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Journalist impostors in America



Valerie Jarrett. Why do journalists not ask how this unelected person became the Third Woman President?

Everyday the journalist impostors of this modern day contribute further to the eventual loss of the rights given them by our Constitution.

Journalists have forfeited their rights by forsaking their duty.

It is no secret that Thomas Jefferson had no loss of love for journalists and the press. But he did understand just how important the freedoms afforded them are, and that those rights would be the key to the continued growth, prosperity and freedom of America.

As little as he thought of them, it’s quite certain, even he could not have imagined how far they would eventually sink. And how these modern-day under cover agents of the progressive agenda, posing as journalists, will have disgraced their presumed profession.

The press was afforded special rights, even beyond those of normal citizens, and it was commissioned with the important job of watching over the government and protecting us from corrupt and dishonest leaders. All leaders, not just those with an alternate ideology.

Journalists have forsaken that right, that privilege and that honor, and hence they have forsaken our country and our Constitution.


As they use the rights afforded to them, not for the good of all the people, but in support of their own agenda, what they in fact are forging, is the loss of those rights, as well as the eventual collapse of our Republic as envisioned by our Founders.

How could journalists align with leftists?

It is difficult to understand the thinking and alignment with the progressive left of the American journalist. These people are educated and schooled with the ability to read and understand history. Yet they continue to aid and abet their own demise.

The chronicles are consistent and undeniable. Freedom of the press, anywhere in the world and anytime in recorded history, disappears when leftists get control of the government. The right of free speech disappears, and so too do the journalists themselves.

Journalists dropped the ball in the 2008 campaign

So, where did this start? Shall we go all the way back to the 2008 campaign when the news media refused to look into a few important questions concerning Obama?
There was no journalistic interest in:

  1. What kind of grades did Obama get during his college years? What did he write? Did he actually write anything?
  2. How often did Obama use drugs and where did he get them? Did he use crack, speed, cocaine, LSD? Where did he get money to buy drugs? Did he ever sell drugs?
  3. What was Obama’s relationship with the Communist terrorist Bill Ayers? Why did Bill Ayers’ Communist father help Obama pay for college?
  4. Why was Obama getting special treatment from Tony Rezco a convicted criminal? How is it that Obama got a sweetheart land deal from him?
  5. Why Obama spent 20 years in Rev. Wright’s church? Wright preached racism, anti-antisemitism and hatred for America.
  6. Why did Obama hide his Passport? Does that Passport indicate something about Obama’s citizenship?
  7. Why did Obama veto a bill, while a Senator, not once, but 4 times, that would have forced abortion doctors to save a baby born alive after a botched attempt at abortion?
  8. Why did Obama use and is still using a Social Security number issued to someone else in a state where he never lived?
  9. What effect on Obama did the Communist Frank Marshal Davis have on him as he was shaped and molded during his informative years?

This non-action on their part is not incompetence. It was and continues to be, dereliction of duty and intentional deception.

Journalists cover up for the (putative) President today

Valerie Jarrett. Why do journalists not ask how this unelected person became the Third Woman President?

Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement. Photo: Joyce N. Boghosian (White House photographer)

Now, as Obama sits in the position of President and Commander and Chief, the media cover up continues.

Here are a few of the latest examples:

  1. Candy Crowley, during the second debate, after having been given information by the Obama campaign, used that information to help Obama support a lie.
  2. Brian Williams, while interviewing Obama asked just one question about Benghazi. The question was not meant to illicit new information. It was clearly a leading question intended to help Obama cover his butt. The question suggested that the attack on the so-called Consulate was a “spontaneous terror attack”. This of course was meant to conceal the real facts that Obama did nothing to help save the lives of those heroes that day. If NBC had an ounce of integrity left, Brian Williams would have been fired on the spot.
  3. When asked where Obama was at the time the emails came into the White House asking for immediate support because of the on going attack, reporters were told they would not get an answer. That should in itself be big news, but not to today’s journalists.
  4. The MSM don’t seem to care that on one occasion Obama said he ordered all the support needed to save those people and on another day he said he never knew they had requested support. This too does not seem to be important.
  5. It now appears that Obama and his administration watched for over 5 hours of a 7 hour struggle, where brave Americans fought overwhelming odds to protect the Ambassador. Not only did they not send help, but it looks like a General who tried to help, was relieved of duty. The only one with that authority was Obama. This too has been ignored by the MSM.
  6. Valerie Jarrett, a progressive Communist is the one who appears to be making decisions for Obama. By his own words she has been behind every move he has made. It was Jarrett who kept Obama from taking out Osama Bin Ladin for months and the reason Pannetta gave the actual order to get him while Obama was on a golf course. What hold does Jarrett have on Obama? What does she know that gives her, an unelected person, control over the most powerful man in the world? Inquiring minds may want to know. But not the American media.

To be fair, FOX cable news is asking questions and is trying to get answers. But they are alone.

The National news media, which includes all the major networks and newspapers, have ignored these questions and have moved on to very important issues such as Mitt Romney’s employee binder.

Which is more important? Muslim terrorists? Or Mitt Romney’s binders?

Ask yourself this question: Can you imagine the nightmare of fighting off hundreds of terrorists firing mortars, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades, for hours, knowing there is help just minutes away, and knowing you have sent numerous requests for support, watching, looking, hoping and praying that help will come. But it never does. One after another, first by fire and then by explosions, each hero expires and finally, after 7 heroic hours, and one final look for arriving help, the last hero is lost.

Then ask yourself, what is more important:

  • Did Obama fire a general to keep him from sending help?
  • Did Obama go to bed to rest up for the next day’s campaign event while the last hero was slaughtered?

Or is it Mitt Romney’s binder?

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocate Tracking Hub.


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