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Too late for America?



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

Is it too late for our country?

The dust has long since settled regarding this past Presidential election which has embittered, disappointed and jaundiced many of those recently awakened patriots who left the comfort of their homes, traveled to DC or state houses and protested the organized destruction of their country. So many of them believed in their hearts, that millions of promulgating citizens, could wake up and shake up entrenched politicians. The question is: have they?

Let’s review recent events

  • Obamacare was passed using questionable Senate procedures.
  • Justice Roberts folded like like a Solyndra Solar panel and deserted his country.
  • Four patriotic Americans were left alone in a 7 hour firefight while Obama rested up for a fund raiser.
  • The Republican Congress has ignored the Constitution, under Article II relating to the “natural born citizen” requirement to serve as America’s President.
  • The US Attorney General gave weapons to Mexican drug lords, weapons that killed a border agent and many other innocent people. Lots of talk, but no backbone and no substance from anyone to hold to account those responsible.
  • The murderous cult called Islam has been allowed to infiltrate every aspect of our government and society as it continues to kill and maim Americans.
  • America’s ability to become energy independent is under constant assault from Obama’s regulators
  • Courts, judges, justices, prosecutors, state attorneys general as well as Congress and the media have ignored a sitting President’s creation and propagation of forged documents.
  • The Republican Party, as well as law enforcement officials, during this past Presidential election cycle, submerged their collective heads in the sand and allowed the most egregious, blatant and in your face cheating, this or any other country, has ever seen. Over 150 voting districts in this country reported not one single vote for Mitt Romney. Even Hugo Chavez and Saddam Hussein couldn’t pull off numbers like that.
  • Obama closes down important services to intentionally hurt the American people as a result of the Sequester that he proposed. And as the media sit there allowing Obama to blame the inept and AWOL Republicans, he is holding multi-million-dollar parties and giving billions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • The Republican Party is busy doing who knows what, while the Democrats, unconstitutionally, keep expanding “early voting” for Presidential Elections, which allows unfettered and behind closed door cheating.
  • Dragging parents, awash in blood and misery over the loss of their children, into Obama’s agenda of disarming all but criminals and the government has become standard operation in the war against the citizen’s right to self defense.
  • Regardless of the fact that the earth has been cooling for almost 2 decades and global warming studies have been proven to be intentionally falsified, the Carbon Tax push continues to be on the agenda of the left and commodiously ignored by the Republicans.
  • Iran is being allowed to build atomic weapons. Never in history has any country been forced to change major policy as a result of sanctions. Obama knows this. The media know this. The Republicans know this. Fortunately, Israel knows this.
  • Obama has written or expanded over a thousand new Executive Orders which infringe on almost every aspect of our constitutional rights. What is happening to stop this illegal “law making”? Nothing!
  • Government spending has been expanded into the realm of disbelief and well beyond the ability of the average person to fathom.
  • The Federal Reserve continues creating dollars from thin air, from which hyper inflation, once begun, will be relentless and devastating to all but the very wealthy.

Of course, in this dismal list of treachery and treason, which is proceeding mostly unabated, there may have been some small manifestation of victories resulting form the work of citizen patriots and a few elected politicians.

Is it too late?

Is it too late for America?

The White Rabbit looks at his pocket watch. Graphic: TPATH

The reality, unfortunately, is that the future and the prospects for stopping this expiration of the America our fathers and theirs have given us, are bleak. For every skirmish won, too many large battle are being lost.

Please be aware: this dissertation, this dismal prognostication is not meant to suggest that our dedicated patriots will ever give in or give up. Because those who have taken on this fight, will not.

So if roads are blocked, legal and lawful means are ignored, it maybe time to rethink the battle plans, the methods. Not by use of stratagem, but by honest work, sacrifice and reorganization. The only way to save what we cherish may just be the isolation of the cancerous lesions which threaten the whole.

Part 1 of a new series.


Next in series: The Un-United States: together in law, separate in freedom.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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