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Beyond School Choice Week the real work begins



Parents, take note: Attacks on liberty, even by teachers, in our schools - common Core and other global initiatives put a worm into this apple, producing students who do not think. Here's another worm: when teachers take a prey from among their own students. Not to mention a teacher who prostitutes herself to a corrupt seller of offices. Or an anti-bullying campaign that pulls a cruel humanitarian hoax by replacing one kind of bullying with another.

Another School Choice Week has come and gone with the advocates for the cause indulging in superfluous gatherings that offer information to those who know little of the subject matter, while inciting the flames of discontent among adversaries.

School Choice means more than Charter Schools

Contrary to popular belief, School Choice is not just about the Charter School movement and the “bad” people who wish to deplete resources away from public schools to give birth to entities that operate independently from school districts. These districts stunt growth and do little to increase student success. The movement has given rise to true discourse on choice for parents and educators who are more than aware of the deficiencies that will do little to help their child make the kind of insightful learning connections needed to rise above mediocrity.

After we gather at our School Choice events and partake in conversations with like minded people and adversaries, what role do we play in securing the best education possible for our children? With politicians across the country promoting the cause, we see little—if any—movement on this subject matter among the throng of grassroots activists beyond the celebratory week. As far as I am concerned, this is exactly the time to pick up the baton and run as far as possible with the flag of School Choice and School Reform. Lest we forget the bitter lesson of the 2012 election, which saw the young vote go to a President Obama, and the discourse on birth control, pro-choice, gender equality and climate change (to name but a few), we stand to make even bigger concessions to the party that has polluted the minds of our children with their relentless Culture War. This war is being fought in our schools and classrooms via the manipulation of left-wing educators and the literature that seeks to mold the minds of our children at a younger and younger age.

How indoctrination works

School choice is about changing the books in this stack, and much more.

A stack of school books with an apple on top.

The fight is about the parents and their choice to shield their own children from the institutions that are failing their kids on an instructional, spiritual and ethical level. The moral decay and the infiltration of humanism into the hearts and souls of our children, deplete the necessary exposure to the classical learning that can serve to refocus our children on education. It’s the choice to seek out private schools, religious schools or charter schools where the focus is on learning and not on the panacea of wrongs that have been perpetrated by the United States and people of faith. It’s easier not to question the decision of your state on implementing Common Core Learning Standards and the literature selection within the Language Arts, Social Studies and Science subject areas. The selections alter the views of these impressionable students, manipulating their feelings in order to fit a narrative that has been the sentiment of anti-American curriculum experts. It takes lots of time and effort to read through informational texts that leave very little room for analytical thinking and logical reasoning, and instead espouse views that are contradictory to ones you may hold.

In Waiting for Superman and The Cartel we were able to grasp the sense of urgency and the importance of School Choice as it pertained to the manipulation of public school systems and some of the stakeholders who were on display in the films. We became irate in confronting these realities in teachers unions and the lack of concern for the children they supposedly represent. We can’t wait around for a once a year event to motivate us into mobilizing to sitting on a school board, become entrenched in educational policy or volunteer to teach a course on the Constitution of The United States. School Choice promotes free thinking and the opportunity to engage the educational community on practices that are indeed “equitable” for all. Now that School Choice Week has concluded and we are motivated by the speakers and educational movers and shakers, we must position ourselves on the front lines of the School Choice movement and advance the cause not just for one week, but for the entire year.

Will you join me?


Reprinted from Smart Girl Politics Action


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