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Why Opposition To Republican Incumbents?



Team New Jersey. Not a party. A team. And right now they say: not another Bush!

What does it mean to be a Republican in New Jersey? Absolutely nothing! New Jersey is the only state in the Union that has “NOT” adopted the Republican National Platform. Does that partly answer our question? Wait! That’s only the beginning.

As Republicans we all have to ask, just what is it that the New Jersey Republican establishment fails to understand and why Conservative Republicans throughout the state are challenging incumbents?

The answer is simple. The entrenched establishment have utterly failed every citizen of New Jersey. In actuality they are no better than their counterparts in the Democrat-progressive establishment. In fact, most of them can be characterized as RINO’s, but I like to call them “Democrat-lite”.

First let me address Monmouth County’s Republican Chair John Bennett’s press release, along with the amusing comments made by my colleague Art Gallagher, who I believe knows exactly why Republican challengers are appearing throughout the state.

True Republicans want the “Real Thing, not Democrat-Lite”

Team New Jersey v. Republicans In Name OnlyMr. Bennet seems to find challenges to the Republicans “ludicrous”. Can he truly stand by his statement that “…your candidates are doing a great job”? Please correct me if I’m mistaken, have not those incumbents repeatedly remained silent on every important issue that affects all New Jerseyans? What is truly ludicrous, were his comments concerning the Bayshore Tea Party Group’s dedication to electing true Conservative-Republicans in the 13th District primary challenge.

To Mr. Bennet, Sir, you have no idea what their agenda is. And I would be remiss if I failed to address your use of the terms “negative” and “scathing” referring to Leigh-Ann Bellows’ challenge to Senator Kyrillos. I ask, since when was the truth negative? Can you or Mr. Kyrillos refute a single statement uttered by Ms. Bellows?


(Note: In future articles I will fully address Ms. Bellows v. Senator Kyrillos as well as each of the other primary candidates, not only here in Monmouth but other districts throughout the state.)

Shall we start with just a short list of failures?

  • Where are the Republican outcries on Governor Christie adding 100,000 to the Medicaid rolls, under Obamacare? If not the taxpayers, who then will suffer under this added $280-million expenditure?
  • Where was the outcry by the Governor and members of the Republican legislature on the Draconian legislation concerning the Second Amendment?
  • Or Governor Christie’s choice of Judges for the Supreme Court, and lower courts?
  • Where are the Republicans on the judicial tyranny exhibited by the New Jersey Supreme Court that legislates from the bench on COAH and Abbot decisions?

These are just a few examples of the deafening silence of NJGOP’s incumbents. New Jersey has garnered the inauspicious title as the “most corrupt state in the Union” and with no end of the rampant “good ole boy” corruption that has made our state infamous, and education scams continuing to abound, is there any doubt why true conservatives and conservative groups have decided they have had just about enough?

There are more reasons. Many more. Not the least of which is judicial accountability, of which there is none. But more on that and other nonfeasances will be addressed in future articles.

This is just the beginning of a series of election articles titled the “Political Gadfly Series” based upon facts that the main stream media, and the Republican hatchet-men will never tell you. Conservative Republicans throughout the state are challenging incumbents. It’s time their stories are told.

We don’t need a third party. We need an overhaul of the Republican Party. We must encourage open debate among all Republican hopefuls to decide who best will serve in a true Republican fashion.


Let the challenges begin, and may a true Republican emerge victorious

It’s up to “We the People”, its our state, its time to take it back from the establishment, which is comprised of those who repeatedly forsake our ideals and freedoms for personal positions of power. Like it or not NJGOP, your days of operating from backrooms, where integrity, Republican principles and moral values take a backseat, are over.

A new non-partisan movement has been born of the disgust of the corruption that plagues our state. Its called TeamNJ-USA. Spawned here in NJ and spreading across the nation, TeamNJ-USA is presenting finely tuned solutions, authored by citizens confronting the problems. Discover legislation being proposed by “We the People”, see if you or your candidate can find fault with a single piece of legislation that affects your “Freedom and Pocketbook”.

Ask your candidate, whether they will support what Team New Jersey is proposing. If they refuse, you will know he/she is the wrong candidate. In short, that candidate is just another phony “party” politician without values or backbone who belongs in the Progressive-Democrat Party. Not your Republican Party.

When people ask, Who is Team New Jersey?

Your answer should be, “I’m Team New Jersey” and I want my state and country back!

When you receive this article please forward it to every friend on your e-mail list. Talk to your children, neighbors, friends and let’s form a “We the People” communication system, and act like responsible citizens. It’s time the People take control of both political parties, will be the answer.


Numerous Blogs and web-sites will be publishing the “Political Gadfly Series” up until the election and thereafter, we are here to stay.

A Diehard Constitutional Republican

The Eagle

Edited by TPATH
Dwight Kehoe


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