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Mass murderer hits gun-free zone



The National Criminal Registry would be in keeping with the spirit of the Second Amendment

This past Friday, the anti-constitutional mainstream media and their comrades in liberal legislative houses across the country were given, they hoped, more ammunition (sorry about that word), to continue their destruction of the Bill of Rights: a classic mass murder story

The shooting in Santa Monica California, which left 8 people dead, including the murderer, who took his own life, after intentionally targeting the “gun free” school library, appeared to be just what was needed to get Obama’s criminal administration activities off the front pages, as the battle to disarm law abiding citizens continued.

But hold on, something very strange happened. After the initial onslaught of reports where headlines screamed “Same AR-15 type of weapon used as in Sandy Hook” and others quite similar, coverage quickly faded to the point where an extensive search had to be done to find even one story.

Why was this story dropped like the proverbial “Hot Potato”? It’s very simple: the killer had an Arab or Muslim sounding name. That quickly relegated it to the non-issue file. To be fair, at this point it’s not known what religion or ideology this murderer had. What is known, is he had an Arab sounding name and the media wanted no part of it.

So as TPATH picks up the story the Main Stream would like to forget, we would like to point out what the headlines should have looked like. Something like this.


Mass Murderer Once Again Targets Gun Free Zone

Mass Murderer once again targets gun free zone!Until the Arab connection was discovered and this story appeared to strengthen the war against well-made, high-quality weapons like the AR-15, the feeding frenzy was about to reinvigorate itself.

Remember, solid evidence that an AR-15 was used in the New Town shooting remains cloudy, at best.

You will recall that all the major new outlets, immediately following the massacre, from ABC through CNN all reported, and there is video of those reports, that the shooter used only hand guns and left his AR-15 in the trunk of his mother’s car. It’s likely, at that time they had not received the memo about the upcoming use of the tragedy for political advantage. Then, mysteriously, everyone of them changed their story and did so without acknowledging they had it wrong earlier. They all reported the AR-15 was used as if they had never reported otherwise.

Remember the strange medical examiner, who prior to actually doing the forensic work, announced in a very bizarre interview, that all the victims died of rifle wounds. Even if he suspected the AR-15 was used, there is no way he could be sure without the extraction of the projectiles. He apparently did get the memo.

Now, we see the cover up is in full operation. The town council or whatever they call themselves, in full violation of the laws set in place, passed an ordinance, without consulting the taxpayers, which sealed all the records relating to the mass murder in that school.

Their explanation? Well, they did it to protect the privacy of the families in that gruesome pictures of the children would be exploited and of course we could not have that. Not withstanding the endless parading of the parents on TV by our Divider and Chief. The question then becomes, why not just seal the pictures and allow the public to see, as in every case, the forensic and autopsy reports as well as other, non-gruesome information?


Is it possible those reports would show the children did not die from AR-15 ammunition? The weapon the left so despises? Of course we will never know because the records are now buried deeper than an Obama term paper.

If the Second Amendment never took effect…

Mass murder succeeds only in gun free zones.

The battle flag of the defenders at Gonzales. This was their answer to Generalissimo Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, who demanded a return of their cannon.

Taking liberties with the ongoing struggle to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, let’s saunter through a leftist fantasy land and imagine the Bill of Rights either never existed or has been successfully expunged from law.

Now, with every law abiding citizen unarmed, what would our lawmakers be doing to prevent innocent people from being murdered, their homes being invaded or their bodies being violated? What would be their reaction to mass murders which of course would still take place?

The answer is, they would do nothing and care even less. As long as American citizens were unarmed and only criminals, terrorists or the insane were armed, their interest in innocent loss of life would be non-existent.

But, back to reality and back to our Headline. If the media were honest and politicians had a backbone, every time a mass shooting occurs in a “Gun Free Zone” those who unarmed the persons who could save lives would be the ones castigated.

It’s bad enough that these fools would even consider creating areas where everyone is defenseless, but to then advertise what you have done, is beyond stupidity. It borders on complicity.


Reprinted from TPATH.


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