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Obama videos appeal to racism



Obama, hypocrite in chief at the National Prayer Breakfast, and orchestrator of a bodyguard of lies

The past twenty-four hours have seen the release of more videos featuring one person than is usual. These latest Obama videos show an ugly side to Barack Obama. Many suspected it, but few could justly show it—until now. In these latest videos, Barack Obama appeals to racism in his audience. But that appeal is incidental to his real motive: wholesale theft under color of law.

The Hampton Obama video

The infamous Hampton Obama video came first. In 2007, then-Candidate Obama spoke to the annual Ministers’ Conference at Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia. The Daily Caller reported it first. Pat Dollard has the notes that Obama spoke from. The problem: Obama did not stay on his notes. He added these strictly extemporaneous remarks:

Down in New Orleans, where they still have not rebuilt twenty months later, there’s a law, federal law — when you get reconstruction money from the federal government — called the Stafford Act. And basically it says, when you get federal money, you gotta give a ten percent match. The local government’s gotta come up with ten percent. Every ten dollars the federal government comes up with, local government’s gotta give a dollar.

Now here’s the thing: when 9-11 happened in New York City, they waived the Stafford Act — said, “This is too serious a problem. We can’t expect New York City to rebuild on its own. Forget that dollar you gotta put in. Well, here’s ten dollars.” And that was the right thing to do. When Hurricane Andrew struck in Florida, people said, “Look at this devastation. We don’t expect you to come up with y’own money, here. Here’s the money to rebuild. We’re not gonna wait for you to scratch it together — because you’re part of the American family.”

What’s happening down in New Orleans? Where’s your dollar? Where’s your Stafford Act money?. Makes no sense!…Tells me that somehow, the people down in New Orleans they don’t care about as much!

Furthermore, Obama spoke those words in an exaggerated patois that blacks in some parts of the country still spoke then. Maybe. But Obama himself does not talk that way. As this first Obama video shows, he wanted to make his audience resent anyone but themselves, and feed on that resentment. And all of it was a sham. (In fact, Obama’s words were incorrect. The Daily Caller reported that New Orleans did receive $110 billion from the federal government, as against $20 billion for New York after the September 11 Incident.)


Tucker Carlson covered Obama’s speech five years ago, shortly after he gave it, but only from the prepared transcript. That, he said then, was bad enough. Now Carlson has all the Obama video footage, including the off-the-cuff remarks above.

Note: Pat Dollard embedded an “edited” nine-minute Obama video showing the Hampton speech without the fire-setting off-the-cuff words. But whoever first uploaded that video marked it private, so that the public can neither play nor share nor embed it.

The Harvard Obama Videos

Barack Obama. The latest Obama videos are far less dignified than this portrait.

Barack H. Obama. Photo: Pete Souza, January 13, 2009

WND‘s Aaron Klein reported, at about 3:00 p.m., on two more Obama videos. On September 17, 2005, Obama spoke to the Harvard Law School Association “Celebration of Black Alumni” luncheon. There he accused the George W. Bush administration of a “passive indifference” to blacks. He also said that such indifference was common in white society.

[That] folks couldn’t [just drive out of a hurricane zone in a loaded SUV and check into a hotel and wait out the storm] simply did not register in the minds of those in charge. And it’s not surprising that it didn’t register, because it hasn’t registered for the last six, seven, eight, 20, 50, 75, 100 years.

The appeal to racism is less blatant this time. Instead, Obama patronizes his opponents, and accuses them of incompetence born of ignorance.

But three years ago he sang an even more ominous tune.

The Chicago Obama Video

On January 21, 2002, Obama spoke at the memorial service for Martin Luther King, Jr., at the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. A blogger named Patterico carried the first report.


In the wake of the Daily Caller’s release of President Obama cheering Rev. Wright and invoking the race card in various ways, our friend Morgen Richmond decided the time was right to release some little-known Obama video of his own. He authorized me to release the video here first.

Patterico posted this transcript, and emphasized several sentences:

The philosophy of nonviolence only makes sense if the powerful can be made to recognize themselves in the powerless. It only makes sense if the powerless can be made to recognize themselves in the powerful. You know, the principle of empathy gives broader meaning, by the way, to Dr. King’s philosophy of nonviolence. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but rich people are all for nonviolence. Why wouldn’t they be? They’ve got what they want. They want to make sure people don’t take their stuff. But the principle of empathy recognizes that there are more subtle forms of violence to which we are answerable. The spirit of empathy condemns not only the use of fire hoses and attack dogs to keep people down but also accountants and tax loopholes to keep people down. I’m not saying that what Enron executives did to their employees is the moral equivalent of what Bull Connor did to black folks, but I’ll tell you what, the employees at Enron feel violated. When a company town sees its plant closing because some distant executives made some decision despite the wage concessions, despite the tax breaks, and they see their entire economy collapsing, they feel violence . . .

Aaron Klein at WND made this report about three hours ago. Klein noticed that in 2002, as he would in 2007, Obama spoke in that same exaggerated “black patois.” or “black English.” And again, it’s a sham. Obama talks that way only when he wants to put on a show.

The larger problem: Obama does not stop with criticizing Enron. He seems to say that anyone richer than average is as bad as the men who managed Enron into the ground. That theme should be familiar to anyone: let us rob the rich to feed the poor. Simple empathy somehow demands it. And of course Obama does not mention that wealth is not fixed. Creative people produce wealth. In a free market, everyone can get rich, or at least richer than they were before. But Obama clearly doesn’t see that or doesn’t want to see that. He wants to steal from some for the unearned, unpaid benefit of others. With a little “finder’s fee” left over for himself.


These latest Obama videos show the same thing that Obama showed with his “redistribution” remarks. He has no respect for the rule of law, or for anyone’s rights except his own. But also, he’s not above putting on an act that conforms to stereotype. In so doing he damages the dignity of his person and whatever office he holds at the time. ARVE Error: need id and provider
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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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