I don’t care, why deny other people the same rights that I have?

To be honest all the hysteria about gay marriage is faintly disturbing. What’s your problem with it? If you don’t want to marry a man, don’t; that’s your right. But what difference does it make to you if other people do it?


Not my god. Not a lot of other people’s, either. It’s nice that you have such convictions, but precious few care whether you believe it, because they’re free to live in whatever way they choose.
Being bigoted against those you disagree with is your prerogative. And it’s mine to live and believe as I like (as in, freedom of religion, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, etc), and to not have my government hijacked by a few who feel that everybody else needs to live as they do (ever hear of separation of church and state?).

Fergus Mason

“It doesn’t change the flag itself. It merely suggests a stencil cutout of Mitt Romney’s name, overlaying a flag.”

Terry, it has red stripes on it. Doesn’t that mean it’s a coded reference to Mein Kampf??

Fergus Mason

“Nobody named it “Our Stripes,” as Obama’s artist did.”

So what? “Our Stripes” has NOTHING to do with “Mein Kampf!” Trust me on this, Terry. Or should I say, Vertraue mich?

Fergus Mason

“Say what you will. Shout it, scream it, sprain your voice box, wreck your console. My inference stands.”

Duh. If stripes=Hitler, then what do you think about the actual US flag? It has more stripes than the logo you’re so exercised about. Presumably that equates to MOAR HITLER, right?

Fergus Mason

“Wrong name. “Stars and Stripes.” Not “Our Stripes.” And those stripes do not look like punishment stripes in any way.”

Waaaaay beyond my understanding, Terry. How does “Our Stripes” relate to Hitler in any way whatsoever? I’m just not seeing the connection here, mostly I suspect because there isn’t one.

Fergus Mason

“Well, maybe you understand more than you let on. Of course, I don’t expect you to admit that.”

There’s nothing to admit; “Our Stripes” has no relation whatsoever to “Mein Kampf.” The only similarity I can see is that, in English, “stripes” and “struggle” share three initial letters. Perhaps the hidden meaning is “My strap”? Or perhaps “My strangulation”? Or if you want to stick with German “Mein Stricher”? That should be depraved enough for your purposes.


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