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New Jersey Republican primary: last list



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

For the past few days TPATH has devoted, almost exclusively, all our efforts towards today’s New Jersey Republican Primary election. This is an off year election and one of only two in the entire country. [The other: Virginia]

As most of you who read TPATH regularly know, we never ask our readers to pass on our posts or commentary. We understand that if you think what we have posted is worthwhile, you will see to it that your friends and family get it.

We are making an exception to that rule today, because it is very important that each of you who understand that the direction of our Republican Party needs a radical redirection, that you not only call your friends, your family and even casual acquaintances and encourage them to go out and vote for that change, but we are also asking, for the first time, that you get this list of TeamNJ Candidates to as many people as possible before the polls close tonight.

Remind them that this is a primary election. Few people vote in these things, so the value of one vote is compounded immensely. The establishment party leaders need you not to vote in primaries. That way they can dictate who they want and not who we need. This is where we can control who will be writing laws, protecting our rights and setting party policy. Will they be the same old “selected good ole boys” hoisted upon you each election cycle, or will you tell them, whom you want representing you?

TPATH has carefully spelled out, during this past year, the actions and the non actions of the Regular Republican party, the adoration of our Governor for the most destructive President this country has ever had to endure. Ladies and gentlemen, we need to stop this endless train to nowhere which has been engineered by the same old GOP politicians.


Get out and vote. Get out and take charge of your party and New Jersey.

Flag of New Jersey

Flag of New Jersey. Photo: Xmap flag collection.

Anyone who remains uninvolved, will remain unrepresented.

Please check the list of TeamNJ Candidates below. Check your district, check your county and vote for those people who have promised to take charge and do what’s best for the people. Help TeamNJ elect people who will serve you, not a political party.

NOTE: Both TeamNJ and TPATH urge everyone to vote for Seth Grossman for Governor. Seth won’t be running a national campaign or rubbing shoulders with Obama after he’s elected.

TeamNJ Candidates

Sheriff Candidates

Bill Moore, Burlington County

Anthony Dilorio, Hudson County
Dan Peters, Monmouth County
Lt. Col. Bob Armstrong, Ocean County
Pat Ciser, Passaic County
Mike Strada, Sussex County

Senate Candidates

LD-13 Leigh-Ann Bellew


LD-37 Paul A. Duggan

LD-39 Senator Gerald Cardinale (Incumbent)

Assembly Candidates

LD-1 Peter Boyce
LD-3 Bob Vanderslice
LD-4, John Lockhart (Incumbent)
LD-7 Connie Hare Murry
LD-7 Joe Siano
LD-8 Scott Fay and
LD-8 Gary Jacques
LD-13 Steve Boracchia
LD-13 Edna Walsh
LD-14 Sean O’Connor
LD-16 Patrick McNight
LD-27 Tayfun Selen
LD-31 Tony Zanowic
LD-31 Michael Alonso
LD-36 Aharon Cohn
LD-36 Sam Krause
LD-39 Robert Auth
LD-40 Scott Rumana (Incumbent)


Joe McDevitt, (Atlantic Co.)
Lance Silver, (Burl.Co.)
PJ. Hummel, (Mercer C.)
Ed Pekarsky, (Monmouth Co.)
Brian Largey, (Monmouth Co.)

Barbara Eames, (Whippany, Morris Co.)
Stephen DeHart, (Morris Co.)


GOP State Committee

Rae Rinaldi, Bergen
Steve Moss, Bergen
Bill Haney, Burlington
Ashley Cameron, Burlington
Carol Gallentine, Essex
Mikhail Zlotnikov, Essex
Donna Ward, Gloucester County
Eric Dixon, Hudson
Patricia Dixon, Hudson County
Catherine McCulloch, Morris
Pat Rivera, Passaic
Jim Gasko, Passaic
Ron Giordano, Salem
Joanne Cooper, Salem

Rick Shaftan, Sussex
Deborah Deluca, Sussex
Victoria Manduca, Union

Township Town Councils

David Fanale, Franklyn Township
Jeremy Marcus, Monroe Township


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