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We have been stressing that it’s not about political parties. It’s about candidates of moral character protecting your constitutional rights. Let’s briefly discuss four issues that all New Jersey voters should think about on Primary day:

  • Voter Fraud
  • Agenda 21 (Sustainable New Jersey)
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Common Core

Ask yourself, why the Democrat and the Republican Party (a/k/a Democrat-lite) are silent on each of these issues which affect your freedom and finances.

Voter Fraud

TeamNJ candidates will sponsor legislation that will make it compulsory that photo-identification is required prior to casting any vote. Let it be known, the Supreme Court of these United States has ruled that voter identification is by law, Constitutional. You can be sure the Democrats will never accept voter identification because if they did, they would never win another election. As far as the Regular Republicans are concerned, they talk a great game when it comes to voter fraud, but they never have the stomach for a fight. They don’t want to destroy their working relationships, with the reprobates on the other side of the aisle, so the hell with you the voter, or the future of this state. For all the good those “working relationships” have done for our citizens, its way past time they were jettisoned.

Multiple voting has become commonplace in many Democratic dominated urban areas across the various states. Do you think NJ is any different? Voter fraud goes far beyond voter ID, such as faulty digital voting machines and those computer controlled voting booths which can be easily programmed to cheat and then automatically reset to a fair program.

If legislation isn’t instituted to stop voter fraud you can kiss your liberty goodbye. Please go to our website and review the legislation proposed by TeamNJ.

Ask your representative why he or she has not come out of their comfortable lairs to propose legislation to stop voter fraud? Have they been directed to not “rock the boat”? People, it is clear, very clear, the Regular Republican incumbents, who have not agreed to TeamNJ legislation, will never protect your right to a secure and honest election. Surely, another good reason to cast your vote for a TeamNJ candidate.


Agenda 21

UN Agenda 21 becomes important to New Jersey

The flag of the United Nations. (Public domain as per UN policy.)

Also known by these other names, Sustainable New Jersey, Sustainable, Regional, Plan, Smart and Green.

Different names, same garbage. When in truth it is about total government control, brought to you straight from the degenerates in the United Nations. It’s the World Order dictating to United States citizens, what they can and can’t do with their own property and eventually where and how you will live. Your Regular Republicans here in New Jersey, as well as Governor Blunderbuss himself, have become drunk with free money and are using those funds to bribe towns across the state to sign onto this progressive intrusion into our rights to own and control our property.

Imagine a country where you can’t grow tomatoes or even walk across your property. Imagine golfing and skiing being outlawed as “unsustainable”. This is actually happening. Rather than “saving the environment” these terms are all about controlling you and your property. Agenda 21 pushes centralized human habitat, pre-selected jobs, no cars and “stack and pack” high-density housing.

These are words directly from the United Nations: “The American dream is unsustainable, and America itself is unjust and harming the planet.” So where the heck are your Regular Republican legislators on this issue? In the Kum-Bah-Yah orgy bed of getting along with liberal progressives, while private property rights are being eroded.

Another reason to vote for TeamNJ’s candidates – They are totally against Obama’s, Christie’s and the UN`’s plan to control you and your property!

(Editor’s Note: See here for a capsule description of what Agenda 21 would mean. Included: the dingbat dorms, or mixed-use buildings holding apartments, approved shops, and shuttle stations – and no parking.)


Illegal immigration

In this age of Islamic terrorism, Mexican drug cartels, human trafficking, and various other criminal enterprises, your legislature is blindly working to disarm you. The presence of millions of unidentified persons in this country continues to pose very grave risks to the safety and sovereignty of the United States.

Did you know the New Jersey Regular Republicans have not embraced the Republican National Platform? By the way, the only state in the Union not to do so? Why? Could it be because that platform calls for secure borders and firm control of illegal immigration? This of course would run contrary to New Jersey’s “Sanctuary State” status? New Jersey rewards illegals with entitlements and while its not clear that all your incumbent Regular Republicans agree with this policy, it is very clear, none of them have done a thing about it. Vote TeamNJ candidates on June 4th, let Trenton know you’re sick and tired of their do nothing policies.

Common Core Education

This is yet another World Order, United Nations and big government, agenda driven program, designed to remove local control from you, your teachers and how your children are taught. This is an organized progressive social justice program. This form of standardized education is a blueprint to socialism which is intended to manipulate thought patterns of your children, from the earliest possible age. The Regular Republicans here in New Jersey are following the lead of our not so Conservative Governor and are supporting this Common Core nightmare. Another very important reason to vote for the TeamNJ candidates. They have all agreed to do all they can to stop this intrusion on the growth and education of your children.

New Jersey primary: vote for these candidates

Remember, your vote counts, and you can also help. Forward this article to everyone you know and remind them that on June 4th there are candidates that care about New Jersey and not the establishment. This primary may wake up the establishment. Together we can make a difference. See list of candidates here.

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Sheriff Candidates

Dan Peters, Monmouth County
Anthony Dilorio, Hudson County
Lt. Col. Bob Armstrong, Ocean County
Bill Moore, Burlington County
Bob Ciser, Passaic County

Senate Candidates

LD-13 Leigh-Ann Bellew

LD-37 Paul A. Duggan

Assembly Candidates

LD-4, John Lockhart (Incumbent)
LD-7 Connie Hare Murry
LD-7 Joe Siano
LD-8 Scott Fay and
LD-8 Gary Jacques
LD-13 Steve Boracchia
LD-13 Edna Walsh
LD-27 Tayfun Selen
LD-36 Aharon Cohn
LD-36 Sam Krause
LD-40 Scott Rumana (Incumbent)


Joe McDevitt, (Atlantic Co.)
Lance Silver, (Burl.Co.)
Barbara Eames, (Whippany, Morris Cty.
Lance Silver, (Burl.)
Ed Pekarsky, (Monmouth Co.)
Brian Largey, (Monmouth Co.)


New Jersey Republican State Committee

Bill Haney, Burlington
Ashley Cameron, Burlington
Rae Rinaldi, Bergen
Steve Moss, Bergen
Pat Rivera, Passaic
Jim Gasko, Passaic
Bader Qarmount, Sussex
Rick Shaftan, Sussex
Deborah Deluca, Sussex
Vikki Jennsen, Union
Catherine McCulloch, Morris
Carol Gallentine, Essex
Mikhail Zlotnikov, Essex
Ron Giordano, Salem
Joanne Cooper, Salem
Eric Dixon, Hudson
Nicholas Purpura
The Eagle
and Dwight Kehoe
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